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What is The Double Overlap Golf Grip & Can It Help Your Game?

What is The Double Overlap Golf Grip & Can It Help Your Game?

When you’ve been across the recreation of golf for any size of time, you’re in all probability acquainted with the overlapping grip (also referred to as the Vardon grip). 

Nevertheless, most people have by no means heard of the double overlap grip, the overlapping grips cousin. Although it’s not as well-liked, there are a number of golfers that really feel just like the double-overlap grip is the finest grip for them.

There are a number of the explanation why golfers undertake a double overlap grip. We describe the professionals and cons of this grip right here together with the way it might help your recreation. After studying this, you’ll have the ability to determine if you wish to check out the double overlap grip for your self.


What’s the Double Overlap Golf Grip?

As you might need guessed, the double overlap grip is much like the Vardon grip. Nevertheless, the double overlap grip takes issues to an entire new degree. Right here is the way it works:

As an alternative of merely resting the best pinkie on prime of the left index finger like within the Vardon grip, with the double overlap grip, the best pinkie rests on prime of the left center finger. Additionally, the best ring finger laps excessive of the left index finger.

the double overlap grip

This grip could also be uncomfortable at first however don’t hand over on it too shortly. Dave Pelz, one among golf’s finest quick recreation instructors, recommends utilizing the double overlap grip throughout pitching and chipping drills to get a greater really feel for it.


The Advantages of This Golf Grip

Now let’s evaluate a few of the advantages golfer’s discover when switching to this grip…

Makes the Golfer’s Fingers Act As One

Many membership golfers wrestle with their dominant hand taking on the golf swing. Surprisingly, some golfers on the PGA Tour wrestle with this identical downside. The double overlap grip helps treatment this downside as a result of it makes the arms act as one unit.

For instance, if you’re right-handed, your proper hand might are likely to take over your total swing at occasions. With the double overlap grip, the best hand is pressured to easily act as a information for the left hand. 

Provides the Golfer Higher Really feel

The double overlap grip offers the golfer a greater really feel and far more management on the prime of the backswing. Because the golfer not has to fret about his dominant hand taking on, he’s free to let the main hand do its job. 

The higher really feel and elevated management result in a extra easy, fluid golf swing. It is because the double overlap grip makes the golfer let the membership do the work.

Fewer Hooks and Slices

The double overlap grip is usually a nice possibility for people which have directional issues like hooks and slices. These annoying duck hooks off the tee field are often brought on by the best hand taking on and flipping the golf membership simply earlier than affect. Because the double overlap grip minimizes the best hand, that is much less prone to occur.

More often than not a slice is brought on by overswinging and an excessive amount of grip strain. What number of occasions have you ever tried to kill the golf ball and ended up slicing it into the following fairway? The double overlap grip makes you lighten your grip strain, which can assist straighten out your slice.


Professional Golfers Who Use The Double Overlap Grip

Curious which professional golfers really use this grip? Right here’s the record…

Jim Furyk

Furyk has used the double overlap grip his total profession and it has helped him obtain 17 PGA Tour wins, together with the 2003 U.S. Open. Furyk’s nickname is “Mr. 58” since he’s the one particular person to shoot a 58 in a PGA Tour occasion. 

The double overlap grip offers Furyk a excessive quantity of management over all his golf photographs. Furyk, now 51, performs on each the PGA Tour and the PGA Tour Champions. His distinctive, figure-eight swing is extremely entertaining to look at.

David Leadbetter

Leadbetter didn’t play on the PGA Tour however he did play professionally on each the European and South African Tour. Leadbetter is called probably the greatest golf instructors on the earth and he’s labored with a few of the PGA Tour’s largest stars like Nick Faldo, Ernie Els, and Greg Norman.

The 69-year outdated Englishman is an enormous proponent of the double overlap grip. He says the double overlap grip helps cut back stress within the wrists and arms, which results in a extra basically sound golf swing.


Different Widespread Golf Grips

The double overlap grip model has a ton of advantages however it’s not for everybody. Some of us simply aren’t capable of get totally comfy with the double overlap. Fortuitously, there are a number of different golf grips that they will attempt.

Interlocking Grip

The interlocking grip was made well-known by two PGA Tour megastars, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. With the interlocking grip, the best pinkie interlocks in between the left forefinger and left center finger. 

This retains the arms collectively all through your entire golf swing, which is why many golfers want it. The one draw back of the interlocking grip is that it will not be very comfy for golfers who’ve bigger arms.

Baseball Grip

The baseball-grip, or ten-finger grip, is an effective grip for youths or freshmen. Those that are used to gripping a baseball bat will discover the ten-finger grip comfy. 

With the baseball grip, the best pinkie and the left index finger contact, however there isn’t any interlocking or overlapping. The principle draw back of this grip is that it makes it too simple for the golfer’s dominant hand to take over.

Reverse Overlap (Placing)

That is the commonest placing grip within the recreation of golf. Plenty of golfers really feel this grip model offers them a ton of management of the putter. With the reverse overlap grip, the best index finger laps over the left pinkie.

Claw Grip (Placing)

Golfers who aren’t comfy with the reverse overlap placing grip usually swap to a claw grip. One of many essential advantages of utilizing a claw grip is that it makes the shoulders lead the placing stroke as an alternative of the arms. This usually leads to higher ball velocity on the greens and extra correct putts.