Cori Langfords Quest for a Career in Golf and to Make the Game Something for Everyone

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Cori Langfords Quest to a Career in Golf, and to Make the Game Something for Everyone

By Kayla Gutierrez
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Cori Langford, a young girl, would never have thought of picking up a club and playing golf. Now, 10 years later she is on her way to becoming a PGA Professional.
She credits it all to her father.
Langford believes that family is everything. Naomi Langford was raised by Mark and Naomi, her loving parents. She spent most of her childhood in Long Island, New York, where she concentrated a lot of her time on her competitive dance career.
The Langfords later moved to Columbia, South Carolina where they lived at Windermere Golf Club, a small private course. Cori grew-up surrounded with the game, but her dads encouragement was what ultimately inspired her to play.

Langford said that her dad inspired her to play golf. 1 fan, Mario.
“My dad always instilled in me that Langfords are never quitters and you can do whatever you put your mind to, says Cori. He encourages me to take on the challenges even when they get tough and reminds me that he is always there for me. He is my greatest supporter and my number one. He is my biggest supporter and my No. 1 fan. He is honest, understanding, caring deeply about others, and would do anything for me to succeed.
He pushes my limits to do my best every day. I truly would not be the person I am today without my dad.” 
Langford began playing competitively in high schools varsity girls golf team shortly after her father encouraged her to take up the sport. The experience was difficult for Langford, who was the only Black girl on that team.
“I didn’t really look like the other girls on my team and the girls we competed against, recalls Langford. I could tell that I was different on the course, and that was disconcerting for me at times. It was horrible to feel different.
Langford kept her fathers family motto in mind and didnt quit. In fact, she was motivated by the adversity and continued playing at a high level in college.

Langford was a competitor for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in the 2021 PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship.
Her dreams of playing Division I golf became a reality when she was given the opportunity to play at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), a Historically Black College & University in Princess Anne, Maryland. UMES had the perfect combination of a PGA Golf Management University Program with a D-1 women’s team.
Golf is now her whole world. Cori was a participant in the 2021 PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship held at TPC Sawgrass. Cori also attended the 2022 PGA Annual Meeting and serves as treasurer for the UMES PGM Student Association. Cori is currently completing the PGA PGM Programme and paid internships to get her PGA membership. The PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship was her best opportunity to embrace her differences and be a part in something that is dear to her heart.
“It allowed me to meet some of the most humble and inspiring people that I have looked up to since I started playing golf, says Langford. There is a sense that the tournament is part of a larger community, especially for Black players like me. This makes me excited for the future in the business. It is something I cherish deeply.

Langford was inspired by a trip to the 2022 PGA Annual Meeting to be an inspiration to Black junior golfers.
I hope I can inspire the next generation Black junior golfers. I want to show them that there is something for everyone in golf and that there are no limits to the possibilities.

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