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Do you want to increase the speed of your clubhead and ball to hit the ball harder?

If so, it’s time to learn about a precision speed training system known as “The Stack.” While you might have heard of speed sticks and other golf training aids to increase your swing speed, this is next level.

Using different weights and the Stack App, it’s unlike other training programs or weight training when it comes to adding speed in your golf swing. Not to mention, it’s trusted by some of the best golfers in the world including Matthew Fitzpatrick, the 2022 US Open Champion.

As I watched Matthew that week, I thought to myself. “Did his swing get faster?” As a smaller player on the PGA Tour, he’s never been a bomber off the tee. He was able to play alongside some of the longest hitters in the PGA Tour that week.

Evidently, he had been working hard to hit the target longer and with more confidence than ever before. Thanks to the Stack training programs, he was able to hit it straight and long on Sunday. The good news is, these Tour secrets aren’t secrets anymore… you can learn them too.

Continue reading to learn more about speed training and reach your distance potential.


Review of Stack System

First, what is the point in the Stack System?

One word – Speed. You can increase the distance you have by increasing your club head speed. 

As I’m sure you know, the world of golf is obsessed with distance like never before. According to the USGA annual distance report, golfers hit it farther than ever before, largely because of more forgiving drivers. 

Here’s what the USGA said, “The average driving distance of a sample of amateur male golfers in the UK was measured to be 216 yards in 2019. This is an increase in driving distance of 16 yards over the past 24 years. Driver usage has increased amongst these players over this timeframe, particularly for the highest handicap golfers.”

That’s right, the average golfer hits it 16 yards longer than they did 24 years ago. 

While new, forgiving drivers play a part in more distance, it’s not the whole story. Another major change that has taken golf by storm recently is Speed training

Speed training isn’t about simply swinging harder or adding on tons of muscle like Bryson DeChambeau did in the pandemic. While golf workouts can help, more muscle doesn’t guarantee more speed. Instead, it’s about using proven techniques to increase swing speed over time. 

There is no need to guess anymore Hope your practice routines will help you hit it longer. Instead, you can train with a proven method such as the Stack System. 


What is the Stack System?

The Stack System, a speed training program that biohacks you to go farther than you thought possible, is a complete speed-training process. This system was created by Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, golf’s leading biomechanist who specializes in golf and works with top players and coaches. 

According to their website: “Sasho is an Engineering Consultant for PING and a Biomechanics Advisor and Software Developer for Footjoy.  He has published over 20 golf related research articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals and has been invited to speak to golf instructors for the PGA of Australia, Great Britain & Ireland, Spain, and the French Golf Federation.”

He used his unique background and created a proven system that made speed training available to everyone. These speed training systems were originally developed for Tour Pros, but they are now available to the average golfer. 

Marty Jertson, a member of PGA of America, and an engineer at PING, is the co-creator. According to their website, he’s quite a player too as “He’s played in 6 Major Championships, most recently the 2020 US Open at Winged Foot.  Marty made the cut in the 2019 PGA Championship at Bethpage Black and was a member of the 2011 and 2019 victorious PGA Cup Teams.”

How the Stack Works 

If you’ve heard of speed training before, you’ve likely heard of SuperSpeed Golf. They have made speed training a mainstream phenomenon by using different weighted golf clubs to train faster than a routine.

The Stack is similar to the Stack in that you swing a weighted clubs for a certain amount of time to improve your swing speed. The Stack is unique because each set can be interchangeable with different weights. The Stack hardware has five milledweights that allow for 30 weight combinations ranging in weight from 0 up to 300 grams.

The only problem with the Stack is the fact that it requires a few other things to work properly.

The first item youll need is a Swing speed radar system non-contact

Some launch monitors can be used for this, but not all. Some require you to hit a golf ball to achieve results. The following are some of the best options. 

  • Garmin G80
  • Flightscope Mevo+ 
  • Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 Plus (read our full review here)
  • PRGR (the device SuperSpeed Golf recommends for tracking your swing speed over the course of time)

The second thing you need is an iOS device – sorry Android users, this device is only supported with Apple devices at this time. Once you have the radar and the Stack System, and app downloaded, then it’s time to work. To help you create the training program that is right for you, fill out the questionnaire.

