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The Top Four Reasons Golf is So Much Fun

By Ryan Adams, PGA
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It’s Valentines Day, so this feels like the perfect opportunity to recognize why we love the game of golf.
Based on the thousands of conversations our team has had out on the course, range, and lesson tee, plus the golf shop and 19th hole, we thought it’d be fun to list four reasons why we all love a game that can be both so frustrating and satisfying at the same exact time.
1. Its outside!

Fresh air, beautiful backdrops, grass under your feet — all pretty hard to beat. You can tee it up at sunrise, sunset or somewhere in between and still get a dose of outside time that’s energizing and, sometimes, even pretty fun!
2. The ups, downs, and why we keep coming back

The game is only you and the ball. Golf is like no other sport. . . Its that one sweet spot or putt that makes it all worthwhile, and reminds everyone why they love the game.
3. Life lessons are a constant source

Jack Nicklaus assists a PGA HOPE Veteran during the Jack Nicklaus PGA HOPE Veterans Lessons at the Bear’s Club on November 29, 2021 in Jupiter, FL. (Photo by Hailey Garrett/PGA of America
Honesty, integrity, patience, confidence, respect — the lessons golf can teach and values it can instill in one person go on and on. The more you’re on the course, the more you’ll learn and, eventually, share with other golfers who might need a pointer or two.
4. You can share it with your family, friends, or people from all over the globe!

There’s nothing like a round with those you love: siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, or maybe friends you’ve had forever. Golf has the uncanny ability connect people from all over the world on a teebox, resulting in new friendships and partners.
What’s one thing you love about golf? Get in touch:

In honor of Valentines Day — Whats one thing that you ❤️ about golf?

— PGA of America (@PGA) February 14, 2023

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