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8 Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men in 2023 [With Sizing Chart]

8 Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men in 2022 [With Sizing Chart]

I’ve played many rounds with a huge Danish guy who is 6 feet 6 inches over the past year. He plays standard-length clubs and it made me wonder if we would be able to play with longer shafts. I asked him for help and asked him to test out the best golf clubs that would suit tall men.

In this post, I will take you through the best golf clubs from a tall golfer’s perspective and explain which shaft length is best for your setup.

You’ll notice that most options are fitted with longer-than-usual golf shafts. However, I have also included standard constructions which my Viking-looking buddy swears to.

Before you move on, I recommend bookmarking our review of telltale signs to determine if your clubs are too long.

Table of Contents

  • Golf Club Sizing Chart: Men Over 6 Feet Tall (Size & Length).
  • Consider these Factors When Buying Golf Clubs for Tall Men
  • 8 Top Golf Clubs For Tall Men
  • FAQ’s

Golf Club Sizing Chart: Men Over 6 Feet Tall (Size & Length).

Height (ft.) Wrist to Floor Measurement
Shaft Length (inches)
6’0” 36” – 36.25” Standard
6’1” – 6’3” 36.5” – 39.5” ½”
6’4” – 6’5” 39.5” – 40” 1”
6’6” – 6’7” 41” – 42” 1½”
> 6’7” >42” 2”

The following table shows you the recommended shaft lengths for golfers above 6 feet. This is just one part of the process. To get a more accurate picture, you will need to measure your wrist from the floor. I will discuss this in the next section.

What is my wrist-to-floor measurement?

The distance between your wrist crease (or wrist) and the floor when your arms are extended at your sides is your wrist-to-floor measurement. Clubfitters use this calculation for determining the length of your shaft based on how your clubface lies at address.

For example, if you are 6’3” and your wrist-to-floor measurement is 38 inches, an extra ½ inch of shaft length will set the angle at 3 degrees upright.

You can get an idea of the ideal game setup by looking at the table. You can’t go wrong with a professional who has the right tools to measure you for a precise measurement.

Consider these Factors When Buying Golf Clubs for Tall Men

Set Composition

Most golf clubs for tall men are sold in complete sets where every club is ½ to 1-inch longer than standard. This expedites the buying process but may not be a good fit for your personal preferences.

If you are looking for specifics, you can look at drivers, fairwaywoods, irons and wedges separately. This way of buying clubs can quickly increase equipment costs.

Shaft Length

When buying golf clubs for taller people, the shaft length is important. Shafts that are longer than the stock standard length are better for golfers over 6′.

For instance, a 6’3” player often swings better with an additional ½ inch. The standard 45-inch driver shaft should be increased to 45.5 inches by the golfer. In addition, a 6’5” player may add an extra inch to every club for optimal results.

Below is a table showing the lengths of each golf clubs for different heights.


Club Standard Length 6’ 6’1” – 6’3” 6’4” – 6’5” 6’6” – 6’7” > 6’7”
Driver 45” 45” 45.5” 46” 46.5” 47”
3-wood 43” 43” 43.5” 44” 44.5” 45”
5-wood 42.5” 42.5” 43” 43.5” 44” 44.5”
7-wood 42” 42” 42.5” 43” 43.5” 44”
9-wood 41.5” 41.5” 42” 42.5” 43” 43.5”


Club Standard Length 6’ 6’1” – 6’3” 6’4” – 6’5” 6’6” – 6’7” > 6’7”
2-Hybrid 41” 41” 41.5” 42” 42.5” 43”
3-Hybrid 40.5” 40.5” 41” 41.5” 42” 42.5”
4-Hybrid 40” 40” 40.5” 41” 41.5” 42”
5-Hybrid 39.5” 39.5” 40” 40.5” 41” 41.5”


Club Standard Length (Steel) 6’ 6’1” – 6’3” 6’4” – 6’5” 6’6” – 6’7” > 6’7”
3 39.5” 39.5” 40” 40.5” 41” 41.5”
4 39” 39” 39.5” 40” 40.5” 41”
5 38.5” 38.5” 39” 39.5” 40” 40.5”
6 38” 38” 38.5” 39” 39.5” 40”
7 37.5” 37.5” 38” 38.5” 39” 39.5”
8 37” 37” 37.5” 38” 38.5” 39”
9 36.5” 36.5” 37” 37.5” 38” 38.5”
PW 36” 36” 36.5” 37” 37.5” 38”
AW 35.75” 35.75” 36.25” 36.75” 37.25 37.75”
SW 35.5” 35.5” 36” 36.5” 37” 37.5”
LW 35.25” 35.25” 35.75” 36.25” 36.75” 37.25”

8 Top Golf Clubs For Tall Men

1. Wilson Profile SGI – Best Overall Golf Set for Tall Men

Top pick

WILSON Golf Profile SGI Men's Complete Golf Set

WILSON Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set

Super Game Improvement technology enhances the golfer’s experience with this large 460cc driver. For improved accuracy and distance, 431 stainless steel irons are deep and perimeter-weighted. They have a very low center of gravity.