Once the process is complete, the app will recognize your Stack System so that you can begin training. As stated above, there is only one club that can adjust the weights. There are 30 options for weight configurations that can range from 0 to 300g depending on how you set them up. 

The app will then allow you to perform swing speed tests. This will establish a baseline and create an force velocity profile. The app will then provide you with specific programs to increase your speed over the next 6-10 week. This will take between 18-24 training sessions. 

Click here to read more about how to measure club head speeds.


Getting Started With the Stack 

Once you have your training program, it’s time to get to work. The app will show you how many swings to take and what weights to use during each session. The app will also show you how much sleep you need to ensure optimal recovery. 

The app keeps track of your top speeds with all weight configurations so you don’t have to log anything manually. It will also let you know when your personal best has been reached and help celebrate your speed gains. 

Additionally, the app will provide “e-speed” which is an educated guess on your driver speed and distance potential. It will also help you make sure you’re taking plenty of recovery time to get the most out of each session. 

After each session, the app will update your home screen and give you guidance on when to train next. They emphasize recovery a lot in this system so you won’t likely train on back to back days. 

Speed training is safe, but it does take energy and effort. If you aren’t feeling 100% on a day you should train, wait another day until you’re healthy and ready to go. 

Once your training is done, it will give a few weeks off and suggest another program to improve your swing speed. 

Pre-Round Priming Session

While this training program takes place off the course (you can do it at range but you won’t be hitting balls with it) they do have a “priming session” too. This is a quick program that should be used Before competitive events to get your muscles ready to go.

The speed priming session won’t interfere with your program and get you ready for the event. 

Stack App Metrics

Four key metrics allow you to better understand your swing with the app.

First, it is “Stack Speed” which is the radar measurement when configured to represent the inertia of your driver. Next, is “eSpeed” which stands for “equivalent driver speed” and provides an educated guess on how you will swing with the driver.

The distance potential when using standard stack settings is the third metric. Finally, it has a “grit score” which quantifies your tenacity to pursue your long term golf goals. Follow the protocol to achieve a 100% grit score. This will help you improve your driving game.


The Stack Training Programs

The Stack isn’t a one-size fits all speed training program.

Instead, it’s customized to your swing and results. It creates baseline data that can be used to create custom programs after passing the speed tests.

The Foundation program is our most popular. It is composed of 18 sessions and takes approximately six weeks to complete.

Once you’re done with the original program, there are still tons of ways to train your muscles for more speed. Each program below has its own goal, and the training regiment to help you take your swing up a level.

These programs also include:

  • Full speed spectrum
  • Heavy hitter
  • Neural drive
  • Neural overdrive
  • Trail arm enhancer single arm program
  • Lead arm enhancer single arm program

You can also find other creative programs.

The Stack System vs. SuperSpeed Golf 

There are many speed training methods, but I believe the most popular are SuperSpeed Golf or the Stack System. They’re both wildly effective and can help players of all skill levels add speed for more distance. But they’re quite different and one might be suited more for your game than another so let’s review.

First, there is some overlap between the speed training systems. Both use weighted clubheads to increase muscle speed. 

The Stack has five weights, but only one club. This allows the Stack to change the weights as needed. SuperSpeed uses three sticks: light, medium and heavy. Without the ability to change the weights.

The Stack System is dependent on the iOS app for the second reason. It allows you to track your progress, view results and interact with each session. SuperSpeed golf does have an app but only offers online videos for the training process.

Next, the Stack requires that you use a non hitting radar device to track your swing speed. SuperSpeed golf allows you to simply follow the instructions. While you can measure your speed with a radar, it’s not required. 

Both speed training methods can be used outdoors or indoors, and both allow you to use your golf clubs as other training aids. Both systems take 6-10 weeks to see results and both have protocols to help you reach your speed goals.


SuperSpeed Golf vs. The Stack – Which is better?

SuperSpeed golf is easier to learn than regular golf. You don’t need to buy a launch monitor or radar, it’s a lower investment, and you don’t have to use an app to see results. It’s a great way to get into speed training and understand how over speed training works.

The Stack is a better system for advanced golfers who may have used SuperSpeed sticks before. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a higher investment and you need to buy a radar, but it’s worth it. 

The Stack App is a game-changer and will guide through each training session. It makes it easy for you to keep track of your progress, celebrate wins, and follow protocols. It also has a primer session before competing rounds and multiple training programs. 

