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The Must-Know Pros and Cons of a Strong Golf Swing

The Must-Know Pros and Cons of a Strong Golf Swing

Discuss to Jack Nicklaus, and he’ll inform you that the bike grip is hurting your recreation. The Golden Bear is aware of what he’s speaking about, but it surely has labored for a number of nice gamers all through historical past. Due to this fact, on this publish, I analyze the professionals and cons of a powerful golf grip.

I’ll clarify how a stronger grip boosts your clubhead pace and promotes a draw. Conversely, we are going to have a look at the draw back of this setup.


Execs of a Sturdy Golf Grip

Will increase Energy

The common golfer must be happy to notice {that a} tight golf grip boosts energy throughout your swing. The additional forefingers on the golf membership equip you with the management to speed up clubhead pace and generate a robust strike via influence.

In consequence, it will increase your probability of transferring that power to the dimples for max ball pace. This launches the golf ball into the air and promotes most distance.

Promotes A Draw Form

The second constructive of a powerful grip is the pleasing form of your pictures. Golf coach Steve Johnston explains that this setup prompts an in-to-out swing making a closed membership face main into contact. This generates the sidespin required for a draw. In different phrases, your ball curves from proper to left as a right-hand golfer or left to proper for a lefty:

A draw can improve the management of every shot. You may replicate your setup and financial institution on the ball flying to the left. Due to this fact, you produce constant outcomes.

Nevertheless, a draw is particularly environment friendly on doglegs or in wind. In case you are a right-hander, you’ll be able to make use of this form for a proper to the left-hand dogleg or a breeze in the identical path. Moreover, it allows you to play with the obstacles and never towards them.

Low Ball Flight

The angle of the closed clubface at influence promotes a decrease trajectory than whenever you use a weak grip. A robust grip prompts you to function with a ahead press setup. Because of this your fingers are forward of the ball, positioning you to strike the ball with a closed face.

Closing your face at influence delofts the membership and results in a decrease launching ball. That advantages golfers who have a tendency to provide extra spin and balloon their pictures. As well as, it helps you cut back the influence of the breeze when you’re taking part in into the wind.

Lastly, a decrease trajectory means the ball is carrying much less backspin rpm. The benefit of this final result is that your ball creates optimum ahead roll, to proceed working as soon as it lands. This boosts your complete distance, particularly on dry, agency fairways.

Much less Spin

Closing the angle of your clubface at influence helps you cut back backspin rpm. That is best for windy situations and golfers who naturally generate extra spin. The stronger lofted clubface takes spin off your ball, leading to a low launch.

Elevated Distance

Elevated clubhead pace and energy enhance your capacity to move that velocity onto the golf ball. Reaching that helps you launch your dimpled ball far down the green.

This grip sends your ball alongside a decrease trajectory which creates ahead momentum. In consequence, your ball hits the bottom rolling to extend your complete distance.


Cons of a Sturdy Golf Grip


There are few issues prettier than a well-executed draw. Sadly, closing your clubface via influence raises the chance of hooking your ball into the woods. This tops the checklist of disadvantages of a powerful golf grip.

In case your rhythm and tempo are off, it will probably result in you closing the clubface relative to your goal. Your ball begins off touring in direction of your marker earlier than hooking viciously to the left.


Rick Shiels explains that one in every of his college students would open his clubface at handle to compensate for the upcoming proper to left form. Nevertheless, his robust left-hand nonetheless induced the face to shut and the ball to journey left:

The purpose is {that a} hook form is difficult to shake if you happen to lack management of the membership with a agency grip.

Lowered Management

It sounds unusual {that a} fixed maintain in your membership reduces management. Nevertheless, it limits the flexibility of some golfers to maintain the membership on airplane for an correct strike. That’s the reason amateurs produce erratic hooks. Quite the opposite, weak golf grips trigger gamers to go away their clubface open to your swing path, prompting slices.

Decrease Launch

Low ball flight is welcomed in windy situations and by gamers who generate extra backspin at influence. The other goes for these with gradual swing speeds. A low launch and decreased spin leads to a lack of carry and complete distance.

You could get fortunate on dry programs the place the ball runs free, however manicured layouts are a unique ball recreation. These golf programs have lush fairways and tough that cut back roll. Due to this fact, a lack of carry distance will depart you properly again from the place you want to be.


Who Ought to Use This Type of Grip?

Serial Slicers

Amateurs generally battle with slices. They depart the clubface open to the goal at contact, producing a clockwise sidespin. This implies your ball will fly from left to proper for right-handers, with the other consequence for lefties.

Strengthening the grip helps these golfers fight their open clubface predicament. Plus, it prompts a draw flight. The chance of this strategy is setting your self up for a hook.

Distance Seekers

Golfers searching for further yards in your recreation ought to hit a couple of balls with a powerful grip. The elevated energy and clubhead pace era boosts your possibilities of producing speedy ball pace and optimum distance.

Excessive Spin Mills

Producing extra backspin rpm on lengthy recreation pictures is detrimental to your complete yardage. The extra spin sends your ball increased into the sky and instantly again to earth. The steep descent angle causes your ball to land softly and cease quickly.

These qualities are fascinating for brief iron and wedge pictures however not in your lengthy recreation. Tightening your grip promotes a delofted clubface at influence, which reduces backspin. In consequence, you produce piercing ball flight for max management and distance.

Windy Situations

A good grip is price contemplating when you’re taking part in in windy situations. It’s in your pursuits to maintain the ball low and take the wind out of play. The decreased loft of your clubface at contact lets you fly the ball below the radar to maximise yardage in these situations.


Golf Execs Who Use a Sturdy Grip

What do Zach Johnson, Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, and David Duval have in frequent? Certain, all of them gained Main titles, however they’re bonded by their robust golf grip.

Ben Hogan additionally operated with a good grip at first of his profession. He later adjusted it to signify a impartial setup.


Is it Higher to Have A Sturdy Grip?

Regardless of a handful of positives emanating from a powerful grip, the truth is it isn’t the very best setup to make use of. A impartial place with fewer seen knuckles is the place you need to begin. This creates the very best platform so that you can maintain your clubhead on path and sq. the face at influence.

Nevertheless, if a impartial grip causes you to slice your ball, a good maintain helps you compensate for an open clubface at contact. Strengthening your grip encourages the membership to strike the ball with a closed face, selling a right-to-left form. Due to this fact, in that occasion, the bike grip is healthier.

Moreover, golfers who balloon their pictures with a weaker grip ought to take a look at a tighter setup. The closed clubface via influence works to cut back backspin rpm and ship piercing ball flight. This improves your management and will increase your distance.


Does A Sturdy Grip Promote A Draw?

A fixed grip tends to induce an inside-out golf swing, which causes you to shut your clubface relative to your swing path. This angle generates a counterclockwise spin, sending the ball left to proper for left-handers and the other for right-handed golfers.

Nevertheless, a agency grip doesn’t assure a draw. In case your rhythm and tempo are off, the clubface might shut relative to the goal and ship a hook.


How do I do know if my grip is just too robust?

Rick Shiels means that it’s simple to determine whether or not your grip is agency. If the again a part of your left hand is seen as a right-hander, it’s the first signal of a good grip. Moreover, your proper hand is usually positioned too far beneath. In different phrases, no knuckles are seen on the correct mitt:

Apart from, following Shiel’s recommendation, you’ll be able to inform from pure really feel is your grip is just too tight. Plus, your knuckles could also be turning white.