Adam Scott among 16 new appointees to PGA Tours Player Advisory Council

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HONOLULU – Adam ScottThere are many opinions about the state of the PGA Tour. He decided that now was the right time to share his opinions on the state of the PGA Tour after two decades of professional golf.

Scott is one of 16 players who were appointed to the Player Advisory Council in 2023. The PGA Tour board and commissioner can consult the PAC on issues affecting them. There are many.

This year is a bridge to achieve radical changes in the future for a PGA Tour facing the greatest challenge in their history from the deep pockets Saudi-backed LIV. Golf.

Scott, the first Masters winner from Australia, was seen as a potential candidate to join LIV Golf because he plays a very limited schedule. He has not expressed interest, but he has been fair in his view of what each league offers.

He stated that he joined PAC at the age of 42 because he was more concerned about the changes ahead for PGA Tour than LIV. Scott believes its best for each league do their own thing.

Scott said Friday at Sony Open, Im more interested what the tour is planning to do with it, not how we are fighting a lawsuit. Because I couldnt care any less about that. Im more curious about what the future looks like for the tour.

And I think it was worth diving in to that, I thought.

Scott said that he was inspired by how Rory McIlroyHe has played a leading role in establishing a new path with his comments and helping to organize a player-only meeting during last Augusts BMW Championship.

Scott stated, I feel like a few other noteworthy players — if you can call me a notable player — could help him move things in the right direction.

He said, Its an essential time for our tour map out the next decade for what playing the PGA Tour strives towards, and what that looks and feels like. Its a time of great change. Its going to take big decisions. They must be the right ones.

The rest of the PAC has not been announced by the tour. After that, players elect a chairman to become a player director on PGA Tours board.

There are smart people running the tour. Scott laughed and said that he wasnt thinking about Jays job. Scott was referring to Jay Monahan as commissioner. But I don’t mind stirring it if it’s necessary to stir the pot in conversation in these kinds of rooms, just so everyone can think more. Sometimes we can be too reactive to situations these days. Its nice sometimes to think a bit further down the line.

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