TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver Review: A Worthy Update

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Is TaylorMades Stealth 2 the best golf driver? Is it better that the original Stealth?

If you’re like most golfers chances are you’re asking yourself these questions. Because let’s face it, having the right driver for your game makes golf so much easier. If you take your driver out of the bag with fear and dread, it’s going to make for a long day on the course.

But there are so many driver options it’s hard to know which is best for your game. Today, we’ll review the new TaylorMade Stealth 2 as it’s one of the most anticipated drivers in 2023.

TaylorMade Stealth2 Driver Review

Stealth was a big success and a major change from the TaylorMade SIM2 SIM2. It was redesigned in design, technology, and almost everything else to be one of the best drivers in 2022.

Could TaylorMade make the driver even better? Based on early reviews and player feedback it looks like they’ve refined the design for an even better driver. If you’re still swinging a SIM or SIM 2 this is a no-brainer choice to add more distance and improve your tee box game.

These are the Key Takeaways

  • TaylorMade replaced Stealth 2 with the Stealth 2 by 2023.
  • The most significant difference between them is the use more carbon to make a lighter clubhead.
  • TaylorMade does not have a smaller driver profile (all are 460cc) but they do offer a mini driver that isn’t a Stealth model.

Keep reading to get the full scoop on these drivers and see if they’re right for your game. Let’s start by what all three drivers have in common then go into the specifics of each model.


More forgiving than ever

TaylorMade didn’t make a huge switch in 2023 like they did in 2022 when they replaced the SIM drivers with Stealth. This replaced traditional titanium by carbon for a lighter, more aerodynamic clubhead and a completely new design. TaylorMade reworked what was already working to make the new driver even better.

The slogan for these new drivers is “Fargivness” (the commercial with Rory McIlroy is great too). According to TaylorMade, “With Stealth™, we pushed past the limits of titanium and welcomed golfers around the world to the Carbonwood™ Age. What are our limits? Way beyond far, into FARGIVENESS. Introducing the all-new Stealth 2, combining the elements of speed and forgiveness to unlock FARGIVENESS.”

These clubs are very forgiving and can be used to great effect. The new 60X carbon twist face technology made these drivers even more efficient. The new design improves the center strikes and makes mishits more fun.


More carbon

Perhaps the most important change to the design is the increase in carbon in the clubhead. TaylorMade made this switch in 2022 and coined it the “Carbonwood Age” but this model has even more of the lightweight material. It has nearly twice as much carbon to help distribute weight for more stability and forgiveness.

This club sounds even better with the added carbon. Engineers tuned the acoustics to produce a bolder and more pleasing sound.


It is very similar in appearance to the original Stealth Driver. It features the distinctive red/black clubhead, which is bold and great looking at the address position. All drivers have an adjustable loft sleeves (not all have a sliding weight track).

All three models are 460cc – even the Plus model which is more of a “Tour” type golf club. Now, let’s get into how each of the three models differ to find one that is best suited for your game.


TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver

The Stealth 2 driver is the best choice for those with moderate swing speeds. It’s a high launching driver that is meant to help you hit bombs and find more fairways.

The 25 gram tungsten weight at the clubs back is what makes this driver so special. This provides a higher MOI (forgiveness), while the front weight is strategically placed for optimal spin and overall distance.


The weight track is not adjustable, but you can adjust loft with the sleeves. This is a neutral flight bias driver with mid-low spin, and mid to high launch features… a great dynamic for the everyday golfer. It’s available in 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees (the 12-degree is only available for right-handed golfers).

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TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Driver

The Stealth 2 HD version has a lot of similarities to the Stealth 2 with one main difference – this is a draw bias driver. So if you’re struggling with a slice and tired of hitting from the right rough, this driver can help you out. This is our favorite driver for slicers. It’s a high launching draw flight bias club to help you hit it high and has the most forgiveness in their driver line. This is a great driver not only for players with chronic slices, but also for seniors who want maximum forgiveness.

The only problem with this club is the limited stock shaft option. While it’ll work for most golfers who need this anti-slice technology, it’d still be beneficial to have more than one option.


