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When does Golf Season Really End?

When Does Golf Season End

If you’re like most golfers you dread the off season!

Some golfers like to put the clubs down for a few months so they can focus on other activities, such as hunting, fishing or other outdoor pursuits. But, there are some who struggle in winter. I don’t blame you – this game is addicting and taking a few months off isn’t easy.

Sometimes a short break can be okay, but sometimes it can take time to get your swing right again. But if you’re one of the lucky few that live in places like Arizona, California, South Carolina, or Florida, the golf season never ends!

Continue reading to learn about the different golf seasons in each state and what you can do in winter to keep your game sharp. 

Golf Season – What You Need to Know 

When does the golf season end?

It depends on where you’re located! Some players can play all year, while others are limited to playing for half of the year. Some locations offer up to 8-9 months of golf season, but they can be difficult to play in. 

Here is a quick overview based on geography of the times for golf season.  

Northern States

The Northern United States has a short golf season. Most rounds are played between April and Octuber, but some states allow golf until November. 

Southern States 

The golf conditions in the South are much better than those in the North. They can play more golf, despite having to deal with the rain and humidity. 

The golfing season in Southern states is more like March – November and sometimes even February.

Canada’s Golf Season 

What about the Canadian golf season. It’s similar to the USA, as certain places are warmer than others. 

Most of Canada falls within the mid-April to late October golf season, just like the Northern US States. For areas like Vancouver and British Columbia, the window may be a bit longer.

Needless to say, the cold climate isn’t year round golf conditions!

International Golf Season

Golf is becoming more popular all over the world. Here are the best times to play it.

Europe Golf Season 

We can’t forget to mention Europe and links golf! Because of the terrain, weather, old-school courses, and differences in the terrain, playing golf over the waterway is quite different. However, the weather is what most Americans consider the biggest change and can make it difficult for golfers to play in ideal year-round conditions.

The European golf season is about the same (March – October) but they get occasional rounds if the weather is good. It also depends on where you are located, as it varies in Northern and Southern countries. 

May to September is the best month to play European golf. While you might be lucky earlier than May or later that September, American travelers planning a trip should be cautious about dates outside of May and September.

Australia Golf Season 

Australia is home to some of the best golfers in the world, including Greg Norman and Cam Smith. But what about the season? Does it matter what time of year it is?

Here’s what Golf Tourism Australia said, “This will depend on which parts of Australia you intend visiting. If you’re visiting Victoria (Melbourne Sandbelt, Mornington Peninsula and Mornington Peninsula), then September to May is the best month. 

If your trip is in the northern state of Queensland (Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast and Tropical North Queensland) then May to September is best (outside of these months it can be very warm and rainy).”

So if you need a bucket list trip, Australia might be a great time to visit when it’s cold and wet at home. 

South Africa Golf Season 

South Africa has another friendly golf season. It runs almost year round. However, the best time to go is between September & May. 

PGA Tour Season 

Speaking of the seasons for golf, let’s not forget about the best golfers in the world. Since LIV Golf, the PGA Tour events have been rearranged and now have a wrap-around season in 2023-2023. They play year-round golf!

However, there will be a significant change in 2023. 70 players will qualify for the Playoffs, 50 for the BMW Championship, 30 for the Tour Championship. This means that each week at a PGA Tour event is important!

The season begins in October 2023 and continues through August. The FedExCup Playoffs start in September. Things will change even more as we move into 2024. 

Here’s what the PGA Tour said about the significant changes, “The PGA TOUR will return to a calendar-year schedule in 2024, one of a series of changes announced Wednesday that also includes eight tournaments with greatly enhanced purses, revised field sizes for the FedEx Cup Playoffs, and a reimagined fall including up to three no-cut, limited-field international events.”

LIV Golf Season

The hectic schedule was the main reason so many golfers left the PGA Tour. Granted, a lot of people don’t feel too sorry for people getting paid millions to play golf, but the travel is exhausting. Not to mention if players miss the cut, they aren’t making anything and losing money on hotel, airfare, caddy, and food. 

LIV golf is very different from the PGA season. LIV golf will host events in various locations around the globe in 2023. Tulsa is one of the destinations. 

Their goal is to get more people involved in the game around the world by playing in spots that don’t normally have professional events. The LIV Golf success or failure will only be determined over time.