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  • Complete golf club set
  • Includes two wedges
  • Long, forgiving clubs that are consistent and easy to use
  • Lightweight bag for carrying
  • Affordable


  • Golf bags have very little storage space
  • There are no long irons

Due to their strength, consistency, forgiveness, and consistency, I recommend the Wilson Profile SGI set as my top recommendation for golf clubs that are suitable for tall men. They are also suitable for tall players over 6 feet.

My test subject was a giant and found it easy to swing the large clubs and produce good clubhead speed on downswing. He also appreciated the forgiving nature of his many off-center hits.

The hybrids, fairway wood, driver and hybrids all feature super game improvement technology that ensures consistent ball speed and spring off of the face. The irons have perimeter weighting that increases the sweet spot for consistent launch on all strikes.

The Profile SGI is different from other complete golf sets. It includes a pitching and sandy wedge that will equip you with the tools to succeed on the dancefloor.

A heel-toe weighted mallet putster provides more leniency on all putts. The set also includes a lightweight bag that makes it easy to carry the golf club set.

2. MacGregor DCT 3000  – Best Budget Golf Club Set for Tall Men

Budget selection

MacGregor Golf DCT3000 Golf Clubs Set

MacGregor Golf DCT3000 Golf Clubs Set

460cc Pure titanium driver with high MOI. This driver offers more forgiveness and a large sweetspot. Stainless steel #3 fairwaywood, #3 and #4 hybrids. 431 stainless steel irons starting at 5-PW For explosive distance, the over-sized head design and perimeter weighting allow for forgiveness across the entire club face. Easy alignment aid and high MOI putter.

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  • Affordable
  • Driver is patient and long-lasting
  • Built for golfers who are taller than 6 feet 1.
  • Top cart bag with 14-way access
  • Straighter strokes are possible with a high MOI putter


  • The set includes a sand-wedge.
  • Some golfers may feel discouraged by the absence of long irons

The MacGregor DCT 3000 is the perfect budget set for taller players looking to cut down on equipment costs. This set, despite its entry-level price tag is an excellent way for golfers over 6’1 to get started in the game.

The set was better represented at my longer end of the game. There was a solid mix of fairway woods, hybrids and fairway woods that made for a very-forgiving driver. I also appreciated the inclusion a 5-iron, which is rare in today’s age of forgiving hybrids.

The 6-iron kicks off mid-irons and runs right down to a pitching club, which is the only chipping tool in the set. It is great for beginners but I recommend that experienced, taller golfers get a set with a gap or sand wedge.

MacGregor’s team also used a MOI (high moment of inertia) putter to make it easy to hit the green. For a superior organization, the clubs are housed inside a sleek, black, and blue cart bag with a fourteen-way top.

3. Tour Edge Bazooka 470  – Most Forgiving Golf Club Set for Tall Men

Tour Edge Golf Bazooka 470 Complete Set

Tour Edge Golf Bazooka Complete Set 470

Set comes with a driver, #3 & #5 fairway woods, 2 hybrids, 6 irons, putter and bag.

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  • They provide maximum forgiveness
  • Sets that are well-structured
  • It comes with a sand wedge that allows for better control of chip shots
  • Affordable
  • Forgiving golf clubs


  • Only the set with graphite shafts comes with a cart bag
  • It does not suit golfers over 6’1”

The Tour Edge Bazooka-470 golf clubs are a step up from the 370 range. They are the best for tall golfers and the most comfortable. They don’t have an extended shaft, but my partner and I found them easy to swing.

However, at 6’5”, he needed to choke down on them to generate any leverage from the top of the swing down. From that perspective, he suggests that 6’1” is your height limit to swing freely with these irons.

It was notable for the equally distributed fairway woods and hybrids as well as irons for a balanced performance on the green. The set includes a driver and 2 fairway woods or hybrids, 4 irons, 2 wedges and a putter.

I like the addition of a sand wedge, which gives me more versatility around the green and out the bunker. The winged mallet putter was a great weight distribution for a stable clubface or a straight putt.

