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Why a Strong Left Hand Golf Grip Can Be Bad (& How to Fix It)

Why a Strong Left Hand Golf Grip Can Be Bad (& How to Fix It)

Are you continuously hitting a snap hook off the tee? 

Do your iron pictures miss to the left additionally? 

In that case, chances are you’ll be struggling the consequences of a left hand golf grip that’s too robust.

In case your left hand is gripping the golf membership too robust, it may trigger points along with your golf sport. Study extra about what causes this drawback and the best way to repair it. Having a great grip is crucial if you wish to enhance as a golfer.


Desk of Contents

  • What’s a Robust Left Handed Golf Grip?
  • How a Robust Left Hand Grip Will be Problematic
  • The best way to Repair It

What’s a Robust Left Handed Golf Grip?

There may be a straightforward technique to inform when you’ve got a powerful left handed golf grip. Take your regular grip on the golf membership and line up like you might be about to take a full golf swing. Whereas within the deal with place, depend what number of knuckles you may see in your left hand.

For those who can see three knuckles or extra in your left hand, you may have a powerful left hand golf grip. Newbie golfers are sometimes taught by golf instructors to make use of a powerful left hand grip with the hopes that it’s going to assist them keep away from a slice. To make a powerful left-hand grip work, the golfer should use a ton of physique rotation.


How a Robust Left Hand Grip Will be Problematic

Although there are a number of professional golfers on the PGA Tour that use a powerful left hand grip, it gained’t work properly for almost all of newbie golfers. Right here is why a powerful left hand grip may be problematic.

1. It Can Trigger Golfers to Hook the Golf Ball

In all probability the commonest drawback of utilizing a left hand grip that’s too robust is hooking the ball. Why does this occur?

When a robust grip is used, the left wrist typically snaps the clubface shut simply earlier than making contact with the golf ball. This causes the ball to go left more often than not and ends in inaccurate pictures and plenty of frustration.

2. Decrease Ball Flight

Golfers preferring stronger grips typically hit the ball a lot decrease than people who use a impartial grip or a weak grip. This occurs as a result of a powerful grip delofts the golf membership, which naturally causes a a lot decrease ball flight.

A decrease ball flight could not sound like that huge of a deal, particularly when speaking in regards to the bigger golf golf equipment like the motive force and fairway woods. Nonetheless, a decrease ball flight can impede a golfer’s skill to hit correct iron pictures. That is very true with the wedge pictures which are near the inexperienced.

3. Quick Recreation Issues

One other large drawback {that a} robust golf grip may cause has to do with the golfer’s quick sport. Many golfers who use a powerful left hand grip have a tough time hitting correct chip and pitch pictures. It’s powerful to generate sufficient spin on all quick sport pictures when utilizing a powerful grip.

As with a full golf swing, the wrist place with a powerful grip delofts the membership. This makes it tough to hit any sort of excessive chip shot. A robust grip additionally makes the clubface tougher to regulate which could be very detrimental to the quick sport.


The best way to Repair It

If you’re hitting the golf ball simply high quality with a powerful left hand grip and capturing low scores, don’t mess with what you might be doing. There isn’t a purpose to repair one thing that’s working properly for you. 

Nonetheless, for those who’re preventing a hook, hitting the ball too low, or struggling along with your chipping, right here’s the best way to repair your grip.

1. Put the Left-Hand Knuckles in Impartial Place

As an alternative of getting three or extra knuckles on the left hand seen at deal with, strive weakening your grip barely in order that solely two knuckles may be seen. For those who can see two to 2 and a half knuckles at deal with, it is a impartial left-hand grip, which is our purpose.

With a powerful left hand grip, you gained’t be capable to see your left thumb as a result of it’s tucked on the opposite facet of the shaft. Nonetheless, with a impartial left-hand grip, you must be capable to see your left thumb.

2. Use the Right Proper-Hand Grip

As an alternative of seeing no knuckles on the best hand like with a powerful grip, you must see one or one and a half knuckles when transferring to a impartial grip. This can make it a lot simpler to make use of both an interlocking grip or an overlap grip model.

3. Test the V’s

When engaged on a grip change, it’s vitally essential to verify which means your V’s are pointing. Undecided what we imply by V’s?

When gripping the golf membership, every index finger and thumb kind a V form. In case your arms are in a really impartial place, the V of each arms will level at your proper shoulder.

4. Apply, Apply, PRACTICE!

Present process a grip change is an amazing problem, particularly when you’ve got been utilizing the identical sort of grip for years. The easiest way to get snug with a brand new grip is to spend extra time on the driving vary.

PGA Tour legends like Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods all went via grip modifications at numerous factors of their illustrious careers. You’ll be able to guess they every spent numerous hours on the observe vary whereas getting used to their new grip.