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What Your Left Arm Should Be Doing in Your Golf Swing

What Your Left Arm Should Be Doing in Your Golf Swing

A golf swing is a sophisticated movement that requires synergy between your arms, shoulders, and decrease physique. Every component should carry out optimally to ship a rhythmic swing and most energy.

On this publish, I take a look at the position of your left arm within the process, particular to right-handed golfers. If you’re left-handed, merely apply these classes to your proper arm. I’ll break down the positioning of your left arm throughout setup, takeaway, downswing, and observe via.

These are ideas designed that will help you preserve your clubface on path and generate elevated energy in your downswing.

Which Arm Does The Work in a Golf Swing?

Each your arms play a pivotal position in producing optimum in your downswing and conserving your clubhead on path. In your takeaway, your left hand pushes the clubhead again to the highest of the backswing. From the highest, your proper arm turns into the supply of energy, whereas the left anchors the membership, conserving it on path.

This locations you in a main place to launch from the highest of the swing and generate the amount of energy required to supply a protracted, straight golf shot.

Ought to Your Left Arm Be Straight in Your Golf Swing?

Sure, your left arm ought to stay straight in your golf swing. On the backswing, a straight left arm helps your proper hand preserve the membership shaft on aircraft. Should you bend your left elbow, it will likely be difficult to your proper hand to anchor the membership and preserve it on the supposed path.

Conversely, in case your left arm is bent on the downswing, it’s considerably more durable to sq. the clubface via impression. Because of this, you strike the ball with a closed face, sending it hooking into the timber.

Retaining your left arm straight creates the required arc on the backswing to supply an accelerated downswing in case you. Moreover, a straight left arm on the downswing retains your clubface sq. via impression for a straight shot.

You’ll be able to view the under video from golf coach Eric Cogorno to see how one can preserve your left arm straight all through your swing:

What Ought to Your Arms Do Throughout The Swing?


After you have set the ball up in your stance, place the clubhead behind it to find out the perfect alignment. At this level, each arms ought to be straight. This implies making a v-shape from the left and proper shoulder right down to the grip.

As well as, you use a slight knee flex for the clubhead to really feel a snug distance away from you. Whether it is too far, you’ll attempt to attain for the ball main into impression, resulting in a pushed shot.

Alternatively, when the ball is just too shut, it places you prone to hooking your ball.


Your left hand pushes the membership again in your takeaway whereas your proper arm retains it on path. PGA Professional Katie Dawkins explains that your arms ought to make an L-shape, with the membership, midway via the backswing:

This implies you need to bend your proper elbow barely, making the form of a lowercase v out of your proper shoulder to your wrist. As well as, you have to keep a straight left arm. This setup allows you to wind as much as the highest and produce the momentum wanted for a robust downswing.

Though you must preserve your left arm straight, wrist hinge is important for producing enough vitality on the prime of your backswing and thru impression. Plus, it makes it simpler to maintain your clubhead on path and sq. your clubface up via contact. With out hinging your wrists, you lose energy and improve the problem of manufacturing a straight shot.


When your clubhead reaches the highest of the backswing, your arms swap roles. At this level, your proper arm prompts the clubhead downwards, whereas the left hand retains the membership on line. Your proper hand ought to observe the identical path it did on the backswing for optimum velocity and accuracy.

In different phrases, you must hinge your proper and left wrist midway via the downswing to straighten your arms for impression. Subsequently, your place at impression will replicate that of your setup at deal with.

Do not forget that rotation is crucial for attaining the specified membership path and velocity in your downswing. Failure to induce adequate rotation results in a lack of energy. It additionally hampers your skill to sq. the clubface up at contact. Because of this, you expertise erratic shot dispersion on prime of fewer yards.


As I discussed earlier than, your arms have to return to the deal with place via contact. When that happens, you recognize that you simply executed your swing as supposed. Subsequently, you need to produce a strong straight, and lengthy shot.

Nonetheless, once you mis-hit your ball, you possibly can really feel and listen to from the swing suggestions that the strike is not any good. Subsequently, you have to get your arms straight via impression to attain optimum distance and accuracy. Any deviations can scale back clubhead pace and ship your ball flying alongside an unintended path.

Should you hinge your wrists on the appropriate level in your downswing, your clubface ought to be sq. and possess adequate velocity to impart on the ball. This ensures most distance and improved shot dispersion.

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The power you generated via impression ought to be adequate to hold your clubhead upwards in direction of your left shoulder. That is the perfect end for a cleanly struck golf shot. Your proper hand continues to push the clubhead via and up whereas the left hand retains the membership on line.

Coaches are sometimes glad when your proper elbow is pointed to the place your ball lay. As well as, your proper hand ought to sit subsequent to the left facet of your shoulder.