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These amazing products can enhance your training methods

By Kayla Gutierrez
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That’s a wrap for the 2023 PGA Show week!
For a PGA Golf Management student like me — who’s seeking a career in golf — it’s always nice to see the sport going in a positive direction. This was a great experience that I will cherish.
Nevertheless, I was able to see a few more products on a final walk through the PGA Show floor. These products could have a significant impact on your seasons scores. Check ‘em out!
Orange Whip
What’s orange, round, and used for golf training? The answer is the Orange Whip Trainer, a fitness training aid that’s long been one of the most popular swing improvement products around.
The Orange Whip Trainer was designed for all golfers and simulates a driver motion. It aids golfers in developing proper swing rhythm, timing and balance. You also get immediate feedback to help improve your swing plane.

Photo by Jon Seifarth
Orange Whip also offers tutorials and drills for at-home exercises geared towards golfers who want to improve their game. The workouts are designed and delivered by highly qualified coaches who offer excellent advice about how to use the Orange Whip Trainer for both practice and training.
Me and My Golf
Me and My Golf products include a variety of training and game-improvement devices such as putting aids and towels, smash bags, nets and many more. 
Each training aid includes exclusive online videos and tutorials. You can use these tips, drills, and insights to help you organize your training and improve. These products are extremely easy to use and can be easily transported.

Photo by Jon Seifarth
Breaking Ball Putting Mataid was my favorite product from the PGA Show. This mat aid has weighted balls that provide slight, medium and heavy break.
There’s nothing worse than being on the driving range and not being able to calculate your stats for each shot. Rapsodo offers a solution to this problem with their mobile launch monitors. 
Rapsodo offers data-driven insights, results and is easy to use. Its compact size and easy compatibility with smartphones make it the ideal product for golfers who want to improve their practice and training.

Photo by Jon Seifarth
The launch monitors come with a protective carrying case, a user guide, and a cable. All at an affordable price. The device provides instant feedback on every swing and includes a video replay, active shot tracer and a data tracker. There is no better way to learn than with a portable and cost-effective launch monitor.

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