5 Best Outdoor Putting Greens for Your Backyard

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An outdoor putting green offers a golf enthusiast the perfect solution for those who can’t utilize some garage space or spare room. These mats stick to the patios surface, allowing you to play your short game right from your backyard.

In this guide, I’ll cover the 5 best outdoor golf greens to improve your putting stroke from the patio or garden. The article will help you decide whether synthetic turf is the right choice for your short-game needs.


1. Boburn Golf Putting Green – Overall Best Backyard Putting Green

Top Pick

BOBURN Golf Putting green


True-roll surface simulates real grass conditions and has a similar stimpmeter reading. It has a soft, high-elastic foundation that allows it to stick to any surface it is placed on indoors or out.

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  • Includes 6 holes
  • The green is spacious and offers many angles from which to putt.
  • High-quality True Roll surface
  • Rubber base that is stable
  • Indoors and outdoors, both


  • The cups are too shallow for the best.
  • Expensive


  • Size (Length x Width): 5’ x 10’
  • Holes: 6
  • Material: True Rolling Putting Grass

The Boburn 5’ x 10’ designIt beats the best backyard putting courses with its affordability, quality roll and superior playability. Boburn laid 6 holes on this surface. This encourages variety and allows you to get rid of monotony.

I was immediately impressed by the True Roll Surface on the green. It was very realistic and simulated the feeling of playing on a real putting surface. The roll was quick and smooth, which forced me to control power and produce a delicate stroke.

Although it wasnt made for this purpose I enjoyed the artificial grass surrounding it. It provided a platform for me to practice my bump-and-run shots, but I would not recommend it due to the risk of damaging the turf.

The inclusion of 6 holes was quite impressive and I made the most out of their presence. The cup made of stainless steel is shallow and can cause my ball to sometimes hit the pin or deflect.


2. Petgrow Pro Putting Green – Best Value For Money Putting Green

Value Pick

Petgrow Pro Putting Green


For superior durability and resilience, it is made from high-quality synthetic material. Constructed from UV resistant polyethylene

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  • Excellent value for your money
  • High-quality turf
  • UV resistant
  • Up to 23 gallons per hour of water loss
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • It doesn’t include any holes
  • After stepping on the turf too often, I noticed wrinkles.


  • Size (Length x Width): 3’ x 18’
  • Holes: 0
  • Material: High Density Artificial Grasses

The Petgrow Pro GreensIt is very affordable for an outdoor surface that is durable and high-end. I was impressed by its versatility. It was easy to practice my putting stroke and it gave me a consistent, clean roll. You can also use it for other sports such as soccer or lawn bowls.

I’ve putted on their 3’ x 18’ setup, which was large enough to work on short to mid-range putts. However, they offer immense designs reaching 13’ x 82’. Although impressive, most city slickers like myself won’t possess that level of space in the garden.

The durability and quality of this design impressed me with its UV resistance, drainage capabilities, and a maximum flow rate of 23 gallons an hour. The surface was durable and well-designed. I also felt that it helped my ball roll at a moderate speed.

Finally, the mats length allowed me to work on short-range accuracy as well as lag putts of mid-length lag.


3. Fas Home Putting Green Turf Mat – Best Premium Outdoor Putting Lawn

Premium Pick

Fas Putting Green Golf Mat


Made of UV resistant polyethylene yarns, making it resistant to high temperature, with superior resilience & durability. The mats rubber back has drainage holes that allow water to pass through it and dry quickly.

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  • Large design
  • UV resistant
  • Amazing drainage
  • Consistent roll
  • Durable


  • High-end products at a premium price
  • It doesn’t include any holes


  • Size (Length x Width): 12’ x 15’
  • Holes: 0
  • Material: Polyethylene yarn

The Fas Home Putting greenGolfers will find a durable, reliable, and reliable putting course with maximum drainage. It also offers excellent UV protection to preserve the natural look for a longer time.

The green comes without a hole. However, it has a positive side: you can customize it to suit your needs. The 12’ x 15’ green provides an expanded area to practice your putting stroke from various angles and distances.

The surface rolls very smoothly and is a bit slower than other backyard greens. It took some time to get rid of the kinks before I was able to realize its potential.

The Fas Home Putting Green can be used for many purposes, including an outdoor rug, tennis court, or a soccer pitch or croquet field.


4. Xenbey Pro – Most Durable Artificial Turf Green

Most Durable

XENBEY Pro Golf Putting green Mat


Premium 35mm PE long artificial turf, 10mm Synthetic Turf, and 10mm thick heavy duty rubber foam base for durable use. It can be used regularly for 5-8 years.

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  • Durable
  • Wide design
  • Pure, clean roll
  • Features 3 holes to aim at
  • Stable design


  • Expensive
  • No alignment aids


  • Size (Length x Width): 5’ x 10’
  • Holes: 3
  • Material: High Simulation Putting Grasse

While a durable green might be more expensive initially, it lasts longer and is more cost-effective in the long term. The Xenbey Pro claimed the durability prize in this year’s test. The 5’ x 10’ green contains high-end 35mm PE long artificial grass on the sides and smooth-rolling synthetic turf green.

The green is held in place by a heavy-duty rubber base (10mm) that keeps it solidly anchored to the ground. It was able not to slip and slide while I played for a pleasant experience.

Apart from its quality, the Xenbey Pro features 3 holes with stainless steel cups. The wider design of the artificial turf gives you a variety of angles from which to putt. The turf was also easy to roll and had minimal skid.

Finally, the medium-sized putting green is not water-resistant, so you should bring it indoors when there is a storm.


5. Mykuja Golf Pong Putting Mat – Most Entertaining Home Golf Putting Green

Most Enterprising

MYKUJA 20 Holes Golf Pong Putting Mat Set


A 20-holes ping pong game is a combination putting green and beerpong. This putter-pong game set is a fun, entertaining way to play golf and socialize with your friends.

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  • Entertaining
  • Includes two putters
  • Its easy to play
  • Portable
  • The package contains 10 golf balls


  • Mats of poor quality
  • Expensive for a putting mat, but it makes sense considering what’s included in the set.


  • Size (Length x Width): 19.7” x 129”
  • Holes: 20
  • Material: TPR High-density

The best outdoor putting course is reviewed and we conclude with our top pick. If you are a golf-mad group, you can put up a Mykuja Golf Pong Putting Mat at your patio. The mat measures 19.7” x 129” with 10 holes positioned at either end of the mat.

Mykuja went all out with this set, offering a pair putters, 10 golf ball covers, 20 cup covers, and the Mat. Although you dont have to play golf, this set can help you improve your putting skills.

The mat is not of the best quality, which some better golfers may loathe, but it is good enough to have a good time with your buddies. Despite being slightly raised, it still poses a challenge. It requires precision and distance control.

Finally, I discovered that the mat can slip on wet surfaces which was annoying. It is still manageable for occasional games of golf pong.


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