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The Taylormade TP5 vs TP5x: Head-to-Head Comparison for 2023

The Taylormade TP5 vs TP5x: Head-to-Head Comparison for 2022


TaylorMade is Titleist’s closest competitor in tour-quality golf ball production.

This post compares TaylorMade’s TP5 and TP5x to find which one travels farther and is easier to hit.

You’ll find that both golf balls run for a premium price and contain complex constructions with multiple layers. Both balls have 5-layer constructions that lower driver spin and increase ball speed. This allows for more distance off the tee, while also increasing spin for better greenside control.

The main differences between the Taylormade TP5x and TP5x

Rating of compression

Both golf balls have higher compression ratings but the TP5 x is softer with a total score 87. The TP5 x, on the other hand, has a rating 97 which is better for fast swing speeds. My moderate swing speed was better with the TP5, because I experienced superior compression at impact, leading to rapid ball speed.


TaylorMade suggests the TP5 x induces a high lift for optimal carry distance. This is in contrast to the TP5’s mid-to high lift. However, I found that the opposite was true. In my case, TP5 had a lower compression and launched consistently higher that the X.

Iron Spin

According to engineers, the TP5 is supposed offer a moderate iron spinning, compared with the TP5 x which has lower revolutions. This was my experience. The TP5 provided enough spin to stop quickly on long and mid-approach shots.

However, the TP5 x produced a lot less spin and sometimes my ball struggled with the green. This golf ball had inconsistent results due to the higher compression rating and my moderate swing speed.

Wedge Spin Rate

The soft cast urethane cover on both TaylorMade balls added an extra spin to my wedges. Soft Tough Urethane is the engineers’ name. This allows the sharp grooves in wedges to get into it and give it great spin.

Feel it

I also noticed that the TaylorMade TP5 has a softer feel to it than the TP5 x. This gave me more feedback from the clubface. This was a welcome addition to my short game. Feedback and feel help me judge the distance better.

Pros and Cons of the TaylormadeTM TP5


Low Driver Spin

On a good days, I can generate 3000 revolutions per hour of spin. The TP5 surpassed that with just under 2800 rpm. Combining lower driver spin with accelerated ball speed will help you increase your long-game yardage.

Fastest ball speed

On average, I achieve 134 mph with a driver. However, the TP5 was only 3 mph faster than the TP5 x.

This was the result of the Large Reactive Core (HFM) Speed Layer. HFM accelerates your pace and the Reactive Core boosts energy transfer for optimal ball speed.

Launch Mid-High

My optimal apex with a driver is 83 yards. The TP5 flew slightly less, averaging 81 yards. I suspect that the lower spin speed and higher compression due to my swing speed resulted in less satisfactory results. However, I would still categorize it as a mid-to-high-launching golf ball.

Softer Feel

I found the TP5 to provide a soft feel and enhanced feedback for wedge shots, helping me improve my distance control around a green.

Highest Wedge Spin

The TP5 provided excellent feedback on short game shots and superior wedge spin for a drop-hop, hop, and stop control. I was able to attack my target and stop quickly the ball for a short shot. I usually average 9500 rpm spin using a pitching tool, and the TP5 returned just under 9600 rpm.



The greatest problem with premium balls is their high price. The TaylorMade TP5 is no exception. A dozen of TaylorMade’s best golf balls are double the price of some distance designs. This makes it a prohibitive purchase for average golfers who frequently lose several golf balls per round.

High Compression

You’ll find the higher compression of this golf ball does not suit golfers with slow to moderate swing speeds. It offers limited spring off of the clubface, reducing ball speed, coefficients of restitution, launch, and distance.

The Taylormade T5x: The Pros and the Cons


Faster Speed

Although I had difficulty optimizing ball velocity with the T5 x over the T5, I feel that they have pacey dimples for fast swing speeds.

Low Driver Spin

With the TP5x, I was able to generate less spin than 2700 RPM, but it was to my discredit as it caused low flight and a loss in carry distance. You can achieve maximum distance when you give the ball the correct swing speed, and then back it up with low spin and rapid velocity.

High Launch

TaylorMade created the TP5 x to ensure consistent launch for greater ball flight and carry. The high compression can reduce your swing speed below 80 yards, which I experienced. This causes a loss in flight control and yardage.

I must remind you that faster-swinging players should be able to produce sufficient speed to allow for a powerful launch.

Higher Wedge Spin

Although the TP5 x had less spin than its counterpart, the results were still impressive and worthy of mention. I was able to achieve 9500 rpm using this golf ball, which is comparable to my average performance.

The elevated spin rate will benefit lower handicappers, allowing them to go straight for the pin and stop close to the hole.


Low Iron Spin

One problem I encountered with the TP5 x was the lack of iron spin. This results in a lower flight than normal. You’ll find this is strenuous for mid and high-handicappers who rely on a higher flight for consistent carry distance and a soft landing.

High Compression

The TP5 x is a higher-compression golf ball than the TP5. This makes it ideal for fast swingers who need minimal spring off the clubs. High-compression golf balls can be difficult to launch high and far at slow and moderate swing speeds.

Premium Price Tag

These golf balls, like the TP5 model are priced high, which could discourage many high-handicappers and mid-handicappers who want more affordable options.

Which Ball is More Important?

My experience shows that the TP5 traveled further off of the tee. It touched down after 264 yard, before rolling another 20 for a total length of 284 yard. This was because I found it easier than the 97 TP5x to strike the compression TP5.

Which ball is the easiest to hit?

The TP5 is a much easier ball to hit because it has a lower compression rating, softer feel and a mid-to-high launch. You’ll likely experience the same results if categorized as a mid to slow-swing speed golfer. I would recommend sticking to 2- and 3-piece distance balls for now.

Which ball is cheaper?

Based on the suggested retail price for both golf balls, the cost of the TP5x is $1 less, but that does not make it an economically viable golf ball.

The Final Verdict

I was impressed by the TaylorMade T5 and T5x reviews. They are extremely spinnable and can accelerate on long shots while maintaining greenside control. These balls are of high quality but come with a premium price.

These TaylorMade golf balls are best for professionals and lower handicappers. These balls have a soft urethane cover that increases greenside spin and has higher compression ratings. They are best suited for high swing speeds.

These beauties are best avoided by the average golfer. If you don’t care about your wallet or like making life difficult for yourself, I’m happy to be your guest. Do me one favor. At least opt for the lower compression TP5 because you’ll leave yourself a chance of consistently lifting it.

TaylorMade’s TP5 Rating: 90/100

TaylorMade TP5x Rating: 85/100