Why Fat Putter Grips Are Growing in Popularity (+4 Top Picks)

Why Fat Putter Grips Are Growing in Popularity (+4 Top Picks)

The putter grip is an area where you can be more creative. The standard putter grip doesn’t have to be the only one you use. You can also change it up and try something new.

Both amateur and professional golfers are increasingly using fat putter grips. We are here to answer your questions as to why this is happening and whether or not it’s time for you to make the switch.


Why Some Golfers Use Fat Putter Grips

Golfers use fat putter fingers for three reasons: to reduce grip pressure, improve their path, and keep their hands and wrists clear of the putting stroke.

Lowers grip pressure

Grip pressure is lower for golfers who have a larger grip. Because the grip is more substantial, it is harder for players to wrap their hands around their hands. The grip pressure is therefore significantly lower.

High grip pressure in the putting stroke can cause issues with the path and direction of the putter’s head. I’ve struggled with this in my game, and when I can be conscious about lighter pressure in the hands, it pays off.

More Consistent Path

Consistency in your putting is key. You can lower your score if your path is consistent. You must be confident in your ability to follow the same path each time you putt it.

The proper grip of fat putter makes it easier to get the feedback that you need to keep your putter on the right path.

Larger muscles are more commonly used

Some putters can feel great and use their hands and wrists to put the ball in the hole. The one thing we do know is that this style of putting stroke can be very inconsistent.

Golfers that can incorporate their larger muscles will notice it’s much easier to get the golf ball in the hole. It makes a huge difference to use your shoulders and arms instead of your hands and wrists.


Are Fat Putter Grips Better?

Golfers who have difficulty with grip pressure, too many hand and wrist actions, and inconsistent putting strokes will find a better grip with a fat putter grip. A fat putter grip has its downsides.

When you switch to a fat grip, your putter’s weight can be thrown off a bit. In addition, players with small hands may find that they don’t have enough control with the fat putter grip in place.

Putter grips come with a variety sizes and widths. For golfers with smaller hands, a middle-sized putter grip might be more suitable than a full-size fat putter grip.


The 4 Best Fat Putter Grips

There are hundreds available on the market for fat putter grips. Golfers are becoming more interested in the grips as they become more popular.

Let’s dive into our top picks…

SuperStroke Traxion – Best Overall

Top pick

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip

Parallel design uses a uniform lower hand profile to reduce grip pressure and maintain a consistent stroke. The new Traxion has an advanced surface texture design to provide enhanced feedback.

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  • Tour proven design
  • It significantly improves consistency on the course
  • Incorporate larger muscles into the putting stroke
  • Tacky feeling that fades


  • For heavy putter grip, a professional may be required to install it.

The SuperStroke TraxionThe best overall fat putter grip available.

This putter grip is not only popular with amateur golfers, but professional golfers will also use it. SuperStroke invests a lot of effort, time, and money in the engineering of these grips.

If you value playability and feel, the SuperStroke Traxion should be at the top of your wish list. The SuperStroke Traxion’s only downside is its weight. The putter grip measures 65 grams to accommodate all the technology.

Advanced Spyne Technology is a technology that really stands out in the SuperStroke Traxion. It almost feels like you are following a guideline. It is a great reminder.


Flat Cat Tack Putter Grip – Best for Grip Pressure

FLAT CAT TAK Putter Grip

The FLAT1 design, which squares the handle to your putter face, provides TRU-alignment with the intended target line.

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  • It’s comfortable and tacky for a relaxed, casual feel
  • Improved feedback and control
  • Highly consistent


  • Putter grips are expensive, and there is not much price variation between models.

Flat Cat is another brand with a strong reputation when it comes fat putter grips. This grip is squared-off and allows players to grip the club in many different ways.

We have a wide selection of Flat Cat models, so we chose the Flat Cat TackTo be on our list. This putter grip is very comfortable and provides a tacky feeling. It also helps to reduce grip pressure. It also holds up well over time.

Flat Cat added another feature to the putter: the Easy Glide Cone technology. This makes it easy to move the putter around in the bag without damaging its grip. You don’t want to get any damage when you purchase the fat putter gloves.


Champkey CT Pistol – Best for those on a Budget

Budget selection

Champkey CT2 Pistol-Golf Putter Grip

New pistol shape improves control and traction. Provides comfortable feeling & improve putting accuracy. It reduces pressure on the hands and gives you a stronger push.

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  • Pistol shape to improve control
  • It is well-known for its lightweight design
  • Very fair pricing


  • The Super Stroke is not quite as thick

Champkey is a brand that offers value golf equipment at a fair price. The Champkey CT Pistol fat grip is the best on the market. If you haven’t already noticed the high pricing on these putter grips, it’s certainly a thing.

A good essential putter grip might be between $5 and $8. The high-end fat grips start at $12 and can go up to $30. Of course, this is more material included, but it’s also just the fact that these grips are very popular right now.

Champkey CT Pistols are made with a comfortable, polyurethane material. This material feels great in your hands and is just enough to prevent you from slipping on the clubs. It is also lightweight, which helps lower your grip pressure. This is a great choice if you struggle with putting and want to improve your stroke.


Winn Pro X Putter Grip (Best Premium Option)

Winn Pro X

Traditional designs have a more tapered profile to eliminate wrist movement. WinnLite Technology is also used to reduce grip weight.

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  • WinnLite Technology provides a lighter overall feeling
  • Stable during the putting stroke
  • It is easy to keep the putter in your hands
  • For lower grip pressure, high-quality tacky texture


  • Because the grip material for winn grips is softer, they tend to wear out more quickly.
  • The price is higher than other options available on the market

The Winn Pro XThe best premium thick putter grip available. Winn spends a lot of time making sure its technology is superior to others. They also look for a surface texture that is both comfortable and tacky.

The Winn Pro X grip will allow you to keep your putter’s face in the right place. It is designed to eliminate stroke movement. Although it takes some time to get used the rectangular feel, it is very stable and will keep your hands in the right position for your entire stroke.

You may find the Winn Pro X a great complement to your Winn Dri Tac grips.