Titleist TSR Fairway Woods Review

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This Titleist TSR fairwaywoods reviews will show you why these are the best clubs for 2023. These fairway woodens impressed me the most after trying Callaway, Cobra, Titleist.

They’re a big change from the previous models in terms of appearance as they look amazing with their sleek all black design. Not to mention they’re long, easy to hit, and have tons of loft options.

Titleist TSR Fairway Woods Review

If you don’t love your driver, you need reliable fairway woods. I’m not sure if there is a better option than the new Titleist TSR woods. They’re great looking, high launching, and have a style for every type of golfer.

The Key Takeaways

  • Titleist offers four fairway-wood options for all types.
  • The TSR fairwaywoods are a great upgrade to TSi woods.
  • The TSR3 has the best adjustability because of the weight track, adjustable hosel, and the adjustable hosel.

Continue reading to find out why these fairway woods are so great for all levels of players.

Modern Design

Titleist made two major changes to the fairway woods of the TSi. First, the updated hosel. They also stated on their website that they had a new hosel. “This new design removes unwanted weight, located high and towards the heel, freeing Titleist engineers to make sizable improvements to multiple areas of performance. A simple change that unlocks impressive rewards.”

You also have a very low, center CG. This weight shifts the weight precisely to create more ball speed. This means more launch and forgiveness.

Surefit Adjustability

Titleist has always been great at making their drivers, woods and hybrids adjustable (unlike other brands). I had a non-adjustable 3W and hybrid in 2022 and hated it – I like having the option to tweak it based on trajectory and ball flight with different shafts. But you don’t have to worry about that with these woods as Titleist offers “Sure Fit Adjustability” with all of their drivers, woods, and hybrids.

Multiple clubhead options


Titleist golf clubs are known for their variety of models. This is something I love about them. Whether you’re a beginner golfer to a Tour pro (or anywhere in between) there is a clubhead that is suited for your swing.

There are four Titleist driver options (TSR1-4), but only three fairway wood options, which is still better than many brands. Heres a quick overview of each type so you can choose the best one for your swing.


This clubhead is their largest and is geared towards higher handicap golfers. The ultra-lightweight design is what makes it a popular choice for many golfers. This makes it easy to generate speed even if you don’t swing it that fast.

Plus, they have a new hosel which shifts the CG lower and deeper so it’s even more forgiving. Its also easy to launch higher. This club also comes with a lightweight shaft (45g), which allows for a high launch.


These woods can be found in 15, 18, 20, 23 degrees. Unfortunately, there is only one shaft option (the MCA MMT Speedmesh), available in regular or stiff flexibility.


The TSR2 is the second model from Titleist, and is designed for mid-handicap golfers. It’s smaller than the TSR1 but bigger than the less forgiving TSR3. It offers more shaft options that the TSR1.

This fairway wooden makes it easy to launch the ball high, optimize ball speed, while still allowing for plenty of forgiveness. It’s a great mix of workability with forgiveness to give you tons of confidence on the tee or the fairway.


The fairway woods include four shaft options, two from Tensei and one from HZRDUS. For an extra fee, you can opt for a premium Graphite Design or Tensei shaft.

A variety of products are also available. 15, 16, 5, 18, and 21Optional degree loft. The 21-degree is a 7 wood and is even used by Tour players!


The TSR3 is the last option. It is the smallest of the three clubheads. This is a “player preferred” club that is built more for workability and shot shaping instead of forgiveness.

This club not only has the adjustable hosel but also features a sliding weight track. As Titleist said, “TSR3 Fairways feature a new, easier to adjust 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System that offers both a wider adjustment range and greater precision. A deeper CG improves accuracy.”


This feature is great for lower handicap golfers as it allows you to adjust it in many different positions. This club makes it easy to hit high, lower, straight, fade, draw, and even low.

This fairway wood is also available in 13.5, 15, 16.5, and 18 degrees. The 13.5 is the best option for players who prefer to hit 3-wood off a tee, while the 16.5 is more like a 4-wood. Its much easier to hit the deck due to the 1.5 degree difference.


FAQs About Titleist Golf Clubs

Are you looking for more information about Titleist golf clubs Continue reading to learn more about Titleist golf clubs.

Is the TSi fairway wood better than the TSR?

The TSi is Titleist’s older model of drivers and fairway woods. They were great but the TSR is a big upgrade. They look great, sound amazing, have a great feel, and they sound great. Not to mention they are “hot” aka long! Here is a review of TSi fairway woods.

Which Titleist fairway wood are you most likely to hit?

The TSR1 fairway wooden from Titleist is the most easy and forgiving. It is the most clubhead-friendly of all three, and it has the easiest to hit shafts. There’s no doubt this is a great club for beginners who want maximum distance and forgiveness.

What is the difference between TSR2+ and TSR2+ fairwaywood?

The TSR2 is a fairway wooden geared toward mid-handicap golfers and available in a variety of loft options. The TSR2+ is the same club but only offered in a 13 degree loft – which is a strong 3-wood.

This club isn’t for the everyday golfer as the loft makes it difficult to hit consistently, especially off the fairway. It does have a slightly higher profile than the TSR2 but is designed to be used off the fairway more than the tee. Low handicap and Tour guys love it as it’s a great option to hit more fairways.

As Titleist said, “With a larger profile, taller face, and a low, deep CG, it plays like a longer, more forgiving, tee-biased 3W. It gives any player yet another way to gain strokes from the tee and fairway.”

What is the difference in the TSR2 fairway wood and the TSR3 fairway?

The TSR2 is slightly larger and designed for golfers with a mid-handicap. The TSR3s head is smaller, has an adjustable weight track and is more work-friendly. The TSR3 is a favorite among Tour and low handicap golfers as well as players who like to shape shots.


My Experience

These woods by Titleist are another winner in a long history of dominating the golf club industry. If you play the Titleist drivers, these are a no-brainer move as they’re long, easy to hit, and high launching. Plus, with three models and tons of shafts to choose from it’s easy to find the right one for your swing.

Final Thoughts

Titleist wants to make the game more enjoyable.

They make it easier to hit difficult shots with their fairway woods, hybrids and long irons. While they aren’t cheap, they are extremely high-quality and great for all types of golfers. To improve your long game and increase your confidence with fairway woods, you need to find the right club head/shaft combination.

>> You can pick up your TSR fairway metal woods here.

Have you tried the Titleist fairway woodens?

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