How to practice in the Off Season 

Your golf season can vary depending on where your live. There are many ways you can improve your golf swing and keep your game sharp, 365 days a calendar.

Please read our complete guide Golf off Season article here and grab a few ideas below: 

Use an indoor putting green

Putting is an important part of golf. If your putter is off, it’s nearly impossible to score your best! Luckily, you don’t need a sunny, 70-degree weather day to work on the flat stick.

All you need is an indoor putting green. You can improve your game by practicing putts between 3-8 feet several times per week during the off season. You can make it even more effective by using the training aids below.

  • Putting Gates: Practice by limiting your target. 
  • Dave Pelz, Putting TutorThis putting aid is from one of the most renowned names in golf. 
  • Back to basics – Putting MirrorThis is a great training tool that can help with shoulder alignment and eye alignment. Check out our full review. 

For the winter months, get back to your putting basics and be stronger than ever! 

Start Speed Training 

Rain or shine, it’s never a bad time to add more speed to your swing. Speed training is a great way to get lower scores. You can hit it harder off the tee. Your approach shots will be shorter the longer you are.

To learn more, check out our review on SuperSpeed Golf (the easiest method to start speed training). 

Your Short Game: Get to Work

If you have a backyard, make the most of it by practicing your short game skills. You can keep your short game sharp even during winter by investing in a set or chipping buckets. 

Or, if ambition is your thing, learn How to build your own putting-green

Improve Your Mental Game 

You can also work on your mental game in the off-season. Golf is a mental sport so the more you can improve your mindset, the better. These resources will help you to learn more:

  • Hypnosis & Golf
  • Meditation and golf

Make a golf simulator 

If you’re super committed, it might be time to invest in a golf simulator. While most golfers think they’re way too expensive, there are more options than ever.

You can start with a TV and launch monitor, a net, and a net. You can then work your way up, adding more pieces to your setup.

You can also spend a lot on a customized all-in-one simulator that you can keep in your garage, spare bedroom, or man cave. You can play Pebble Beach golf without ever leaving your house (or flying to California).

Click here to find out more about golf simulators.

FAQs about the Golf Season

Do you have any questions about the golf season, or how to improve in the off-season. Continue reading the frequently asked questions and answers below.

How late in the year can you still play golf?

Most places in the United States allow you to play golf up to September – November. Some warmer destinations like Arizona and Florida allow you to play golf all year, while others have it open 24/7. You can still play every day of the year, but you should expect hot and humid summer months. 

What is New York’s Golf Season? 

Mother Nature has made New York’s season shorter. According to the New York State Golf Association the season is April 15th – October 31st. 

Is there a golf season all year? When does the golf season end?

It is not for all golfers. If you live in California, Florida, or Arizona, you can play all year and enjoy a longer golfing season. You can also find a lot of golf courses in these areas. 

Which state has the largest number of golf courses?

According to the National Golf Foundation Florida won the race for most golf courses. Play in Florida said that, “Florida boasts over 1,100 golf courses that play host to over nearly 48 million rounds annually, with 33% by out of state visitors, 14% by non-local Florida residents, and 54% by local residents.”

This is why you are able to play year round on the same golf course almost every day!

When is the PGA Tour Season?

For the past few years it’s been a wrap-around season and it’s close to 12 months of the year (which is why some golfers went to LIV). The schedule will return to a calendar year in 2024. 

Which state is best for golf? 

It all depends on the golfer. Arizona, Texas and Florida are some of the most popular places to play year-round golf. Other states may not have as long a golf season, but they tend to have lower rates, more availability, great courses, and better prices. 

Final Thoughts about the Golfing Season

Your golfing season depends on your location but in general it’s April-November. Some golfers get to play year round while others only get 6–9 months and only a few in “prime” season. 

California, Texas, Nevada Arizona, South Carolina, South Carolina and Florida are all great options for those who want to live in a place that offers year-round golf. They have great weather year round so your golfing season won’t end (not to mention a ton of great golf courses too).

Regardless of how long or short your season is on the golf course, don’t forget you can work on your game at home too. Whether you’re speed training, putting with an indoor green, or improving your mental game, all of it helps when you’re able to get back out playing golf.

Get some golf goals in your off season so you can improve even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.