6 Different Types of Putter Grips: Which is Best for You?

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  • Understanding the importance of a correct putter grip is essential for improving your putting game.
  • Features to consider when choosing a putter grip include material, size, texture, and shape.
  • The classic choice, the pistol grip, offers a traditional feel and control but may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Oversized putter grips provide increased control and stability.
  • Paddle grips offer comfort and conservative styling.
  • Midsize grips provide a balanced option for players.
  • Specialty grips offer unique choices for individual preferences.
  • To choose the right putter grip, evaluate your putting style and experiment with different grips to find the perfect fit.

Types of Putter Grips


Choosing the right putter grip is crucial for any golfer looking to improve their game. With so many different options available, it can be overwhelming to find the grip that best suits your needs. That's why I've put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of putter grips and find the perfect fit for you.

In this article, we'll explore six different types of putter grips, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. From traditional pistol grips to oversized options and everything in between, you'll learn about the pros and cons of each style, as well as who they are best suited for.

As a retired professional golfer with years of experience and countless hours spent on the green, I've had the opportunity to test out numerous putter grips and understand the impact they can have on your game. So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and let's dive into the world of putter grips together. Trust me, by the end of this article, you'll be well-equipped to make an informed decision and elevate your putting game to the next level.

Understanding Putter Grips: A Quick Overview

Golf putter grips are an essential element in a golfer's gear that can have a major impact on their game. Having the correct putter grip can ensure better control over shots and steady swing, improving overall performance on the golf course. The right grip can also reduce the chances of hand fatigue and enhance the feel of the putt.

The Importance of a Correct Putter Grip

A correct putter grip contributes greatly to the execution of a successful putt. The wrong grip can potentially lead to a poor stroke, thereby affecting the ball's roll and ultimately, the entire game. A correct grip ensures a consistent and smooth stroke. It keeps the hands in line with the putter head, thereby preventing the wrists from manipulating the putt. In short, a good grip transforms the player's hand pressure into a steady, controlled stroke for an accurate putt.

Features to Consider When Choosing Putter Grips

Selecting the right putter grip involves consideration of several features. Grip size is one of the most important factors- an oversized grip can offer better control, while a smaller grip might be better for precision shots. The material of the grip is another key aspect. Some players prefer the smooth feel of rubber grips, while others may find synthetic materials more durable and comfortable. Additionally, the shape of the grip (round, flat, or semi-pistol) determines the orientation of hands, affecting the execution of the stroke.

When choosing putter grips, one must ensure the grip fits well in the hands, is comfortable, and most importantly, enhances overall putting performance. Putter grip installation are available at golf specialty shops, or through professional fitters, who can help golfers select a grip that best suits their playing style. Moreover, putters and grips from reputable brands like TaylorMade are reliable choices for consistently exceptional performance.

Knowing the importance and features to consider when choosing golf putter grips can greatly enhance a golfer's performance. Thus, selecting the correct putter grip is as crucial as choosing the right putter.

The Pistol Grip: A Classic Choice

The pistol grip harkens back to traditional golf. Often appreciated for its unique design, it brings a sense of familiarity and comfort that other modern grip styles may not provide. As an all-time favorite of professional golfers, this type of grip stands the test of time and continues to leave its mark on the sport. Valuable Golf World explores the ubiquity of pistol grips and their significance.

What Makes Pistol Grips Stand Out

Pistol grips differ greatly from other putter grips as they have an oblong shape that tapers towards the end, much like the handle of a pistol, hence the name. This unique shape keeps the wrists firmly positioned while putting, reducing movement and promoting accuracy. Notably, pistol grips are thinner compared to modern, oversized grips providing a more intimate feel of the putter for those who prefer tactile feedback. More about their distinctive design can be found on Putter Planet.

Pros and Cons of Using a Pistol Grip

The unique design of pistol grips provides several advantages. First and foremost, they offer exceptional control and feedback, thereby improving accuracy. The grip's distinct shape makes it easier to maintain a proper hand and wrist placement, which is crucial in executing precise putts.

However, pistol grips do come with a few downsides. The smaller design may cause discomfort for golfers with larger hands or those suffering from arthritis. Furthermore, the thinner grip may not be as effective in preventing the wrists from breaking down during the stroke – a common problem that leads to inconsistent putts. Despite these drawbacks, many golfers still choose the classic pistol grip for its balance between control and comfort.

Oversized Putter Grip: For Increased Control

Often lauded for its contribution to increased control and reduced hand action, the oversized putter grip has increasingly become a popular choice among golfers. This type of grip reduces the impact of the hands and wrists during a stroke, which can significantly improve stability and accuracy.

Design and Benefits of Oversized Putter Grips

The oversized putter grip has a larger diameter compared to standard putter grips. This design promotes a lighter grip pressure which can help to eliminate unnecessary hand action and enhance the smoothness of your putting stroke. The end result is increased control, consistency, and potentially improved scoring on the greens. The benefits of an oversized grip are evidenced by their growing popularity—according to, as much as 90% of amateur golfers saw an improvement in their strokes by using an oversized grip. More information about the benefits can be seen here.

