PGA Tour golfers praise Tiger Woods leadership amid LIV unrest, mum on details of meeting

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The PGA Tours top players wont reveal what they discussed during a conference. MeetingWith Tiger WoodsOn Tuesday night, however, many people insist that they are on the same page regarding what the tour should do in its ongoing fight with LIV Golf.

Woods met with many of top 20 golfers around the world, as well as other influential players, for more than 3 hours at a Wilmington hotel. It is where Woods was hosting the BMW Championship, the second leg to the FedEx Cup playoffs.

I think the best thing about it, which I believe was the purpose of it, was that all the top players of this tour agreed and aligned on where we should go moving forward. That was amazing. Rory McIlroyDuring a Wednesday news conference at Wilmington Country Club.

McIlroy stated any ideas or proposed changes that players might be discussing are not for a public forum and will remain between McIlroys and the executives of the PGA Tour.

Xander SchauffeleSixth-ranked player in world tennis, he described some of the ideas at the meeting as new and fresh.

Schauffele responded to a question about how he wanted to see the battle between LIV Golf Golf and PGA Tour resolved. [Golf is]It is definitely fractured right now. Yes, we are in the middle. It would be nice to see the end in a peaceful manner.

Players said that Woods, a fifteen-time major champion, brought credibility to the discussions.

McIlroy stated, I think it is pretty obvious that whenever we all get into the room, there is an alpha in there and its certainly not me.

Woods and his good friend Rickie FowlerThe meeting was attended by about 20 to 25 players who flew from Florida to Delaware. About 20-25 players attended the meeting, which included Jordan Spieth, Justin ThomasAnd Scottie Scheffler.

Thomas stated, It was productive meeting. Its clear that all the players involved want the best for the tour, and they want whats best for them. Its one of those things that we all want the best for the players and were trying to do that.

Several past major champions, including Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil MickelsonAnd Patrick Reed, were lured to the Saudi Arabian funded LIV Golf circuit with guaranteed contracts valued $100 million to $200 millions.

The Telegraph of London reported last week that the Open Championship winner was announced. Cameron SmithThe No. 2 ranked player in the world, he is set to defect to LIV Golf. The No. 2 ranked player in the world is moving to LIV Golf. Two other players have been linked with the new league. Cameron YoungAnd Joaquin NiemannAccording to ESPN sources, he was present at the players-only meeting Tuesday night.

Woods, 46 years old, only played in the Masters, PGA Championships and The Open At St. Andrews this season. This was his first action since he was severely injured in a car accident in Los Angeles in February 2021. Woods has stated that he will only play in a few events in the future, as his career is winding down.

Woods voice still holds a lot of weight among players like McIlroy and Thomas, who were influenced by him as a child.

McIlroy said, It shows how much he values the players who are coming through and will be the next generation. They cant sell Tiger Woods anymore, whether they like it or not. The tour had a simple job for 20 years. They dont possess Tiger. They have a bunch of us, and all of us are great players, but they dont have Tiger Woods. We are moving into a new era and we need to look at things differently.

Thomas said: I think its important that someone like Thomas is passionate about something. No offense to anyone, but thats what really matters. If he doesnt support something, then one its probably not a great idea in terms of improving the games quality, but two its just going to not work. He must be involved in something.

McIlroy stated that Woods role now is to ensure the PGA Tour is in great shape after his retirement. According to LIV golf CEO Greg NormanWoods declined offers between $700 million-$800 million to join this upstart league.

McIlroy said, He is the hero to which weve all looked up, His voice is more powerful than any other voice in golf. His role is to guide us to the place we believe we should be.

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