How to Watch PGA Tours WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play

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  • The WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play is a prestigious and exciting golf tournament.
  • The official broadcast channels and streaming platforms provide various options to watch the event.
  • The tournament features top players like Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, and Justin Thomas.
  • Gain insights and improve your own golf play by learning from the techniques and strategies displayed in the tournament.
  • Engage with the golf community through online forums, social media groups, and local clubs and tournaments.


Watch WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play

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In this article, we'll be diving into how to watch the PGA Tours' WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play. Whether you're a die-hard golf fan or a beginner trying to learn more about the sport, I've got you covered. From where to watch the tournament to the best strategies to maximize your viewing experience, I'll provide all the information you need.

But that's not all. This article will also feature comprehensive product reviews of top golf gear so you can make informed decisions when purchasing equipment. With my extensive experience and familiarity with golf equipment, you can trust that these reviews will be honest, reliable, and tailored to help you up your game.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the world of golf like never before. Let's make your golfing experience even more enjoyable and successful together.

Understanding WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play

The WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play is a professional golf tournament, widely acclaimed in the global golf arena. As one of the World Golf Championships, it attracts the best players globally, creating a highly competitive environment. This integral golf event is known for its intense battle play style, stirring audience around the world.

History and Significance of WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play

The inaugural WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, previously known as WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, took place in 1999. The tournament holds a high level of prestige and offers a significant purse. It has seen a legion of golf legends making history, including Tiger Woods and Geoff Ogilvy, with their sterling performance, winning the championship multiple times Golf Monthly.

The tournament's central feature is its head-to-head format, which significantly differs from the stroke play usually adopted in most golf competitions. The one-on-one setting fosters an intense athletic spirit, bringing every stroke into sharp focus and heightening the excitement of the game. Besides, it allows players to demonstrate their strategies more explicitly as they respond to their competitor’s moves.

Format and Rules of WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play

Transcending the traditional stroke-play format predominant in most golf competitions, WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play employs match play, which turns every hole into a separate competition. Players compete hole-by-hole, with the goal to win more holes than the opponent.

The match begins with a round-robin stage where 16 groups of four players each play against one another. Subsequently, the winners of each group advance to the knockout stage. From this point, 16 players compete in a series of one-on-one matches until a champion emerges.

The unique format makes WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play a thrilling event to anticipate European Tour. It tests players' consistency, concentration, and endurance, offering golf enthusiasts an exciting spectacle of the highest level of golf.

How to Watch WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play

Understanding where and when to watch the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play can enhance your viewing experience. This section offers comprehensive advice on how to best avail this annual golf tournament.

Official Broadcast Channels and Streaming Platforms

Golf fans can catch all the action from the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play on various broadcast channels and streaming platforms. Traditional broadcasting channels, such as ESPN, consistently provide live coverage of the games. Online streaming services, like Kayo Sports, also offer live streams and on-demand replay services. Many of these platforms deliver extensive pre-game analysis, mid-game updates and post-game insights to keep viewers thoroughly involved.

Best Time to Watch WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play

Identifying the best time to watch the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play largely depends on the viewer's time zone. The tournament typically spans across five days, with the first round commencing in the morning. The exact schedule is usually released a week before the tournament on the official WGC website. Staying updated with this schedule ensures you do not miss any high-stakes matches.

International viewers may find the different time zones challenging. Coordinating the live broadcast or streaming time with your local time is crucial. Websites like Time and Date are helpful resources for converting the game's schedule to your local time. It's a handy tool ensuring you stay in sync with the tournament regardless of your geographical location.

Notable Players to Watch in WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play

Any golf fan would be keen on knowing who the favorites are. World-class golfers compete in the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, offering spectators a chance to witness some extraordinary golfing skills.

Key Players to Watch in the Tournament

When it comes to the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, there are a few golfer's names that are always on the radar. Players such as Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and Jordan Spieth have consistently delivered great performances in this championship. These players have a remarkable history in the tournament and their experience in match play format often gives them a considerable advantage. Moreover, their ability to thrive under pressure and come up with extraordinary shots at crucial moments makes them key players to watch out for in this tournament.

