Level Up Your On-Course Style With Three Cool Golf Brands

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Three cool golf brands will elevate your on-course style

By Kayla Gutierrez
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There’s something about some golf brands that make golfers like me geek out. 
I had the chance to try several different brands of golf accessories at the 2023 PGA Show on Day 2. These are some of the products that caught my interest: from headcovers to unique golf bags, and even golf hats.

PRG Accessories

Who doesn’t love custom golf accessories? Why buy generic accessories when you can make your own? PRG Accessories is the answer. They are a fast-growing company that offers customizing options for golf accessories.
PRG offers many options for custom golf headcovers, towels and bag tags. PRG can design the perfect accessory for your golf game, whether its a logo or a team sport. 

Some of PRG Golf’s fan-favorite creations. (Photo by Jon Seifarth
PRG has an increasing number of licensees, which means that the style options are endless. They are affordable and durable. I’m definitely getting my hands on a new set of custom headcovers this year!

Sunday Golf

A golf brand made “Fore the Weekend,” Sunday Golf is a cutting-edge and developing company creating attractive golf bags that cater to the golfer looking for a smaller, minimalistic bag  — filling a void in the market that’s been missing. Sunday Golf is a solid choice for anyone looking to play a quick nine-hole or 18-hole round or to have a few clubs to tackle par 3s, and its easy to use. 

Kayla Gutierrez (photo by Jon Seifarth) with Ronan Galvin, Sunday golf co-founder, and other Sunday golf staff. (Photo by Jon Seifarth
The bags have many features. The bag features a double-strap design and multiple pockets. The company also offers “Big Frosty” coolers, hats, and golf towels, and all Sunday Golf products are original, in-house designs that are sure to upgrade your golf game swag.

Palm Golf

Whether it’s a birdie or a double-bogey, always remember to #swingandsmile. 
That’s Palm Golf motto, and after visiting them at the PGA Show, it’s obvious their products are sure to keep golfers smiling on and off the course. Palm Golf offers a wide range of fashionable and fashionable accessories for golf, including apparel, hats gloves, gloves, and head covers. 

Palm Golf has fun hats. (Photo by Jon Seifarth
Their best product is the golf glove. It features a unique style on the velcro patch, between the fingers, and several designs to fit a variety of styles. After speaking with Joe Ciafardoni, Dustin Ghaul and Justin Junior, Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Palm Golf, the company is looking to change the dynamic surrounding the game and create products that are stylish but also don’t sacrifice on quality.
Their mission is to make golfers love their products and make a difference in the game. High-quality, performance-ready technology pairs with a comfortable fit that incorporates fun styles in all Palm Golf products, so if you’re looking for something lively to add to your golf bag this season, Palm Golf may be it.

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