Alternate Shot Golf – How to Survive the Ultimate Test

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  • Alternate Shot Golf is a challenging format that requires teamwork and adaptability.
  • Choosing a compatible partner is crucial for success in this format.
  • Strategies must be adjusted to suit your partner's style and handle difficult situations.
  • Well-optimized equipment and physical fitness play important roles in alternate shot golf.
  • Mental preparation and coping with pressure are essential for success.
  • Learning from professional examples and practicing drills can improve alternate shot skills.


Survive Ultimate Test

Welcome to my blog, where I share my years of experience as a professional golfer and provide expert insights into the world of golf. Today, we're diving into the high-pressure world of alternate shot golf and how to excel in this ultimate test of teamwork and skill.

Alternate shot golf, also known as foursomes, is a unique format where two players form a team, taking turns hitting the same ball until it finds the cup. It requires not only individual proficiency but also seamless coordination and trust with your partner. Choosing the right golf equipment becomes paramount to maximize your performance in this challenging game.

In this article, I will share my strategies and advice on how to survive the ultimate test of alternate shot golf. From choosing the right partner to essential tips for success, we will explore every aspect to help you navigate this thrilling and often nerve-wracking format. So, grab your clubs and get ready to elevate your game to new heights. Let's tee off!

Understanding Alternate Shot Golf

Alternate shot golf, also known as foursomes, is a unique and challenging variation of the traditional golf game. At its core, it involves two teams of two players each, where teammates take turns hitting the same ball. The key is that players alternate shots regardless of who made the last putt on the preceding hole, hence the name 'alternate shot golf'.

The Rules and Format of Alternate Shot Golf

In alternate shot golf, each two-player team takes turns playing one ball per hole, with the team deciding which player tees off on odd-numbered holes and the other on even-numbered holes. After the tee shot, the team member who did not tee off then plays the next shot, and they then alternative shots until the hole is completed. The ball must be holed out in fewer shots than the other team to win the hole. In terms of scoring, alternate shot golf is usually played in match play format whereby the team that wins the most holes wins the game. Understanding these fundamentals is key to effectively playing and enjoying alternate shot golf.

The Unique Challenges of This Format

The alternate shot format presents unique challenges that differentiate it from other forms of golf. Given that players have to alternate shots, one of the largest challenges is coping with the unpredictable nature of the game. A player may have to handle a difficult lie or unfavorable condition created by their partner's shot.

Moreover, it challenges a player's all-around game as they may need to make shots that they would usually avoid in a singles match. Unlike in individual stroke play, failures impact not only the player but also their partner, making it a pressure-laden format. Adapting to the alterations in rhythm and routine and managing these pressures are necessary skills in alternate shot golf.

By understanding the rules and learning to navigate the unique challenges of alternate shot golf, you can turn these potential difficulties into opportunities for successful strategic play.

Choosing Your Partner Wisely

Selecting your teammate is a crucial factor in alternate shot golf. The chosen partner can significantly influence your performance because the format of alternate shot golf demands continuous and effective collaboration. It is not just about the individual skill set but also about understanding the partner's style, coping with their weaknesses, and complementing their strengths.

Importance of compatibility in alternate shot golf

One of the most critical aspects of alternate shot golf is compatibility between partners. Shared understanding and communication form the backbone of a successful duo in this format. For instance, if one player has a notably aggressive approach and the other is more reserved, their conflicting styles may result in a suboptimal performance. The United States Golf Association emphasizes the importance of a compatible pairing for the alternate shot format.

Qualities to look for in your partner

While you may not always have the luxury to choose your partner, when you do, it is worth considering certain qualities to ensure a cohesive team. Firstly, look for a partner that complements your golfing strategy. If you're an expert in long drives, a partner skilled in putting could be the perfect match. Also, consider factors beyond the course, such as the ability to handle pressure, resilience, and a positive attitude, all contributing to a successful partnership in alternate shot golf. Golf Magazine offers some valuable insights on choosing the right playing partner in its piece on alternate shot strategies and techniques.

Strategic Adjustments for Alternate Shot Golf

Alternate shot golf demands a unique strategic approach compared to other formats. It's not just about playing your best shot, but also considering your partner's playing style and their view from the tee. Adjustments need to be made continuously throughout the game to remain competitive.

Tailoring Your Style to Suit Your Partner

In alternate shot golf, you and your partner hit alternate shots throughout each hole. Your shot determines where your partner will be playing from and vice versa. It's essential to align your playing style with your partner as much as possible.

Understanding your partner's strengths and weaknesses can help tailor your shots. For example, if your partner is proficient with fairway shots but struggles with putting, adjust your playing style to ensure their next shot is one they're comfortable with. Similarly, if your partner excels in bunker shots, ensure your drive doesn't land on the bunker, setting them up for success.