Finally, the Tour Edge Bazooka 470 set of golf clubs is housed in a premium cart bag that has a trolley-friendly base.

4. Strata Complete Set  – Most Complete Golf Set for Tall Men

Strata Men's Complete Golf Club Set

Complete Golf Club Set by Strata Men

This product is engineered for maximum performance and distance. This set includes: Driver, 3 wood, 4 & 5 Hybrid, 6 to 9 Iron, PW & SW, Putter, Stand Bag, 4 Head covers.

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  • A well-designed golf set
  • For walking golfers, a light-weight bag is ideal
  • Forgiving golf clubs
  • Two wedges are included in the set for better short-game control
  • Suits golfers up to 6’1


  • Some golfers may prefer the hybrids to long irons.
  • Distance control risks can arise from the large loft gap between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge.

Callaway Strata Complete offers tall, high handicap golfers a sturdy, forgiving set that is built for those who play the course. This set is my favorite for tall golfers, as it has all the necessary clubs: long, short, and mid.

The lightweight, durable stand bag contains 12 clubs that will help you get from tee-to-green. The longest club is a driver with high speed that propels you to a high-launching shot. To complete your long game, you will need a 3 fairwaywood, followed by 2 hybrids.

A 6 is the longest iron in the set. A 9 is the weakest. The pitching and sand wedge are for short game duties. A precision-milled putter face ensured consistent topspin to allow for maximum distance control on the green.

The Strata Complete set includes a wide range of clubs for high handicappers looking for forgiveness and consistency. Although my Danish test subject found them easy to swing, he advises against these golf clubs if you exceed 6’1”.

5. MacGregor CG3000  – Best Weekend Warrior Set for Taller Male Golfers

MacGregor Golf CG3000 Golf Clubs Set

MacGregor Golf CG3000 Golf Clubs Set

13° high launch titanium matrix driver. Low profile 18° fairway wood and 24° hybrid wood with headcovers. Irons available in 6-7-8-9-PW. Tour mallet putter with perimeter weighing.

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  • This set is extremely affordable
  • Forgiving golf clubs
  • Weak lofted driver launches high
  • It comes with a comfortable, carry-all bag
  • Built for golfers taller than 6’1”


  • Distance gaps exist between the 5-hybrid and 3-wood hybrids
  • The set is missing a sand-wedge

The MacGregor CG3000 provides tall high-handicap players with a set 9 clubs that provide the essential tools needed to play the links. Their affordability, composition, and consistency stood out for my test subject, who felt they worked well for his 6’6” stature.

Distance gaps between the 5-hybrid and 3-wood were a challenge. This will hinder precision for better golfers. Weekend warriors won’t notice the distance gaps.

A positive aspect of this set is its 13-degree lofted driver. It’s easier for beginners with slower swing speeds to launch. This allows you to maintain consistent carry distance, even when striking off-center.

The package contains a 27-degree 6-iron (similar to other sets of golf clubs), and a 39 degree 9-iron (similar to other sets). These irons are loaded with perimeter weighting, which ensures an increased sweet spot for infinite leniency on all hits.

The last and most important gripe of my partner with this set was the absence of a sandwedge. This left him with a 44 degree pitching wedge.

6. Precise M5  – Best Set for Tall Beginners

Precise M5 Golf Club Set for Tall Men

Tall Men Get the Precise Golf Club M5

The right handed set for tall men includes: 460cc driver and #3 wood, 21 hybrid, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, PW stainless irons, putter and deluxe stand bag.

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  • Entry-level price tag
  • The driver creates a controlled trajectory
  • Forgiving irons and hybrids
  • Comfortable carry bag
  • Built for golfers up to 6’6”


  • The set does not contain a sand wedge
  • It is doubtful that the driver and the woods will last.

The Precise set M5 is very affordable, and my Danish buddy thought it was best for high handicappers. He thought they were inexpensive, forgiving and had a fair mixture of woods and irons.

The 10.5-degree driver was better suited for his faster swing speed. This resulted in a neutral flight and optimal distance. He also felt that the loft gaps between driver, 3-wood, and hybrid were fair and did no harm to his distance control.

This set is different from most longer clubs. It includes a 5-iron which is usually substituted with a hybrid to give you more forgiveness on approach. The package also includes a 6- through 9-iron, giving high handicappers all of the short and mid irons they need.

The only problem is the absence of additional wedges, other than the pitching wedge. This is a standard option for complete sets. Precise also offers a lightweight, compact bag that can be used to carry your golf clubs around.

