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What Your Right Arm Should Be Doing in Your Golf Swing

What Your Right Arm Should Be Doing in Your Golf Swing

Golf swing mechanics are a fancy matter that causes amateurs complications on the hyperlinks.

Apart from a sturdy grip, there’s the matter of higher and decrease physique rotation, membership path, swing aircraft, and arm place. On this submit, I block out the distractions and 0 in on what your proper arm ought to be doing in your golf swing.

I’ve compiled a listing of efficient drills for right-handers to coach your path arm for optimum outcomes. Your proper arm helps you generate lag for accelerated clubhead velocity, energy, and elevated distance.

Fast observe: in case you are a left-handed golfer, the other recommendation really helpful beneath applies to your recreation.


The Function of The Proper Arm in Your Golf Swing

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Golf teacher Steve Sieracki recommends that your proper elbow sits roughly 3 inches out of your physique at handle. You could bend your proper arm to attain this place at setup. In case your proper arm is straight at setup, it reduces your capability to generate wrist hinge, costing your clubhead velocity and energy:


Eric Cogorno explains {that a} bent proper arm is its first pivotal position within the golf swing. Your proper hand guides the membership on the backswing to maintain it on the supposed path, whereas your left hand pushes it as much as the highest of the swing:

Cogorno suggests bending your proper elbow to 90 levels on the high. His accomplice Sieracki explains that at this level, your proper elbow ought to sit roughly 3-inches out of your higher physique. To your proper elbow to succeed in this mark, you must bend it on the backswing.

This place simplifies your path to the ball from the highest of the backswing. This makes it simpler for an newbie golfer to maintain your clubface sq. main into influence for an correct end result.


The second core perform of the fitting arm in your swing is to straighten on the downswing. You straighten the arm on the best way down and thru influence. In consequence, you generate lag resulting in fast swing velocity, energy, and a clear strike.

It’s important to not straighten your proper arm too early within the downswing, as it will possibly weaken your contact. Moreover, straightening your arm earlier than influence can stop you from clearing your hips. That may trigger you to open or shut your clubface to the goal, resulting in hook and slice photographs.

Within the video above, Cogorno continues to elucidate that your proper arm shouldn’t attain full extension till it’s 45 levels previous the influence level. Getting your path arm so far exhibits you’ve produced adequate velocity and energy for a profitable shot.


Which Arm Must be Dominant in Your Swing?


In your backswing, your lead arm propels your golf membership to the highest of your swing. With no consideration-hander, that is your left, our non-dominant facet.


Now, on the downswing, your proper arm is the dominant limb. From the highest of your backswing, your dominant facet lets you generate elevated energy and velocity. This boosts your probabilities of producing a clear strike for accelerated ball velocity and most distance.


Drills to Assist You Use Your Proper Arm Accurately in Your Golf Swing

Hand Place Drill

I’ll begin you off with a simple drill that helps you get used to the texture and positioning of your proper arm through the swing. Golf coach Chris Ryan suggests letting your proper arm dangle to roughly waist top:

Face your palm in the direction of your goal line, and pause on this place. In the event you attain this level in your downswing, your membership head might hit the turf earlier than the ball. That’s the reason you must alter the place of your arms relying on the purpose of the swing.

Subsequent, rotate the palm of your hand in order that it faces immediately in entrance of you. In different phrases, should you have been on the tee field, it might level to one of many markers. At this level, your elbow shifts in the direction of the middle line of your physique.

Lastly, rotate the palm of your hand again in the direction of your goal, and press the heel of the palm ahead. Subsequently, your palm will level in the direction of the bottom. Maintain this setup and be aware of your positioning. That is the way you need your proper arm at influence to supply a clear, highly effective strike.

Dumbbell Drill

Earlier, I defined that your proper arm bends on the backswing and straightens on the downswing. It follows the identical methodology as curling dumbbells on the health club. Nonetheless, as a substitute of constructing muscle, you employ the load to really feel the movement of your proper arm in your up and downswing.

