An Honest Callaway Epic Speed 5 Wood Review [2023 Edition]

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I have the Callaway Epic 5 Wood for almost a year. I have played a whole golf season with the Epic Speed 5 Wood and have no plans to get it out anytime soon.

It took me some time to get used the Callaway Epic Speed 5 wood. I was playing with an old Cleveland Launcher that was pretty bulky, and I didn’t fully trust Epic Speed at first. In this Callaway Epic Speed 5 Wood review, I’ll give you all the information you need to see if this is going to work for you.


Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood Features

I currently only have one fairway wooden in my bag. I rely on this 5 Wood to do a lot for my on the course. Callaways features are very impressive and have met my expectations.

Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades

The Jailbreak A.I. The Jailbreak A.I. takes Velocity Blades to the next level. The crown has more flexibility and therefore more ball speed. Jailbreak uses artificial intelligence in order to help players maximize the distance they can get from this club.

Forward Center of Gravity

The Callaway Epic Speed 5 Woods forward center gravity ensures that players receive a more direct ball flight and lower spin. I notice that the 5 wood gets a tremendous amount of roll; it’s honestly enough that I don’t feel the need to carry a 3 wood.

Flash Face SS21

The Flash Face SS21 Flash Face fairway wood is used in the Callaway Epic Speed fairway wood. Because of the tough yet flexible face, the ball speed is high. Callaway has kept this face in play over the last several years, and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Driver-Like Performance

I find it interesting that the 5 wood goes almost as far with my Callaway Mavrik driver, when I hit good shots. There will be holes on which I will outdrive my playing partners if they use their driver.

The Epic Speed is slightly older than the Callaway Mavrik, and this could explain the phenomenon. The club was designed to be more of a driver than a fairwaywood. I don’t know about you, but driver-like performance from a fairway wood is fine by me.



Callaway Epic 5 Wood Performance

Now that you have a general idea as to what technology you can expect from the Callaway Epic Speed 5 Wood, let’s take a more in-depth look into what this club is actually like on the golf course. As I mentioned, I really like this 5 wood and rely on it now quite a bit, but it wasn’t love at first sight!


Since its initial release, the Callaway Epic Speed 5 Woods pricing has dropped quite a bit. This makes it an easier purchase decision.

Overall, I believe that you are paying a lot for this technology. The shaft is very high-end and has a great feel. The clubhead looks great, and it has a remarkable feel for a fairway wooden. Even if you have to replace more fairway woods, this clubhead could be an affordable option.

If you require a custom shaft, the only problem is that it will be expensive. Callaway is no longer making them custom. This could lead to an additional charge.

Feel & Sound

The Callaway Epic Speed 5 Wood has a wonderful feel and sound. If you miss the center of a clubface, youll get feedback that makes the hit feel thin and the ball fly lower.

However, even when this happens, the feel isn’t harsh. It’s essentially just a bit of vibration, but it can be used to help you succeed and take your game to a higher level.

The sounds are exactly what I would expect of a high-quality fairway wooden like this. It’s not at all ear piercing, but loud enough for a bit of a confidence boost when you hit one pure.


I find Epic Speed to be very slow spin. Lower spin rates allow for more roll and help keep the ball on the fairway. The ball is also more straightened due to the lower spin.

I notice that sometimes I can get a little quick with the 5 wood because it’s shorter than the driver, and I tend to overdo it sometimes. It almost always goes straight if I slow down the pace.


The Callaway Epic Speed 5 wood has some forgiveness built in, but I can’t tell you this is the most forgiving 5 wood I’ve ever played with. You can expect to see a significant difference in distance if you miss one.

On a par 5, when you’re approaching a green that is 210 yards away and you come up short, it may not cause you any issues. That might be a different story if you’re trying to hit over a water hazard though. Just keep in mind that if you don’t hit it in the center, the ball will be short of your target.


The Callaway Epic Speed distance is driver-like from the teebox. I’m very satisfied with how far I can hit this club when hitting from the tee box.

The total distance from the fairway is acceptable as long as the ball is struck in the middle of the clubface.



What I Love About The Callaway Epic speed 5 Wood

The Callaway Epic Speed 5 wood is a good addition for my golf bag. I purchased the Callaway Epic Speed 5 Wood when I was driving the Callaway Mavrik driver some years back.

I’m glad I did.

I can see a distinct difference in the ball speed between the Epic Speeds face and the Mavriks. That’s what we should expect as golf manufacturers put out new releases.

With this 5 wood being so great in the distance category, I’ve also felt no need to add a 3 wood to the bag. Sometimes I wonder if I could hit it further if I upgraded my Epic Speed 3 Wood.

That’s a problem I’ll have to work on.



What I dislike about the Callaway Epic Speed 5 Wood

I don’t have too many complaints about the Callaway Epic Speed 5 Wood. The two main issues that I had with this club were the long adjustment period and the lack in forgiveness.

Unfortunately, the Callaway Epic Speed 5wood is not the most forgiveness-oriented of the 5 woods. If your swing is not all that consistent, expect the golf ball to end up in some places that you probably didn’t expect.

You will also notice a difference in the forgiveness if you are used to playing with a 5 wood that is very forgiving.

I wouldn’t recommend the Callaway Epic Speed 5 wood to someone that has a higher handicap and wants a large sweet spot with tons of forgiveness packed in. The Epic Speed 5 wood is great for those with lower handicaps who hit a lot of approach shots on par 5.


Overall Rating and Thoughts

I hope you have found this information helpful. Overall I’m happy to have this club in the bag, and I will likely keep it for quite some time.

I have tried many new products since I received the Epic Speed 5 wood. I have never had anything better. The Epic actually performed better from a ball speed perspective.

Callaway must have known what they were doing when they called it the Epic Speed. I’d say that is a very good way to describe it.

Overall rating 9.4/10



Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing the game of golf since she was 7. Britt O has been playing golf since she was 7. Britt currently resides with her husband, and two young children in Savannah, GA.

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