10 Golf Gifts for Teenagers: Gifts for Under $50, $35, $20

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Looking for the perfect golf gift for a teenager? Check out our comprehensive guide featuring 10 golf gifts for teenagers under $50, $35, and $20. From quality golf club sets, practical accessories, and training equipment, to fashionable clothing, books, and personalized golf balls, we've got you covered. We'll also provide tips on factors to consider when buying golf gifts for teens and how to encourage them to get into golf. In addition, we'll highlight top golf brands and where to buy affordable and quality golf gifts for teens. Get ready to find the perfect gift for the young golfer in your life!


Golf Gifts for Teenagers can be the perfect solution to inspire your young ones towards this elegant sport, without breaking your budget. As a retired professional golfer, I understand that finding affordable, yet quality golf items intended for teenagers can be a little daunting. That's precisely why I’ve created this article "10 Golf Gifts for Teenagers: Gifts for Under $50, $35, $20". No need to scroll through endless online options, as we’ve done the hard work for you! Let's shed light on that perfect golf gift that won't cost an arm and a leg, yet still stokes that spark in our younger golf generation. After all, encouraging the golf enthusiasts of tomorrow begins with the right gear today. Dive in to discover something extraordinary yet affordable, and get ready to watch a young golfer's eyes light up.

List of Golf Gifts for Teenagers Under $50

If you are on a budget but want to encourage your passionate golf teenager, there are several golf gifts you can get for under $50. Below are some affordable yet quality golf gift ideas that will be perfect for a teen golf enthusiast.

Quality Golf Club Sets for Teenagers

Golf club sets are an excellent choice for teenagers starting to take golf seriously. The precise dollar amount you are willing to spend will often dictate the type of set you can get. Quality golf club sets such as the Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set is a budget-friendly option containing all the basic gear necessary for a good start in golf.

Practical Golf Accessories

Besides golf club sets, practical golf accessories are another great gift idea. Items like golf gloves, golf hats, and golf towels are practical yet affordable. The Nike Dura Feel VIII Golf Glove is a great option under $50 providing superb grip and durability.

Golf Training Equipment

Lastly, for under $50, consider golf training equipment that can help them enhance their skills. Training aids like putting mats, grip trainers, and practice balls are an ideal choice. The Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green is an affordable indoor practice tool they use to hone their putting skills.

Investing in these quality yet affordable golf gifts can inspire your teenager to pursue their golf dreams without going over budget.

Golf Gifts for Teenagers Under $35

If you're looking to spend a little less, there are plenty of great golf gifts for teenagers under $35. These are perfect for those who are just starting to get into the sport and want to incorporate some golf-themed items into their daily routines.

Fashionable Golf Clothing for Teens

A stylish and practical golf outfit can never go wrong as a gift for teenagers. Brands like Adidas and Nike offer fashionable golf clothes for teens which are not only comfortable but also provide the necessary flexibility for playing golf. Golf polos, pullovers, and caps can make them look professional while practicing their swing.

Books and Magazines about Golf

Books and magazines about Golf can be a great source of knowledge, motivation, and inspiration for a teenager interested in the sport. Books like “The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever” and “A Course Called Scotland” provide valuable insights into the world of Golf. On the other hand, subscribing them to magazines like Golf Digest can keep them up to date with the latest trends, tips, and tricks in golf.

Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls make a unique and thoughtful gift. The customization aspect provided by companies like can make the present even more special, considering the recipient's personal taste. You can have their name, initials, or even a favorite quote imprinted on a set of golf balls, which they can proudly display or use in their practice. Those tiny customizations can make an enormous difference in creating a close attachment to the sport.

Affordable Golf Gifts for Teenagers Under $20

For those on a tighter budget, selecting a thoughtful gift for the golf-obsessed teenager in your life does not require breaking the bank. With clever and creative choices, you can give them something that aligns with their love for golf for under $20. Let's discuss some inexpensive but valuable options.

Golf-Themed Room Decor

A teenager's room is their sanctuary, so why not gift them with golf-themed decor to help showcase their interest in the sport? Think wall posters featuring their favourite golfing icons, or perhaps a cool golf-themed clock. Websites like Etsy showcase a wide range of quirky and unique golf-themed decor items from around the world. Whichever piece you pick, this decorative gift will surely add a distinct golf-inspired charm to their room.

