Rory McIlroy says fight between PGA Tour, LIV Golf has sport ripping itself apart

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Rory McIlroyWednesdays statement by golf said that the sport is ripping itself apart due to tensions between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, which is Saudi-backed.

McIlroy is a 22-time winner of the PGA Tour. He said that the division is to the detriment players on both sides.

McIlroy said Wednesday to reporters at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, I dont desire a fractured sport. I have never done that. Look at other sports, and you will see that the game of Golf is being torn apart.

Its not good for the men on this side of the traditional system or this side of it, and its not good for the men on the other side. Its not good for anyone. There is a time for it. Its not the right time, I think, given where everything is right now.

Even the courtroom is heating up. Multiple golfers challenged bansThey had received other tours recognition for their participation in a LIV event.

McIlroy stated that I have always believed there is a place and a time where everyone involved here should sit together and try and work together. Its difficult for that right now with two lawsuits going.

In Interview with BBCMcIlroy claimed that players who were part of the LIV series brokeaway could help to end tensions between them.

McIlroy stated that I would simply say the ball was in their court. If they are willing to play within the sandbox already created, there is an opportunity for them to come to the table.

Ive probably said some things that are a bit too inflammatory at times but it just comes out of the heart and how badly I hate the game. If we can send rockets to Mars and bring them back, and they land on their own, then I think we can make professional golf more cohesive again.

McIlroy believes that all LIV circuit golfers should be awarded points from the Official World Golf Ranking. McIlroy also feels that the LIV tour is home to many talented golfers.

McIlroy stated that LIV competitors play three rounds (54 holes) at each tournament, while the PGA Tour plays four rounds. He said that compromise is necessary.

McIlroy stated that you cant create your own rules. There are criteria. Everyone knows what they mean. People can pivot to meet the criteria.

I have no problem whatsoever with them receiving ranking points. But you have to meet certain criteria and it will be difficult to justify why you should get them.

LIV Golf and PGA Tour seem unlikely to make peace. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan His opinion on LIV was reiteratedIn an interview with ESPN Wednesday.

Monahan stated that they have followed their path and that they have been consistent in ours. Monahan also said ESPN that he didnt believe the tours could coexist. Havent, and neither do I.

Monahan expressed his confidence that the PGA Tour would outlast LIV Golf.

Any young player today, any child thats going be playing the game going ahead ultimately, is going want to win the largest championships, the most important tournaments and put them in a position and take a path over their golf journey, get to the PGA Tour to… achieve at… the highest level, he stated.

We will continue to grow and get stronger in every area of this spectrum or on that journey.

This report was compiled by Reuters

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