Unlock Your Ballstriking: The Right Arm in the Golf Swing

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  • Ballstriking is crucial for consistently lower scores in golf.
  • The right arm plays a significant role in superior ballstriking.
  • Mistakes like the "flying right elbow" and over-bending the right arm can harm your ballstriking.
  • Strategies, exercises, and tips are provided to correct these mistakes.
  • Incorporating drills into your practice routine improves right arm action and ballstriking.
  • Self-analyze progress and look for signs of improvement.
  • Learn from the right arm action of top professional golfers.


Ballstriking is the foundation of a successful golf swing. It is the key to consistent, accurate shots that will elevate your game to the next level. And when it comes to ballstriking, the right arm plays a crucial role.

In this article, titled "Unlock Your Ballstriking: The Right Arm in the Golf Swing", I will delve deep into the mechanics of the swing and explain how the right arm can make or break your shot. Drawing from my years of experience as a professional golfer, I will share invaluable insights and techniques that will help you improve your ballstriking and maximize your potential on the course.

But this article isn't just about theory; it's about practical advice that you can implement immediately. From grip adjustments to proper arm extension, I will provide actionable tips that will transform your swing and take your ballstriking to new heights.

So grab your clubs, get ready to unlock the secrets of the right arm in the golf swing, and prepare to elevate your game to new levels of precision and power. Let's dive in!

The Art of Ballstriking

Understanding the art of ballstriking is pivotal for any golfer aiming for consistently lower scores on the golf course. In its simplest form, ballstriking refers to the golfer's ability to consistently hit the golf ball in a desired manner, resulting in optimal trajectories and distances.

What is Ballstriking and why is it important?

Ballstriking is a term used in golf to describe the act of making clean, square contact with the golf ball using the center of the clubface. This essential skill is the cornerstone of the game as it directly influences the trajectory, direction, and distance of the ball flight. Ballstriking requires a perfect blend of power, accuracy, and control. This key aspect of golf is not only significant for achieving excellent shots but also plays a fundamental role in determining the golfer's overall performance. Understanding and working on ballstriking can make the game more enjoyable while significantly improving a player's scores. Golf Monthly, provides a more detailed explanation on the importance of ballstriking for every golfer.

The connection between good ballstriking and consistently lower scores on the golf course

Good ballstriking has a direct correlation with consistently lower scores on the golf course. The ability to control the ball's flight and deliver consistent distances is crucial for navigating the challenging terrain and obstacles presented on a golf course, from bunkers and water hazards to tricky greens. By consistently hitting solid shots, golfers give themselves better opportunities to hit more greens and fairways, leading to more scoring opportunities. Consequently, good ballstriking often translates into fewer shots, lower scores, and an overall more successful round of golf. As emphasized by Wilson Golf, making solid contact and controlling the ball is one of the most powerful tools a golfer can possess as they navigate any course. Their article goes into more depth on the impact of good ballstriking's effect on gameplay.

The Right Arm's Role in Superior Ballstriking

The importance of the right arm in superior ballstriking sometimes flies under the radar when beginners are just learning the basics of golf. However, mastering the right arm action is a crucial element to proficient ballstriking which helps in achieving consistent and successful shots on the golf course.

The Significance of the Right Arm in the Golf Swing

The right arm plays a significant role in the golf swing. It's primarily responsible for generating power and providing stability throughout the swing. The right arm’s alignment and movement can determine the path of the golf swing and ultimately, the direction and distance of the golf ball. Understanding its role and function can significantly enhance any golfer's ability on the green.

How the Action of the Right Arm Affects the Performance of the Clubhead at Impact

The action of the right arm has a direct impact on the performance of the clubhead at contact with the golf ball. The right arm should maintain a certain bend at the elbow throughout the backswing and straighten in the downswing to maximize the clubhead speed. Failing to execute the correct motion and position can result in erratic clubhead path, leading to inaccurate shots. So, the skillful manipulation of the right arm during the swing is essential for superior ballstriking.

The Impact of the Right Arm on the Ball Flight

The behavior of the right arm significantly influences the flight of the ball. For instance, if the right arm is correctly extended at impact, it can help to launch the ball on the desired trajectory. Incorrect right arm movements or positions, on the other hand, can cause the ball to deviate from its intended path, leading to exponentially worse results as the distance increases. Therefore, mastering the right arm's motion throughout the swing can significantly improve ball flight and overall ballstriking. This optimization is paramount for achieving consistency and lowering scores on the golf course.

Common Right Arm Mistakes

In golf, having a good technique is crucial, but even the most experienced players aren't immune to mistakes, especially when it comes to the positioning and movement of the right arm during a swing. There are a few common right arm mistakes that most players tend to make.

The Problem of the "Flying Right Elbow" and How it Harms Your Considered Ballstriking

A common problem many golfers face is the "flying right elbow" during the swing. This issue occurs when the right elbow moves too far away from the body during the backswing, causing a loss of connection and often, a weakening of the swing power. The right elbow is a fundamental part in the kinetic chain of a golf swing, and the flying elbow problem can greatly harm your ballstriking consistency.

