Phil Mickelson says feedback from LIV Golf, PGA Tour competitors appreciative over new windfall for sport

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Phil MickelsonHe stated that he has heard from numerous , professional golfers from LIV Golf as well as the PGA Tour, about the current upheavals in the sport, and the changes that have occurred.

The 52-year old said, I think both players on the PGA Tour and LIV are appreciative of the things that are happening. Mickelson said Sports IllustratedInterview published Thursday. Every player is benefiting. … There was no leverage. There were no other options.

Jay Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner, announced last week that the PGA Tours top players were having their annual banquet. Committed to competing in 20 eventsStarting in 2023, 13 events will be elevated with average purses of $20,000,000,

It is a great feeling to know that top players are being listened and that their opinions are valued. And that these events are coming to pass.

Mickelson is not part of this discussion. Mickelson, along with other golfers who made the switch to LIV Golf, had his PGA Tour membership revoked after 30 years. He is one of the many golfers who have been suspended. An antitrust lawsuit was filedAgainst the PGA Tour.

Mickelson stated that his commitment is now with LIV. Weve created some truly unique opportunities and made major changes to the game of golf. And were just getting started.

… … Their contributions to the Tour are being appreciated now. Thats what I love to see happen.

Mickelson stated that he doesnt feel vindicated by the new direction the PGA Tour has taken. He said he discussed the topic with former commissioner Tim Finchem, and then Monahan. Its interesting. Some of the similarities, he said.

Mickelson instead claims that everyone will benefit by the clash between the tours.

Mickelson stated to SI that unless there was leverage, nothing would change. All players should be grateful for what LIV does. LIV players for the opportunity they get. The PGA Tour [golfers]For the leverage that was given to achieve these changes.

I believe that disruption is inevitable with any significant change. LIV is disruptive. Theres no question. I believe that everything will turn out as it should. It may be worth the difficulties we face along the way.

Later, he added that I think we are in a bit more of a grace period before everything works itself out. It will, I believe. These organizations will, I believe, come together in time to find a solution. The upside is enormous, especially on a global level.

The six-time major champion said he hopes to play in the Masters 2023, despite missing the event this past year. Mickelson stated that he doesn’t believe the major championships will stop LIV Golfers from competing.

I believe wholeheartedly, Ill Be at Augusta [in 2023]Mickelson stated to SI. I have the greatest respect for you, Mickelson told SI. [Masters chairman Fred Ridley]and the leaders of majors. To date, theres been no threat. That could change, but I dont deny it. I dont think that this would be beneficial for anyone. I believe they are wise enough to see this and great leaders who can.

Mickelson said: I think they understand that not having many top players in world golf undermines their events. And how it would hurt the game.

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