The SuperSpeed golf is about half the price. Considering you have to buy the Stack plus a radar, it’s a steeper investment but 100% worth it for a committed golfer.

Want to learn more about the SuperSpeed golf system. Click here to see our complete review. 

Trade-In Program

This is something I’ve never seen with any training aid before – a trade-in system. But it’s not trading in an old version of the Stack since it’s a brand-new product. Instead, it’s trading in one of their competitors products!

After placing an order for the Stack you can request them to email you a prepaid shipment label (yes, shipping is free) to send back one of their products. These products are eligible

  • Rypstick
  • Golf Slingshot
  • Three SuperSpeed golf sticks are required

Unfortunately, not all similar devices are permitted, including the Orange WhipLag Shot or Mach 3, or any other tempo training device. Once they receive the shipment they will refund you $100 to the original payment method.

They believe in their product, and this is a great idea. This is only for US customers.

FAQs about Stack System

Do you have any questions about the speed training system? If so, make sure to read our frequently asked questions and answers to see if it’s right for your game.

Does the stack system work?

Yes, it’s a proven speed training system that has worked for tons of tour players and amateurs alike. It helps you to swing faster by strengthening your muscles. You can also track your progress over time in the iOS app, so you can monitor your progress and adjust as necessary.

Not to mention, you can’t plateau with this device as there are tons of training programs available.

This system can you hit golf balls?

No, this program is non-impact. You can’t hit golf balls with this system but can train from anywhere.

Does this only work with Apple devices?

One of the few downsides to this speed training system is that it’s only available with iOS devices. If you prefer a larger screen, you can use the device on an iPhone or iPad. Sorry Android users, they don’t list anything about adding it outside the App Store at this time. 

What is the cost of a stack system?

The Stack is available for purchase through their website, but it costs approximately $350.

But don’t forget, to track your progress and measure your gains, you also need a swing speed radar which costs extra. Depending on which one is purchased, it could cost between $100 and $200+. The Stack app is available only on the IOS app.

Are pros using this system?

Yes, the Stack System works for PGA, LPGA and Korn Ferry players. Matthew Fitzpatrick, one of the most famous players to have used the Stack System and greatly benefited from it, is an example. 

He said that speed training with this method had a significant impact on his game after his win at the 2022 US Open. It worked, evidently, for both pros and amateurs. 

What is Stack Training? 

This program is one of the most effective to improve your clubhead speed and help you play better golf. Developed by golf’s leading biomechanist Dr. Sasho MacKenzie and Marty Jertson, a PING golf engineer, this system has worked for some of the best golfers in the world.

The goal is simple – increase swing speed to hit it longer and shoot lower scores. Watch your swing speed rise like never before by going through the foundation training.

Are there senior and junior versions? 

Currently, there are only two versions of the Stack System – an adult version and junior version. They don’t need a senior version like SuperSpeed swing sticks because they have interchangeable weights. You can add weight with the 30 combinations. The range is from 0 to 300g. 

Senior players can use the adult version. First, they will need to go through the foundation and then adjust the weights.

What happens if I am unable to lose weight?

You can order a new replacement if you lose one of the swing weights.

What is their refund policy

Not only do they have a trade-in policy (which is unlike anything I’ve ever seen as a golf writer), they do have a generous refund policy too. If you aren’t happy, email them within 45 days of delivery to learn more about returning your item. Refunds can be made within 2-10 days of receiving the item.

Final Thoughts on Stack Speed Training System

Learning how to improve your speed is one of the best things that you can do for your game. The Stack is a proven system that can help you do this.

As I mentioned, the Stack is a great system. However, it is a lot more advanced and sophisticated than Super Speed Golf. It’s definitely geared towards golf junkies who love numbers and are committed to their game. If that sounds like you and you’re ready to hit it farther than ever, this system can help.

Just remember, adding speed to your swing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes 6-10 weeks for most programs in the Stack to see results. Sessions are held every other day. But you don’t have to go to the golf course so there’s no excuse to not train. You can them inside, in your backyard, outside, or anywhere that’s convenient. 

Once you start to hit golf balls, I bet you’ll be amazed with the results.

Click here to learn more information about the Stack Systems. 

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