Seize a dumbbell that may be a comfy weight, and assume your stance for a routine strike. Maintain the dumbbell in your proper hand, and cross your left arm throughout your torso. Take full swings along with your proper arm and spot the way it bends on the backswing and straightens on the downswing via influence.

The extra weight exaggerates the feeling, enabling you to really feel when your membership shaft is on aircraft and your arms are working optimally.

As soon as this motion turns into comfy, substitute the dumbbell for a decrease iron and place a golf ball on the turf. Now, repeat the actions of your dumbbell drill, this time with an precise golf membership and ball.

Golf Ball Drill

The golf ball drill is a basic train that can assist you enhance the efficiency of your proper arm within the swing. Chris Ryan demonstrates how easy and efficient this coaching is. The last word goal is to throw and bounce the ball in entrance of your tee:

Take a golf ball and place it into your proper hand. Now stand over an imaginary ball as should you have been about to strike it. Discover that should you threw the ball from this place, you’d most likely toss it over your left shoulder.

Out of your handle place, take a half backswing, using optimum hip and shoulder flip. Begin your downswing earlier than stopping earlier than influence. Be aware of your physique place and the way your weight has shifted onto your left hip. As well as, your proper arm ought to lag your hips, prompting the era of optimum velocity.

Repeat the method once more, however this time launch the golf ball moments earlier than influence. Ideally, the golf ball ought to fall in entrance of the tee. If it lands earlier than the tee, you both launched it too early, or your arm is simply too straight.

General, this drill lets you really feel the positioning of your proper arm throughout your backswing, downswing, and observe via.

One Handed Shot

A easy drill my highschool coach taught me was the one-handed shot. If you’re right-handed, seize the membership with the identical mitt. I counsel a brief iron or wedge that’s simpler to swing. Arrange a golf ball and take a number of follow swings with the golf membership in your proper hand.

You solely must take a half or three-quarter swing for this train. As soon as you’re comfy, handle the ball and try to strike it along with your proper hand. Naturally, you’ll hit the ball shorter, however the purpose is to focus on a clear strike.

Because you wouldn’t have the propulsion from the left hand in your backswing, you depend on the management of your proper arm and optimum rotation to succeed in the highest of your swing. Moreover, you’re with out the left hand to information your membership to the ball, and it’s as much as the proficiency of your proper arm.

In the event you strike the bottom earlier than the ball, it was possible attributable to an early straight. This might result in a recent air shot or a weak strike. Your final purpose is to place your proper arm exactly at every level of the swing. Reaching this boosts your capability to strike the ball cleanly.

Half Swing

The half swing drill is designed that can assist you really feel the motion of your proper arm in your backswing and downswing. As I defined earlier, your proper arm must bend in your backswing and straighten on the best way down. Your proper arm ought to absolutely lengthen as soon as it’s 45 levels previous the influence level.

A sluggish half backswing lets you really feel your proper arm bending on the best way up. Place a ball on the turf and seize your most well-liked mid or brief iron. Take a step again from the ball and produce three half-practice swings.

Familiarize your self with the place of your proper arm at every level within the swing and handle your ball. Induce a sluggish half swing to mix that along with your hip and shoulder rotation, and work on placing the ball cleanly.

I counsel filming your self to make sure that your arm bends and extends when required. Overlook distance for this drill. Concentrate on correcting your proper arm motion for cleaner ball placing.

Prime Down Drill

The ultimate drill on this listing is one I follow steadily on the driving vary. I name it the top-down train. Mainly, I take my backswing, and once I attain the highest, I pause for a depend of three. Then I let it rip from the highest.

I do that as a result of it provides a clearer perception into the place of my arm and shaft en path to the ball. Slowing it down and taking it from the highest makes it simpler to establish if I’m positioned accurately for influence.

Following Sieracki’s recommendation, I get my proper elbow roughly 3-inches from my physique on the high of the swing. From there, my elbow strikes 2-inches away from my torso. Lastly, it ought to sit 1-inch from my higher waist, enabling you to supply lag, and accelerated clubhead velocity.