How an Epic Match With Tiger Woods Transformed into a Career in Golf

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How an Epic Match with Tiger Woods Changed into a Career in Golf

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA
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The scene: Pumpkin Ridge, Oregon Golf Club, 1996. 
Steve Scott, 19, had Tiger Woods as his partner at the U.S. Amateur, 5-up after morning 18 and 2-up having three holes to play. Woods was looking for his third consecutive U.S. Amateur title, which lights up the golf world with buzz.
Scott did not have any comments. 
Coming down to the wire, however, it was Scott’s famous reminder to Woods on the 34th hole of the final match that would change his life. 
“Hey, Tiger,” Scott said, “you need to move your mark back.” 
Woods had failed to to replace his ball marker to its original position on the 16th green, but Scott’s subtle nudge prevented Woods from losing the hole, the match and the entire championship. 

The scene after Scott asked Tiger move his marks back on Pumpkin Ridges 16th hole.
Almost three decades later, it’s still considered one of the greatest displays of sportsmanship in sports history, and Scott, a multi-year award winner in the Carolinas PGA Section, recently The experience was described in a blog post. He continues to be a PGA Professional and has a positive impact on the game for the members he serves. He is also the founder of Silver Club Golf Society.
Silver Club Golf Society is a traveling club for competitive golfers who want unique golf experiences on some of the most prestigious courses in the game. Scott created the SCGS in 2019 to fulfill his vision. It’s intent was to promote camaraderie and competition among a membership of single-digit handicap golfers who love the game, love to travel and appreciate the great destinations they visit at each event. 

Steve Scott at Florida’s Streamsong Resort along with Silver Club Golfing Society Members
With Scott’s mission intact to this day, his role is to build the club’s membership and run the tournaments. He has a small group of people who help him make it all happen and create the unforgettable experiences that his 230 SCGS members wanted when they joined.
“Silver Club Golfing Society members are part of a community that helps them blend their competitive spirit with the rich history and traditions of golf,” says Scott. “Silver Club’s growth is fueled by a commitment to build exceptional tournaments for our members who share a passion for competitive golf.”
Scott has held several PGA Head Professional positions before joining the Silver Club Golfing Society. He has inspired many to develop their skills and find more enjoyment in playing golf, the definition of “growing the game.” 
As a footnote to his primary role with the SCGS, Scott finds further enjoyment in golf as a commentator for Golf Channel’s PGA Professional Championship coverage and for PGA Tour Live, as well as a podcast host and the PGA Director of Instruction for Golfweek. 

Steve Scott with Silver Club Golfing Society Members at Ballyneal
There are many exciting and fun careers in the golf industry. You can work in golf as a job, or pursue it as a career with the PGA Golf Management University Program, or the PGM Associate Program. There are many options beyond the traditional greengrass assistant professional, head professional, or teaching professional roles. 
PGA Professional Steve Scott represents the best of the golf business. 

No matter what path you choose, there is a wealth of information at the PGA of America about how to become a PGA Member, work in the game, and understand the many possibilities. Visit more information, contact us today

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