You can follow these players and get updates on their tournament performance on the official website of PGA Tour.

Recent Performance and Form of Notable Players

You will also want to check out the recent performance and current form of these notable players. Justin Thomas, Bryson DeChambeau, and Xander Schauffele have been in splendid form recently and are expected to give a stiff competition to others in the tournament.

Read more about their performance and stats on this detailed article by ESPN. Keeping an eye on these players can not only boost your tournament watching experience but also enhance your understanding of the game's strategies and techniques.

Essential Golf Equipment for a Golfer

The sport of golf, while being a simple concept at its root, can become complex and nuanced with the addition of quality and specialized equipment. Having the right gear can significantly affect a player's performance on the course.

Unveiling the Top Golf Gear for Players

Every golfer, whether a seasoned professional or a weekend hobbyist, needs the right gear to play their best. At the core of this gear are the clubs. With drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters to consider, choosing the right set can be mind-boggling. However, numerous online resources, such as Golf Digest, provide detailed reviews and lists of top-rated clubs to make the selection process easier.

Additionally, quality golf balls make a significant difference in performance. Brands like Titleist, Srixon, and Callaway offer balls with different spins, distances, and feel to cater for any golfer's preference.

Detailed Review of Must-have Golf Accessories

Beyond the fundamental gear, several golf accessories could improve the golfing experience. Among them are golf gloves, which enhance grip, and golf shoes, which provide stability during swings.

Moreover, rangefinders and GPS devices have become favorites among golfers. These devices give accurate yardage to the green, helping golfers in club selection and strategy planning. Websites like Golf Monthly often review these accessories, helping you choose the best ones for your needs.

Finally, the golf bag is an essential accessory. It should have enough room for all the clubs, a sturdy structure to protect them, and pockets for additional items like balls, gloves, and beverages. Various reviews available online can help you find the bag that best fits your requirements.

The equipment used in golf can significantly enhance your enjoyment and performance in the game. Investing in good quality gear and accessories, therefore, is undoubtedly essential for all golfers.

Engaging with the Golf Community

Connecting with fellow golfers and immersing yourself in various golf communities could elevate your experience of enjoying WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play and the sport in general. It's an excellent platform for learning new golf techniques, discussing highlights of tournaments, sharing opinions about players, and even exploring local golf events or tournaments you might want to participate in.

Online golf forums such as GolfWRX and social media groups found on platforms like Facebook offer a vibrant and interactive platform for golf enthusiasts. Such platforms not only provide the latest news and updates about WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, but also allow fans and players to share their knowledge, opinions, and experiences about the game. Online golf communities also enable participants to discuss golf equipment, share gameplay techniques, and participate in lively debates about the sport.

Participating in Local Golf Clubs and Tournaments

Stepping away from the digital world, joining local golf clubs can help you connect with like-minded golf enthusiasts within your vicinity. These clubs often organize their tournaments and friendly matches which provide great opportunities for practical gaming experience. To locate golf clubs near you, websites like Clubfinder can be of great help. By participating in these activities, you not only get a chance to improve your playing skills but also build networks with other golfers and deepen your appreciation for the sport.


In wrapping up, the WGC-Dell Technologies Match play brings together fantastic spectacle of golfing expertise, and historical significance, on official broadcasting and streaming platforms. Learning the event's formats and rules enhance the viewing experience, making the flow of the tournament easier to understand. Notable players offer inspiration, as studying their strategies and form can help improve our own golf play. Likewise, having the right golf equipment can improve the craft significantly. Diving into the golf community, through online forums, social media groups and local clubs, provides networking opportunities and ways to discuss, dissect, and delve deeply into tournament happenings. Enjoy the WGC-Dell Match Play, and let the golf fever catch you! Until the next tee-off, keep practicing, stay engaged, and always aim for the green.

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