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The Forward Press Golf Swing: Pros, Cons, and When to Use

The Forward Press Golf Swing: Pros, Cons, and When to Use

Late golf legend Sam Snead mentioned {that a} swing is all about rhythm and if you happen to can obtain that, you possibly can turn out to be participant. He believed that the ahead press golf swing had a optimistic impression on our swing arc as a result of it delivers a constant angle of assault.

On this information, I’ll take you thru the professionals and cons of the ahead press and clarify when you must make use of it in your sport.

You probably have tried the Ahead Press, and it didn’t work out, study extra concerning the inside-out or flat golf swings.


Desk of Contents

  • What’s The Ahead Press Golf Swing?
  • Professionals of The Ahead Press Golf Swing
  • Cons of The Ahead Press Golf Swing
  • When It Usually Makes The Most Sense to Use This Swing

What’s The Ahead Press Golf Swing?

Mark Crossfield describes a ahead press golf swing as establishing, pushing the membership deal with in direction of your entrance foot, and swinging. This setup reduces the loft of your membership and encourages you to strike the ball with a barely closed, aiming to optimize your distance and form.


Whereas that sounds phenomenal, it requires exact mechanics, motion of the wrists, and tempo. With out these components, it’s possible you’ll battle to get the membership shaft aiming alongside the goal line when it’s parallel to the bottom. That creates an open clubface at impression and lots of sliced pictures.


Professionals of The Ahead Press Golf Swing


Based on Sam Snead, slightly rhythm will assist you hit stunning golf pictures. He discovered that the ahead press setup helped set off all types of smoothness in your backswing and downswing. Attaining this fluidity in your swing will alleviate any nerves or nervousness you will have earlier than every shot.

Ball Placing

When you can obtain a rhythmic golf swing, you’ll get pleasure from much better management of the membership, enabling you to information it to the correct impression place. By that, I imply getting it sq. if you happen to intend to hit a straight shot or barely closed for minimal draw.

Constantly getting your clubface into the right place ends in cleaner strikes, accelerated ball pace, and a managed flight. It additionally retains your ball on the goal line for superior accuracy.


Urgent your arms forward of the golf ball reduces the loft of your golf membership, selling much less spin and a decrease launch. That’s very best for gamers who generate extra spin on every strike. In addition to those that play within the gale-force wind. 

Moreover, it’s useful to setup this fashion in case you are enjoying a punch shot and want to maintain the ball beneath the tree branches at your native golf course.

Plus, if you wish to maintain a brief sport shot low to run the ball as much as the opening, you possibly can scale back the loft of your wedges by using the ahead press swing.


By lowering the loft of your membership, you scale back spin rpm that can assist you maximize your distance. The decrease launch implies that when your ball lands, it stands extra likelihood of rolling additional than a better lofted, spinning membership.

Shot Form

Hitting a minor draw has the tendency to enhance our management over our golf ball. Understanding how your ball will fly allows you to compensate for the form and repeat your setup. That gives optimum consistency on each shot.

The ahead press setup helps you begin your membership on a path that can maintain the face closed at impression to immediate a draw.


Cons of The Ahead Press Golf Swing

Wrist Motion

Whereas the professionals of this swing are useful, all of them disintegrate when you don’t pay cautious consideration to the motion of the arms. If you don’t alter your wrists in your downswing, your clubface will stay open by impression, prompting facet spin that causes a slice

To stop that from occurring, you’ll want to thrust your proper wrist ahead on the downswing to carry the clubface again to the place it was at deal with. Failure to do that results in inconsistent ball hanging and inaccurate outcomes.

Conversely, if you happen to rotate your wrists excessively, it’s possible you’ll shut the clubface greater than mandatory and hook your strike.


A lot ahead press could cause a golfer to really feel awkward, inflicting them to regulate their posture and alter the membership path. 

Typically gamers really feel like they’ll’t sq. the face up at impression. So, as an alternative of repositioning their wrists and rotating the shoulders and hips, the again out of the shot. That causes them to return up on the ball earlier than impression and hit fats pictures.


The ahead press drill could cause amateurs to slice pictures due to an open clubface at impression. If you don’t get your wrists and arms working to carry the membership on aircraft, the clubface could keep open by impression.


When It Usually Makes The Most Sense to Use This Swing

Punch Pictures

As amateurs, we spend much less time on the green than we wish, which is why you must spend your observe periods conducting shot restoration drills. One possibility is the punch shot, which saves me each spherical. When you find yourself within the woods and want a low flying ball to keep away from the treetops, a ahead press swing can assist you get out.

Closing your clubface and lowering the loft will generate a low flying stroke to maintain your ball out of bother. 

The punch shot can be useful to play in windy circumstances, the place excessive flying balls get held up, inflicting a lack of distance. As skilled by Ping Tour Participant Louis Oosthuizen rising up.

Additional Membership

If you’re able the place you don’t have adequate membership, you possibly can make use of the ahead press swing that can assist you scale back the spin and enhance roll. The fantastic thing about this method is that you simply get pleasure from further roll due to a scarcity of spin. The draw back is that you don’t produce adequate shot-stopping energy on method pictures.

Take a observe swing or two earlier than executing as a result of this setup could cause you to lose your rhythm, chunk your pictures and take big divots out of the greenkeeper’s arduous work.

Draw Form

The ultimate state of affairs the place the ahead press golf swing is useful is to hit a draw. In case your hand place lies forward of the ball earlier than takeaway, it helps you register the place the clubface ought to be at impression. When you execute the aircraft accurately and shut the face, you’ll induce a managed draw.