What is a Cadet Golf Glove: Is it right for you?

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The vast majority of golfers use a glove to play a round or practice. While most golfers take them off on the greens (some players don’t) the majority of the golf population use them for almost all full swing shots.

I’ve been playing for 20+ years and anytime I see golfers without a glove I always wonder how they’re doing it! Without a golf glove I’d be 4-5 shots worse (or more) from a lack of clubface control. Not to mention they’re so helpful when it comes to playing golf in the rain or hot summer weather.

It is crucial to find the right fit for you golf glove. Otherwise, you risk getting golf blisters and maybe having to take some time off to let them heal.

A cadet golf glove can help you avoid blisters. A cadet glove is a different type of glove than a regular one and may be the right thing for you to play better golf.

Continue reading to find out more about the best size golf glove and what a cadet glove is.

Cadet Golf Glove vs. Regular Golf Gloves vs. Cadet Golf Glove

If you’re like most golfers chances are you’ve accidentally bought the wrong size golf glove before. There’s nothing worse than going to put it on at the range only to notice it’s too small or big. 

But there’s a version of a glove that can help a lot of people and a ton of golfers don’t know about it.

What is it?

A cadet size golf glove.

These gloves are different from regular golf gloves and might be just the right fit for you. A cadet golf glove has two main differences:

  • Shorter finger lengths
  • Gloves with wider palm and back

Sizing of Golf Gloves (Cadet Golf Glove Size).

Now that you know the main difference between a cadet glove vs. regular glove, let’s get into sizing. For male golfers, the common sizes for regular gloves are small, medium, medium large, large, XL, and even 2XL – all based on hand/finger length. The most common sizes for female golfers are small, medium and large.  

However, cadet gloves are slightly different. Cadet size gloves have shorter fingers and a wider palm. There are many options for men: small, medium, large, XL, and large. 

FootJoy, the #1 glove in golf, does not make cadet gloves for women. These are exclusively for male golfers but women can use them too (they just don’t make women’s specific colors and cadet sizes).

Left-handed players are not eligible for cadet gloves. Since such a small population plays left-handed and only 20% or so of all golfers need a cadet glove size, it’s not worth them producing a large quantity. Lefties, please stick with a regular glove for golf! 

How a golf glove should fit 

You might be wondering how a golf gloves should fit. It’s a good question because if it’s the wrong size you might not as well even wear one at all.

A golf glove should fit snugly with some room for your wrist to breathe. You should be able to put a finger from your other hand in there, otherwise it’s too tight. 

You also want to make sure that the fingers don’t have too much freedom either. A good fitting glove should feel like you don’t even have a glove on at all! The glove should have a minimum of space between your fingernail edge and the glove.

If the size is too small to fit in your hand, but not in your fingers then you should opt for the cadet size. You can also check out the FootJoy sizing chart to measure your middle finger and palm width to find the right size. 

FAQs About Golf Gloves (Regular vs. Cadet Golf Gloves)

Do you have any questions about the best gloves for golf? Continue reading to find the most frequently asked questions. 

Which hand do golf gloves fit?

A glove is worn on your non-dominant arm. So if you’re a right-handed golfer, you would wear your glove on your left hand. For left-handed golfers, it is the reverse. 

How can I tell if I have to use a cadet glove for golf?

If you’re at a sporting goods store, test out a cadet golf glove to see how it fits your hands. It is sometimes difficult to measure online because each brand has a different size. But if you can put one on your hand, it’ll be pretty easy to tell if you need a regular golf glove or a cadet glove.

What size is a cadet-size golf glove?

Cadet style gloves are slightly shorter than regular gloves and have a wider palm. This glove is great for golfers with smaller fingers or in between sizes. The cadet size will ensure that you find the perfect fit for you on the green. 

Is a cadet medium larger than a medium?

A cadet medium golf gloves has shorter fingertips than a regular-sized medium glove. It does have a wider hand than a medium-sized glove.

How long does a golf sleeve last?

Whether you’re a cadet style glove or regular golf glove, how long it lasts depends on several factors. You grip, weather, grip type, frequency of practice/playing and many other factors can all affect how long your glove lasts.

Most gloves are good for 6-10 rounds. Some gloves can be washed. Learn how to wash a glove for golf.

Do you need to wear a glove when putting?

I think it’s best to take off your golf glove when you’re on the greens. Feeling the putter grip in your hands and fingers better will help you make better putts.

Of course 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus did keep a glove on when putting he’s one of the few exceptions. Amateur golfers would be well served if they took off their gloves before starting to putt.

Final Thoughts: Cadet Golf Glove vs. Regular Golf Glove

To help you choose the best cadet or regular golf glove, we hope you have a better understanding of the differences. Don’t forget to use a golf glove size chart to better understand cadet golf glove sizes vs. regular gloves to not waste money on ones that don’t fit.

While I couldn’t find any empirical data on using a glove vs. not using a glove, I can say from personal experience they help (a ton). Although there are many different swings and sets, the one thing that all good players have in common is wearing gloves.

A golf glove will help you feel more confident and have better control over your full swing shots. The key is to ensure the glove fits properly. Many golfers will benefit from switching to a smaller cadet size glove. This can help you score lower. 

Do you prefer a normal or cadet-size golf glove? 

Wed love to hear from you in the comments section. Also, make sure to read our best golf gloves article now.

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