The Flaw of Over-Bending the Right Arm During the Backswing

Overbending the right arm during the backswing is another common mistake. This over-bending can negatively influence the club path, often resulting in a poor impact position and inconsistent shot results. reports that maintaining 'the right arm bend' is an essential component for better control and improved ballstriking.

The Issue of Under-Routing or Over-Routing the Right Elbow in Downswing

Lastly, another issue that can affect the efficiency of your golf shots is the under-routing or over-routing of the right elbow in the downswing. The right elbow path during the downswing should be synced with the body rotation and any excessive under or over routing can result in a flawed impact and a loss of power and direction control. Golf Monthly suggests that the elbow should 'slot' in closer to the body during downswing for a more powerful and controlled shot.

By identifying these common right arm mistakes, golfers can target problem areas, work towards correcting them and thereby, improve their overall game.

How to Correct these Right Arm's Mistakes

In our journey to improve our golfing skills, we must ensure that our right arm techniques are refined and highly polished. This will not just help us take our ballstriking art to a higher level but also leave our golfing counterparts awestruck.

In this section, we discuss corrective strategies to amend the striking impairments that usually originate from incorrect right arm action. We will look at ways of eliminating flying right elbow issues, enhancing right arm bending and extension during the swing, and ensuring the right pathway of the elbow during downswing.

Strategies and exercises to correct the "flying right elbow"

The notorious "flying right elbow" can hinder your golf swing performance. It pulls the club off plane during the backswing, causing the downswing to be awkward. It's vital to correct this problem to enhance your ballstriking skills.

Great exercises to correct this issue include upper-arm adduction exercises which work on muscles that pull your arm towards your body. Additionally, the Towel Drill can also help keep your right elbow close to your body during swings.

Techniques to improve the bending and extension of the right arm during the swing

The improper bending and extension of the right arm during the swing is a common mistake that hinders effective clubhead contact. This can cause slices, pulls, or topped shots. One effective way to combat this is through a series of strength and flexibility exercises that train your body to execute efficient right arm bending and extension naturally.

Drills such as the Arm Rotation Drill and Tricep Stretch are a good starting point. These improve arm bend and extension, leading to a more consistent swing. The Right Arm Only Drill specifically helps you understand the role your dominant arm plays in the swing.

Tips to keep the right elbow on the correct pathway during downswing

Ensuring the right elbow stays on its correct pathway during the downswing is crucial. The proper positioning of the right elbow promotes better ballstriking and prevents off-center hits.

One effective tip is practicing the Elbow to Hip Drill, where you deliberately keep your right elbow close to your right hip during the downswing. This encourages a correct rotational move with your body and puts the club on the proper plane for quality contact.

Another powerful strategy is to visualize your right arm as a pendulum hanging down from your shoulder before and during your swing. This guide gives detailed instructions on how to achieve, and maintain the right elbow pathway during downswing.

Incorporating Drills to Improve Right Arm Action

Fine-tuning your right arm action during golf swings requires targeted practice. Thankfully, there are various drills designed to improve this aspect of your swing. Regularly incorporating these drills into your practice routine can significantly strengthen your ballstriking ability.

Best Drills for Maintaining the Correct Right Arm Position throughout the Swing

It's crucial to maintain the right arm's correct position throughout the swing for optimal ballstriking. One effective drill involves swinging with a headcover or towel tucked under your right armpit. This drill encourages your body to maintain a close connection between the right arm and body during the swing. This connection promotes control and accuracy in ballstriking. Another useful drill is the "right-angle drill," which helps ensure ideal right arm flexion during the swing. By practicing to form a right angle between your right forearm and upper arm at the top of your backswing, you can enhance your swing efficiency. For more drills, you can check this list of right arm golf drills compiled by renowned golf professionals.

How Incorporating these Drills into Your Practice Routine Helps Improve Ballstriking

Incorporating drills into your practice routine can significantly improve your ballstriking skills. Through regular and diligent practice of these drills, players can gain better control over their right arm positioning, improve their swing consistency, and enhance their ballstriking accuracy. These gains ultimately contribute to higher performance on the golf course. Drills are an excellent way to rectify persistent errors and ingrain correct swing habits, paving the way for an improved golf game. Sites like GolfDigest provide a plethora of drills and exercises to try, aiding golfers at all skill levels to polish their swing mechanics.


Unlocking the full potential of your ballstriking greatly depends on understanding the role of the right arm in the golf swing. It directly influences the impact of the clubhead, the ball flight, and ultimately, your overall performance on the course. Avoiding common mistakes such as the "flying right elbow" and improper bending or routing is crucial, and with the right exercises, strategies, and drill routines, these can be corrected. Regular self-analysis ensures your progression, with improved right arm action being a clear signal of advancements. Observing the swings of golf royalties provides invaluable lessons to help refine your technique further. Remember, superior ballstriking is a blend of art and the right mechanics – the right arm action just happens to be a substantial component of the complexity and beauty of this game. So grab your clubs, embrace the knowledge relayed, and step onto the green with an enhanced perspective on your right arm’s role in ballstriking. The lower scores you've been dreaming about are just a swing away!

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