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The Single Plane Golf Swing: Pros, Cons, and Practice Drills

The Single Plane Golf Swing: Pros, Cons, and Practice Drills

Have you ever ever heard of the only airplane golf swing? 

A number of golfers really feel that it’s a less complicated technique to swing the golf membership. Our aim with this text is that can assist you determine if the only airplane golf swing will give you the results you want.


The Mechanics of a Single Airplane Golf Swing

The one airplane golf swing is utilized by golfers to assist them study the proper golf swing positions through the use of just one airplane for the backswing, downswing, and impression positions. 

Most golf instructors educate the two-plane golf swing as a result of it’s probably the most generally used and probably the most extensively studied. Nevertheless, there are a variety of advocates for the only airplane golf swing. Let’s break down the mechanics of the only airplane swing.

  1. Whereas addressing the golf ball throughout your setup, attempt to mimic the impression place. The simplest method to do that is to maintain your arms in entrance of the clubhead. It will mechanically line up the membership shaft along with your lead arm.
  2. Throughout the backswing, make sure to hold your lead shoulder and lead arm on the identical airplane as you’re employed the golf membership to the highest. You also needs to have a small quantity of hip rotation throughout the backswing so that you could hold the identical backbone tilt that you simply had whereas addressing the golf ball.
  3. Throughout the downswing, ensure to show your core whereas swinging the golf membership throughout your physique and to the left.
  4. When utilizing the only airplane swing, the impression place will look nearly equivalent to the standard two airplane swing. Nevertheless, there’s lots much less that may go incorrect with the one-plane swing because it requires much less motion.
  5. Throughout the launch, you need your lead knee to be flexed however not too stiff. The path foot will stay quiet because the path arm folds. This retains the general swing good and secure.


Professionals and Cons of The Single Airplane Golf Swing

We frequently speak about how there isn’t a good method to constructing a clean, efficient golf swing. It’s the identical case with the only airplane swing, because it has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Listed here are a few of the execs and cons of this swing.

Professional #1: The Single Airplane Golf Swing is Simpler to Repeat

When making a clean, easy, however highly effective golf swing, repeatability means greater than being mechanically good. To play distinctive golf and shoot decrease scores, a golfer should learn to decrease their ideas throughout the swing. 

A golf swing that’s simple to repeat is a large benefit as a result of it can finally really feel like second nature to the golfer. It will assist the golfer quiet his thoughts and never overanalyze each side of his swing.

Professional #2: Simplicity

Golf is a troublesome recreation to study and not possible to grasp. A key to being profitable is to simplify the swing as a lot as doable. 

The one airplane swing accomplishes this as a result of it doesn’t have practically as many shifting components as the normal two airplane swing.

Professional #3: Promotes a Pure Draw

Do you battle with a slice? The one airplane golf swing could also be simply what it is advisable treatment that vast banana ball that’s plaguing you. 

Golfers which have switched to a single airplane swing have observed that it’s a lot simpler for them to draw the golf ball and hit extra fairways.

It is because preserving the arms and shoulders on the identical airplane ends in a flatter swing. This creates a swing path that’s extra in to out, which promotes a pure draw.

Con #1: The Single Airplane Swing Can Restrict Energy

This level hasn’t been confirmed however a lot of golfers really feel like the only airplane swing limits their yardage, particularly with the bigger golf equipment like the driving force and fairway woods. 

Many golf instructors suppose that it is because the left arm has to remain so near the physique throughout the one-plane swing.

People argue that their energy shouldn’t be restricted by the smaller arc of the only airplane swing as a result of they use extra rotational pressure. It stays to be seen which camp is true on this situation.

Con #2: Powerful to Hit a Excessive Energy Fade

Most golfers who’re lengthy off the tee choose to hit huge energy fades. Some people consider that fades are simpler to manage. 

For the reason that single airplane golf swing promotes a pure in to out swing path, it may be very troublesome to hit a fade whereas utilizing it.

Con 3: Can Result in Hooks

Although uncommon, utilizing a single airplane golf swing can begin to trigger hooks. Once more, that is as a result of in-to-out swing path and the sweeping pressure that’s required to execute the one airplane swing correctly. 

Golfers who’ve particularly quick hips typically aren’t an excellent match for the only airplane swing for that very purpose.


When Golfers Sometimes Use This Swing

There are many the explanation why golfers use the only airplane swing. Listed here are a few of the commonest…

1. Golfers Who Are Simply Beginning Out

The one airplane swing is utilized by tons of newbie golfers as a result of it’s a lot simpler to study than the 2 airplane swing. Many golfers who’re simply beginning to study the sport will likely be extra snug with the only airplane swing.

2. Golfers Who Are Missing Consistency With Their Swing

Although the two-plane swing is extra generally taught, it may be an actual beast to determine for some golfers. 

A number of people get fed up with all of the shifting components of the two-plane swing so that they determine to provide the only airplane swing a shot. Many golfers love how a lot their consistency improves once they change to the only airplane swing.

3. People Who Need Higher Ball Placing

The one airplane golf swing makes it a lot simpler to make stable contact. Making higher contact often results in extra distance and extra exact accuracy. 

In case your ball putting isn’t fairly what you suppose it ought to be, think about making an attempt the only airplane golf swing.


Professional Golfers Who Use This Swing

Although the two-plane swing is the best choice for many PGA Tour execs, a number of professional golfers use the only airplane golf swing. Here’s a transient listing:

Moe Norman

Norman is called the daddy of the only airplane golf swing by a lot of the golf world. Many individuals think about Norman to be the best ball-striker of all time. 

Although the Canadian native solely performed for a short while on the PGA Tour, he achieved 55 victories on the Canadian Tour.

Ben Hogan

Mr. Hogan experimented fairly a bit together with his swing however he did make the most of a single airplane swing throughout a few of his greatest years on the PGA Tour. Like Norman, Hogan was a grasp at preserving his deal with place and impression place on the identical airplane. 

Hogan went on to win 64 instances on the PGA Tour, 9 of which have been main championships.

Todd Graves

Graves by no means made it to the PGA Tour however he did play professionally on the Canadian Tour and the Asian Tour. Graves teaches golfers from all around the world the finer factors of the only airplane swing. 

Jim Hardy

Hardy performed professional golf on each the PGA Tour and Senior PGA Tour. He’s a giant proponent of the only airplane golf swing and is a world-renowned golf teacher. 

Hardy was inducted into the Texas Golf Corridor of Fame in 2011.


Drills to Assist You Nail This Swing

Wish to apply the only airplane golf swing? There’s a improbable six-step drill video included on the finish of this text to assist get you began. Here’s a fast breakdown of the details for every drill within the video.

Drill #1

The primary focus of the primary drill is to work on turning the legs and hips. You need to be sure that the trailing hip turns in and that the pinnacle stays nonetheless all through the method.

Drill #2

The second drill emphasizes the primary two-thirds of the backswing. A number of individuals would consult with this because the takeaway drill. The aim is to work on the right wrist hinge and on preserving the left arm near the physique.

Drill #3

This drill focuses on making a full backswing. You need to cock the wrists and let the arms launch at impression

Drill #4

This can be a good drill that can assist you get used to the right impression place. With this drill, merely graze the golf membership alongside the bottom till it goes previous the lead foot.

Drill #5

The fifth drill makes the golfer work on ending by means of impression and turning the clubhead over after making contact with the golf ball. That is additionally an excellent alternative for the golfer to work on preserving the pinnacle as nonetheless as doable.

Drill #6

The final drill focuses on training a whole follow-through after hitting the golf ball. The golfer desires to make a full flip with the chest pointing towards the goal whereas ending the swing.