How to Play the Wolf Golf Game: Everything You Need to Know

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There are many ways you can play golf with your friends. 

Stroke play is the most popular option, but many people also enjoy side bets and other forms of betting. gambling games, there’s a new game taking the golf world by storm.

It’s called Wolf and it might be one of the coolest new games in golf. Keep reading to learn about this new format of golf that will make your weekends 10X more fun. 

How to Play the Wolf Golf Game

How do you play the Wolf in Golf for Money? 

Wolf is a game played with four players. Each player acts independently. This game is not a scramble, four-ball, shamble or Chapman format. It is an individual score game. 

The goal with the Wolf golf game is simple – score the most points by the end of the round. 

Here’s how the game of Wolf works…

Before you tee off on the first hole, and dealing with those First tee jittersTo determine the order of their tee shots, players flip a tee. It’s important to note the order as it will rotate for the rest of the holes (this isn’t a “ready golf” type of day). 

The order on the first hole is, for instance, 1, 2, 3, 4, The next hole the tee shot order is 2, 3, 4, 1 – the person who tees off last is the Wolf of that hole. Each player will become a Wolf once every four holes. 

The final two holes – #17 & #18 – go to the two players with the most points. Once you get the order of players for the first 16 holes, here’s how scoring works.

Wolf Golf Game Rules (How To Play Wolf)

It can get confusing wondering… How do I score points? Are I on the winning team? What if I am selected by the Wolf to be their team member?

Let’s explain…

After the three players have hit their tee shot the Wolf, the last player decides whether or not to add another person to their team. Or, they can decide to go solo and act as a “Lone Wolf” on the hole. 

If a Wolf decides to play alone, they are confident that they can beat the other three golfers. This is where things get interesting on the golf course… 

The Lone Wolf has one goal for the hole – Get the lowest score possible on the hole. The remaining players use the best system of ball. 

Here’s how scoring works in Wolf:

  • If a single Wolf wins and beats all three other players, they receive 4 points.
  • Each team gets 2 points each if the Wolf adds another player to their group. 
  • If the Wolf adds a player, and the other team wins they each get 3 points.
  • All three players get one point each if a Lone Wolf loses. 

The match ends and the player with the highest points wins a certain amount of money. Golfers can choose to play every hole for a predetermined sum. 


For example, let’s say you bet $3 per hole. If you win and become a Lone Wolf, you will receive $3 from each person in the group ($9 total), or triple the points. However, if you lose, each person would have to be paid $3. 

For the Wolf, playing hole-to-hole can quickly add up, especially if you are playing on a tight schedule. This should be discussed before the round to avoid any potential problems. 

What’s fun about this game is that there is a lot of risk-reward. Being the Lone Wolf is a good way to win big but you have to beat the other three players which isn’t easy as they’re playing a best ball format.

Although Wolfs format is difficult at first, it is easy to master. We suggest using a golf app to make scoring easier – a good example is 18Birdies

You can find more information about scoring and rules in the FAQs section below. 

Variations of Wolf in Golf 

There are always ways to make the game more fun, just like any other type of golf game. A Texas shamble, for example, is played with two partners. Texas shambles are played with four players. Wolf has many variations; here are some of them.

The Blind Wolf is the name of the first. This version of the game has the Wolf for the Hole declaring that he/she will be the Lone Wolf before anyone else tees off. This is a very different way of waiting for all the players to hit their tee shots. 

Another variation is called Pig (Im sorry, so many animal names are used). This style allows a person to choose to play as a partner (the Pig), or to play alone with the Wolf. All bets are doubled in this case!  

The third variation is where the player in last position becomes the Wolf on the last two holes. This gives the player an opportunity to earn more points and possibly move up in rankings. 

The final variations can take the form of scoring. Different scoring systems are used by different apps for different events.

  • Wolf wins double
  • Rewarding 6 Points for a Lone Wolf win vs. four points
  • Wolf can win three points if he beats all the other players

Strategies for the Wolf Golf Game

This awesome game is referenced in the book, Chi Chi’s Games You Gotta Play. Here’s what he and the co-author said about strategy.

“Wolf strategy is as much about self-confidence as it is about faith in a partner. A good player will always play alone, especially on par 3s. Because this is a game played to full handicaps (3/4s or 2/3s for complete strangers), it helps to check to see who may be getting a stroke on the hole.” 

FAQs about Types of Golf Games 

Are you looking for more information about Wolf and other types? golf games? Continue scrolling down to see the frequently asked questions.

Who is the original Wolf in golf?

It’s probably best that no one knows the origins of this great golf game. It is a relatively new game that many people enjoy because it is a mix of solo and team competition. The round is full of risk and rewards. 

But it’s a topic inside Chi Chi’s Games You Gotta Play and has become a staple at courses around the country. Plus, it’s great as you can play with four or give golfers. 

Are points carried over to Wolf? 

It all depends on what the rules are that your group has decided. Carryovers are common and can often be enabled on some apps if they are used for scoring. Or you can choose to give each hole its own score. 

What happens if there is a tie in Wolf?

The hole is usually a wash and no points or money are added. However, you have the option to transfer points after tie which will make next hole much more valuable.

Does Wolf play first or last in golf?

The Wolf is the last to tee-off in the group. Each of the 16 holes is rotated by the Wolf based on the order in flipping tees before the round.

Additionally, a player can opt to become a “Blind Wolf” before everyone tees off in the group. This means you’re playing 1 vs. 3 before seeing anyone tee off. The Wolf is still the last, but he announces it before the rest of the group. 

How does Lone Wolf golf score?

Wolf is scored on the basis of how the hole was played. If the Wolf teams up with a partner to play the hole, then the points go to both sides. The Wolf can earn even more points if he or her decides to play by himself.

The scoring system for the Wolf game can vary depending on which apps you use, but it is important to make sure that everything is clear before you start teeing off. This will prevent players from getting confused mid-round. 

How do you score a 5 player wolf in golf? 

If you have a fifth player in your group, and the course allows it, you can easily adapt it for Wolf. Instead of playing 16 holes with a rotating tee shot, youd play 1-15 and then rotate every five holes. Going “Lone Wolf” is a big risk with fivesomes as you will have to beat the better ball of four other golfers.

Final Thoughts about the Wolf Golf Betting Game

Wolf is another great way to mix things up with your golf buddies. It’s great because you can become a hero by going Lone Wolf and beating everyone else. You can also choose to have a partner who changes throughout the round, to earn the most points.

To make it even more exciting, you can mix the Wolf variants. Be sure to get down the details of the round (bet amounts and how to play 17/18), So everyone is on the same page. 

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