The Stealth Plus has two stock shaft options.

  • Mitsubishi Kai’li Red Shaft:This shaft is for moderate swing speeds. It is more of a mid spin, higher launching shaft. It’s available in regular, stiff, and extra stiff flex.
  • Project X HZRDUS BLACKThis shaft is stiffer because of the lower torque. Its also low launch and low spin. It’s best for golfers who have very high swing speeds and want to maximize distance by reducing total spin. It’s only available in 60 gram weights for both stiff and extra shift shafts.

This driver is available with a 9-, 10.5- or 12 degree range (but only for right-handed players).

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TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Driver

The Stealth 2 Plus is the final option. It is best suited to advanced golfers. If you don’t swing a driver over 100mph it’s probably not the right model for you. If you do, this model is the best to optimize spin and launch off of the tee.

While it has all the benefits of the Stealth it has one major upgrade – a Track for sliding weight. Here’s what TaylorMade said about this design change. “A technology pioneered by TaylorMade returns to the forefront with Stealth 2 Plus. The sliding weight track includes a single 15g weight that can be positioned for your preferred shot shape, while the FCT Loft Sleeve is used to optimize launch and trajectory.”


The new Plus driver is a low spin driver with mid-launch that can be used for higher swing speeds. It has a neutral flight bias with the same two stock shaft options as above. It’s available in 8, 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees (the 8-degree is only available for right-handed golfers).

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Stealth 2 Plus Women’s Driver

A Stealth 2 driver is also available for women. While there is only one option compared to three for women, it’s a great upgrade from the previous year too and makes our list of best golf drivers for women. The women’s driver is 460cc, includes the 4 degree loft sleeve, and is a draw biased club.

Additionally, it’s a mid-spin high launch driver to help women hit it longer than ever. Unfortunately, the club does not have a sliding weight track that can change the CG.


This driver is only available for right-handed users. It is available in 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees. Aldila Ascent Ladies 45 is available as a standard shaft. It is a high spin, high launch driver. There is only one flex option.

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FAQs about TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Do you have any questions about TaylorMade drivers or the game itself? If so, continue reading to get more information about TaylorMade drivers.

TaylorMade Stealth is good for high handicappers.

The HD model, which stands for high draw, is best suited for high handicappers. This Stealth 2 model has the best forgiveness and should help you hit it longer.

Does TaylorMade make a mini driver?

Yes, TaylorMade does make a mini driver but it’s not a Stealth model. In fact, TaylorMade is the only company to make a mini driver, despite the fact that they don’t make a smaller driver in the new Stealth 2 lineup.

Click here to learn more about mini drivers and see if they’re right for your game.

Are there any pros to TaylorMade Stealth2 drivers?

TaylorMade boasts some of the most prominent Stealth drivers such as Tiger Woods, Scottie Schler, Colin Morikawa and Rory McIlroy.


Is TaylorMade Stealth a forgiving driver?

Yes, the Stealth 2 and Stealth 3 are very accommodating drivers. If you need a new driver to help your long game out in 2023 and beyond, you can’t go wrong with these clubs.

Are there Stealth 2 fairway trees?

They usually release a new fairway line each year to match their new drivers. The new Stealth 2 fairway woodens come in three models (Stealth 2, HD, Plus) to match the drivers. They also come with matching hybrids.

Do I need to get fitted to drive?

It depends on how frequently you play and practice. If you’re someone that takes the game seriously and is obsessed with improvement, then yes a fitting can do wonders to your game.

I believe the driver and putter should be the most important clubs. Since you use them on almost every hole it’s vital to have these clubs match your game.


Final Thoughts on TaylorMade Drivers

These are another TaylorMade new driver to help you hit it straighter and faster. I only have two complaints; they don’t offer a smaller “compact” driver head that is less than 460cc like Callaway and Titleist.

The second problem is the lack stock shafts that allow you to customize the driver to your swing. Callaway and Titleist provide 3-4 with each driver while TaylorMade only has 1–2 choices. The right driver shaft is crucial to your long game, so I wish they had more options.

Otherwise, it’s a great upgrade from the original Stealth from 2022.

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