A helpful resource that can further assist with understanding playing styles and strategies is Golf Digest, which provides detailed articles and instructions on match play strategies.

How to Adapt to Undesirable Situations in the Game

Despite your best efforts, undesirable situations are bound to arise in alternate shot golf, adding more fun and challenge to the game. It could be that your partner hit a poor drive, or you got stuck in a hazard. In such situations, it's crucial to stay positive and focus on the next best course of action.

Communication becomes essential during these moments. Talk to your partner about their comfort level with different shots under pressure and determine the best possible strategy from there. Instead of focusing on recovery, it might be more fruitful to accept a one-shot loss and focus on the next shot.

Another useful resource is Golf Monthly, which offers a range of advice on how to cope under pressure on the courses. The website offers useful tips on reframing golfing setbacks, preparing for high-pressure situations, and restoring concentration that can turn around games.

Essential Equipment Tips for Alternate Shot Success

Having the right equipment at your disposal goes a long way in determining success in alternate shot golf. Unlike other formats where you solely rely on your skill and strategy, alternate shot golf requires optimizing your equipment to suit the conditions and the skill set of both players. To make the most of your game, understanding your golf clubs and optimizing your gear for different scenarios is crucial.

Choosing the Right Clubs for Alternate Shot Golf

When it comes to alternate shot golf, it's not just about using the best clubs, but the right clubs for each person and each shot. Both players should be comfortable using the set of clubs in various situations. This may mean incorporating a mix of clubs from each player's bag. Depending on skill level and comfort, one player might prefer a forgiving iron while the other opts for a driver with more accuracy. Remember, you are playing as a team, which means compromise and adjustment are essential. Understanding your club distances is also crucial. Pro golfers like Rick Shiels offer insightful golf club reviews online, helping you decide the right club for your game.

Importance of Optimizing Equipment for Different Scenarios

Alternate shot golf can take many forms depending on the course and weather conditions on the day of the match. As such, optimizing your equipment to suit different scenarios is crucial. For instance, on a windy day, a low lofted driver might be more effective than a high lofted one. Similarly, clubs with higher bounce can be more beneficial on soft grounds while those with lower bounce are better in hard or firm conditions. A rain glove will come in handy if conditions are wet. These are just examples; it would help to have an intimate understanding of your equipment and how best to use it based on conditions. For a comprehensive guide, you can refer to Golf Digest's equipment guide, to help you optimize your golf gear based on various playing scenarios.

Investing time to understand and choose the right gear can deeply impact your performance in alternate shot golf. After all, the best golfers are not just skilled players but intelligent strategists who understand every aspect of the game, including their equipment.

Mental and Physical Preparations

In alternate shot golf, your mental strength is just as crucial as your physical capability. Preparations for this unique format encompass aligning your body and mind to the demands of the game. Even the highest skill level can prove ineffective without the right physical endurance and psychological resilience.

The Importance of Physical Fitness in Alternate Shot Golf

The physical demand in alternate shot golf requires specific attention. Your fitness level impacts your swing mechanics, the quality of your shots, and your overall stamina throughout the course. Regular cardiovascular exercises like jogging, cycling, or swimming can improve your endurance. Strength training is equally important, focusing on areas like your core, legs, and back that play crucial roles in a productive golf swing. Flexibility and balance exercises are also beneficial, encouraging fluid movements and better control during your swings. A comprehensive golf fitness program, like the Titleist Performance Institute’s fitness programs, can provide guidance customized to a golfer's specific needs.

Coping with the Psychological Pressure of the Game

Coping with the mental stresses of alternate shot golf can be just as critical as maintaining physical fitness. The game's format naturally induces the pressure of not letting your partner down, and managing these psychological aspects is vital. Techniques such as practicing mindfulness, visualization, and positive affirmation can significantly boost your mental toughness in the face of adversity. Energy management models, such as the Ideal Performance State (IPS), can provide a systematic approach to manage your arousal and anxiety levels, optimize concentration, and control emotional responses during the game. Remember, in alternate shot golf, your mind is as much your tool as your clubs. Balance the two, and you'll be primed for success.


Surviving the ultimate test of alternate shot golf boils down to a blend of strategic thinking, pragmatic partner selection, meticulous equipment choice, physical and mental preparation, learning from the pros, and dedicated practice. As we delve into the unique rules and challenges of this golf format, we realize that it pushes the boundaries of teamwork and individual skill. Compatibility, the ability to adapt in adversarial conditions, optimizing equipment, and managing the psychological pressures of the game all come into play. By studying professional success stories, we gain valuable insights that we can incorporate into our own strategies. Finally, committing to consistent drills and exercises enhances our skills and teamwork, ensuring we are ready for any scenario on the golf course. Adopt these practices, and you are well on your way to not just surviving, but also thriving in the demanding ordeal of alternate shot golf. Always remember, with every swing and every decision, you're facing and overcoming your ultimate test.

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