Fun Golf Trinkets and Memorabilia

Another fun and economical gift idea is golf-themed trinkets and memorabilia. Portable mini golf sets, keychains, badges, or fridge magnets featuring famous golf courses and players can easily fit in the under $20 budget. These trinkets serve as a fun and constant reminder of their love for the sport. Check out websites like Amazon that offer an array of such trinkets within an affordable range.

Golf Puzzle and Board Games

Last but not least, don't overlook golf puzzles and board games. These can serve as an entertaining way for the recipient to stay engaged with their favorite sport, even when they're not playing it. From puzzles featuring renowned golf courses to golf-themed board games, there is an array of options available these days. Games like Table Golf, Mini Golf King, and golf-themed jigsaw puzzles can be an exciting gift under $20. This is a gift that would certainly give them hours of joy and challenge their strategic skills. More such games can be found on sites like Walmart.

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Gifts for Teens

When it comes to choosing golf gifts for teens, several factors need to be considered. You need to ensure that the gift is not only appropriate and enjoyable, but it adds value to their golf experience. These considerations also help maximize the chances of the gift being appreciated and utilized rather than sitting untouched.

Interest Level in Golf

Firstly, understanding the teenager's interest level in golf is crucial. Not all teens are equally passionate about this sport. Assessing their interest can be judged from their overall enthusiasm towards golf, frequency of play, or conversations about golf they initiate. For instance, if a teen is extremely passionate about golf, they would appreciate more specialized items like pro-level golf balls or a biography of a top golfer.

Golf Skill Level

Another key aspect to keep in mind is the teenager’s skill level in golf. It wouldn’t be suitable to gift a beginner the same gift as an advanced player. Beginners would appreciate gifts that are meant to improve their skills, like a swing trainer. On the other hand, an experienced golfer might enjoy a more advanced tool or a high-end piece of gear that matches their skill level.

Gift's Utility

Finally, consider the utility of the gift. It is important to choose a gift that is practical and can be properly used by the teen. For instance, if they already have a golf club set, gifting them another could be redundant. Instead, think about what they might need like a golf accessory set or a high-quality golf glove that can aid in their game. The aim should always be to choose a gift that will actually be used and adds value to their golfing experience. Each gift should serve a purpose in helping the teen improve their golf game or show off their love for the sport.

How to Encourage Teens to Get into Golf

Getting teens interested in golf can be a rewarding endeavor. By providing them with the necessary resources and motivation, they may pick up a new hobby that can help with their personal growth and development. Here, we will discuss some strategies such as providing access to golf tutorials, organizing golf outings, and sharing inspiring golf stories as a means of getting teenagers engaged in the sport.

Providing Access to Golf Tutorials

Incorporating golf tutorials into a teenager's learning process can help them understand the fundamentals of the game more readily. There are various online platforms that offer these lessons for free or at a low cost. For example, The Golf Channel provides a variety of video tutorial series suitable for beginners. These can be a great resource to get started with learning the basics of golf, understanding the rules, stance techniques, swing mechanics, and more.

Organizing Fun Golf Outings

Another effective way to encourage teens to get into golf is by taking them on golf outings. Organizing trips to local golf courses or even mini-golf venues can make the learning process more enjoyable. Participating in a real game allows teens to apply the knowledge they have learned from tutorials, fostering an appreciation for the sport. Visit GOLFNOW to find golf courses nearby and start planning your next trip.

Sharing Inspiring Golf Stories

Sharing uplifting and inspiring golf stories can motivate teens to take an interest in the sport. Whether we talk about accomplished athletes such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, or the young sensation Collin Morikawa, their journey can motivate young golf enthusiasts. Books like "A Life Well Played: My Stories" by Arnold Palmer, consist of personal anecdotes and inspiring stories that can help ignite a passion for golf in teens.


Deciphering the perfect golf gift for teenagers doesn't have to break the bank. With a wealth of choices under $50, $35, and even $20, captivating the interests of budding golf enthusiasts is more affordable than you think. From a full spectrum of practical gifts like quality golf club sets, fashionable clothing, golf-themed room decor to fun trinkets and board games, there's something to inspire and elevate their golf journey. When selecting the present, bear in mind their interest and skill level in golf, as well as the gift's utility. Nurture their passion by offering access to golf tutorials, organizing fun golf outings, and sharing inspiring golf stories. And finally, don’t forget that trusty golf brands offer teen-friendly options, with both local stores and online platforms providing economic alternatives. With these tips, finding an affordable yet appealing golf gift for the teenager in your life is just a swing away! Stay tuned for more golf-related content and happy gifting!

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