7. Cobra Mens Fly XL  – The Longest Golf Set for Tall Men

Cobra Golf Fly XL Complete Set

Cobra Golf Fly XL Complete Set

The Titanium driver features an oversized shape with heel-biased weighting to allow for longer drives and straighter turns. Fairway-3-wood and Fairway-5-wood have a low profile and a heel-biased weighting to improve accuracy and distance from the fairway. 4-hybrid and 5-hybrid create gapping between fairways, irons for longer approach shots to greens. The 6-PW, SW irons have a traditional cavity-back design and perimeter weighting for effortless launch.

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  • A comprehensive set of golf clubs
  • Produce maximum distance
  • Clubs that are easy to launch
  • The bag is lightweight and portable for walking golfers
  • The set also includes a sand wedge


  • The set is not specifically designed for tall golfers and requires longer shafts.
  • For tall men, the golf set is more expensive than others

The Cobra Men’s Fly XL clubs proved another ideal option for taller golfers, although we needed to get crafty. The standard clubs in the set are built for golfers under 6’1”, which meant we needed to increase the shaft lengths by an inch.

After the switch was made my guineapig got to hitting and produced the longest approach shots and tee shots of all the clubs. The set’s composition provides a balanced mix between short and mid-game clubs, in addition to their distance.

My playing partner was able to find the driver, fairway woodens, and hybrids. They produced precise flight along a mid-to high trajectory. The 6, 7, 8, and 9, irons allowed for a high ball flight and exceptional leniency. They also made it easy to land on approach.

Cobra included a pitching and sand wedge to the mix so you can have a chipping tool for greenside shots. A milled blade putter gives you a smooth feel and a light bag makes it easy to carry your clubs.

8. Wilson Deep Red Tour  – Most Stylish Golf Set for Tall Men

WILSON Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set

WILSON Deep Rouge Tour Complete Golf Set

The 460cc driver’s large sweet spot and aerodynamic design allow for greater head speed and greater distance. For straighter shots, the cavity-back irons made of stainless steel are precision engineered to take longer, more precise shots. The lightweight carry bag has adjustable shoulder straps, a rugged handle top, many pockets, and a self-activating stand. Scoring clubs are very light for better greenside control and shot making.

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  • Stylish design
  • The set includes two wedges
  • Forgiving clubs
  • High launching
  • The irons encourage a soft landing when approaching.


  • Distance gaps in long games
  • Sets are priced higher than other sets of golf clubs

The Wilson Deep Red Tour is a bright and colorful bag that will make your bag stand out. Our trusted Viking raved about the game improvement technology and how consistent the results were. The bag was also easy to carry.

These clubs have a red and black tinge that gives them a stylish, colorful appearance at the address and in their bags. The Dane was unhappy with the distance gaps in long games. These areas give rise to a driver, 3-wood and 5-hybrid.

He was however thrilled when he spoke of the high-launching irons featuring a wide sweetspot. They resulted in consistent carry distance, accuracy, as well as a soft landing when approaching.

Next, he was happy with the wedge set as it included a pitching wedge and sand wedge. This allowed him to cover short game shots, bunker strikes, and delicate chipping. He also appreciated the consistent feedback and roll provided by the blade-style insert on his putter.


Are you able to get longer shafts, or do you need to buy new clubs?

You don’t have to buy new clubs. If your current set is too small for your frame, you can get longer shafts. However, increasing the length of the shaft can increase the flex. This can have an impact on your swing speed and weight as well as the ball strike and launch.

If you choose longer shafts, make sure to test them with a club fitter. This will ensure that the club and shaft are properly aligned to achieve the best result. This can lead to inconsistent launch, erratic strikes, and loss of carry distance.

Is It Harder to Play Golf If You’re Tall?

Yes, playing golf is more difficult if you’re tall. The main reasons are the length of your golf clubs, awkward setup and instability on the downswing. If you are using a standard club golf club, you might have the wrong posture or ball position during setup. This could lead to an inaccurate strike.

Additionally, taller golfers have more opportunity for things to go wrong on their downswing, causing them to miss the target and making it a mishit. The higher center gravity causes taller players to lose balance, which can lead to loss of power, accuracy, and power.

How to tell if your clubs too short

It is easy to determine if your club clubs are too short by measuring your height and the distance between your wrist crease and the floor. Refer to the sizing chart above for a recommendation on the length of your shafts.

You might find your clubs too short if you have a hunched posture at the address and choke on the golf club. It may be difficult to strike consistently clean balls with short clubs, which can lead to inconsistent results.