Onsite betting on its way to the PGA Tour

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SCOTTSDALE Ariz. — The PGA Tour is now offering on-site betting.

Mondays groundbreaking ceremony was held by DraftKings and the PGA Tour at TPC Scottsdale, the site of the WM Phoenix Open. It marked the first time a sportsbook has been located at a tournament venue.

Jay Monahan, PGA Tour Commissioner, stated that its a big deal.

According to Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega it will be 12,000 square feet. It will be located east of TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course which hosts the tournament. It will accommodate 390 people and offer food and beverages year-round.

Monahan stated Monday that five years ago, he had never seen the PGA Tour have a sportsbook at any of its tournament venues. However, the PGA Tour began to see potential opportunities for building physical structures on courses as the sports betting landscape changed.

As we began understanding the opportunities market by market, we realized that this was a market where we could do something very unique. [in], Monahan said. If you asked me, Where do you think that might take place, at some point? This wouldve been the place.

Monahan stated that the TPC Scottsdale sportsbook could be the starting point for the PGA Tour. He said that the TPC Scottsdale sportsbook could be the pilot program for PGA Tour.

He said, We want to ensure that were focused upon, making sure that this works and works well in a way that creates an amazing experience for those that are coming down here, I believe well take these findings here and, as opportunities present themselves to us, well be considering them.

TPC Scottsdales sportsbook is joined by other Arizona sporting venues, including State Farm Stadium and Footprint Center, Chase Field, Chase Field, and Phoenix Raceway.

Construction of the sportsbook began in May. It will include 40 betting kiosks, seven ticket windows, more than 3,400 square feet worth of video walls and screens, and approximately 40 betting kiosks. An outdoor patio will be available with video screens and VIP cabanas.

TPC Scottsdales sportsbook will allow you to place bets on any sport, not just golf. The plans are to have the sportsbook open all year, except for the WM Phoenix Open.

Monahan stated, We know that this will elevate The Peoples Open

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