When to Choose an Oversized Grip

While the benefits are clear, an oversized grip may not be the best fit for everybody. If you are a golfer struggling with excessive hand and wrist action during your stroke, an oversized grip could be beneficial. This grip is also ideal for those golfers with large hands, as they might find standard sized grips uncomfortable. However, the ultimate decision should be rooted in personal comfort and feel. An ideal fit can provide a golfer with the ideal grip. Golf Digest provides a comprehensive guide to selecting the perfect grip. With proper research and testing, golfers can understand whether an oversized grip may enhance their game.

The Paddle Grip: Comfort and Conservatism

Paddle grips are among the less common putter grip types, yet they continue to occupy a special place in some golfer's hearts. Their design is uniquely aimed at maintaining traditional aesthetics while providing ample comfort to the golfer. Paddle putter grips present a blend of conservatism and comfort that lends itself well to multiple golfing styles.

Distinct Characteristics of the Paddle Grip

Paddle grips come centered on comfort and familiarity. They derive their name from the flat, paddle-like shape of the grip when viewed from above. The flatness of the grip provides a more natural and relaxed position for the hands, which can reduce tension in the arms and improve a player's ability to make a consistent stroke. In contrast to the round designs prominent in other putter grips, the paddle grip's flat front provides a tactile reference point to guide hand placement, encouraging a direct, square-to-square stroke. Their traditional taper shape, getting thicker towards the top end, suits golfers who prefer an interlocking or overlapping grip style. For a detailed analysis of different grip shapes, visit Golf Digest.

Assessing the Effectiveness of a Paddle Grip

Assessing the effectiveness of a paddle grip is subjective and largely depends on personal preference, playing style, and comfort level. The flat, ergonomic design may provide assistance to golfers who struggle with their alignment or who have a tendency to rotate the putter face. Since paddle grips are less bulky compared to other grip styles like the oversized grip, they allow for increased wrist action and a greater feel for the putt. However, this may also make them less suitable for players struggling to control involuntary wrist movements. Their relatively smaller size, while aiding a great 'feel', can contribute to an increased susceptibility to pressure. It's worth experimenting with a paddle grip during a putting practice session to determine if its distinctive characteristics align with your putting style.

The Midsize Grip: The Balanced Option

Finding the perfect putter grip can drastically improve your game. The midsize putter grip is a versatile choice that gives a balanced feel in your hands without masking the feedback from the club. This type of grip is ideal for golfers who prefer a grip that is slightly larger than a standard grip but not as massive as an oversized grip. This balance in size helps to provide additional stability, allowing for a smoother stroke. So, do you want to know if this grip is perfect for you? Well, let's find out.

Features of Midsize Grip

Midsize grips measure between 1.20” and 1.30” in diameter. They are typically designed with various surfaces (smooth or textured), materials (rubber or polyurethane), and shapes (round or pistol-shaped) that provide distinctive feels. Also, various midsize grips come with different weights, enabling golfers to fine-tune their club’s feel based on personal preference. What makes midsize grips special is their ability to improve the golfers' club face control and reduce unwanted wrist action, which is essential for a successful putter stroke link to Golf Monthly.

The Ideal User for Midsize Grips

The midsize grip is best suited for golfers with larger hands or those who have a tendency to overuse their wrists during the stroke. If you fall under this category, switching to a midsize grip may not only improve your stroke but also alleviate the associated wrist strains. It can be seen as the perfect solution for those who find the standard grip a bit restrictive and the oversized one a bit too big. This way, you have enough control without losing the necessary feel during your stroke. This comprehensive review on Golfer's authority elaborates more about midsize grips and who should use them.

Remember, regardless of the type of grip, the ultimate goal should be to opt for a grip that enhances consistency, provides comfort, and yields better results on the green. The midsize grip attains this by offering a balanced feel, a feature that most golfers tend to look out for. So, the next time you ask yourself what kind of grip to get, consider the midsize putter grip- truly, the balanced option.


Having a proper grasp on the diverse types of putter grips can truly revolutionize your golf game. From the classic appeal and accuracy of the Pistol Grip, the enhanced control offered by the Oversized Putter Grip, the comfort and conservatism catered by the Paddle Grip, the balanced nature of the Midsize Grip, to the innovative allure of Specialty Grips – each has unique features that cater to different needs and styles. Evaluating your putting style, experimenting with different grips, and understanding their pros and cons is crucial for perfecting your grip. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right putter grip, your personal comfort and playstyle should guide your decision. This journey to finding the right putter grip can be both exciting and rewarding, so let's embrace it and enhance our game! Return regularly to our blog for even more insights into the world of putter grips. Until then, practise diligently and choose wisely.

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