Custom Headcovers: How Three Canadian Brothers Started Dormie Workshop

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  • Dormie Workshop is a Canadian company specializing in custom golf headcovers.
  • The name Dormie in golf refers to being even with an opponent with a limited number of holes remaining.
  • The term Workshop reflects the brothers dedication to handcrafting unique headcovers.
  • Started in their parents basement, the Dormie brothers transitioned from cocktail mixing to headcover making.
  • Dormie Workshop launched their first line of custom headcovers, bridging the gap between golf, fashion, and art.
  • Customization is Dormie Workshops unique selling proposition, allowing golfers to embrace their individual style.
  • Handmade quality is the hallmark of Dormie products, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship.
  • The company has expanded its customer base globally and received positive reviews from golf enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Dormie Workshop continues to innovate, with new designs on the horizon, while maintaining a competitive edge in the golf accessories market.


Welcome to our dive into the Dormie Workshop Story, an inspiring journey of three Canadian brothers who redefined the golf landscape with moxie, style, and an inherent knack for business. From concocting cocktails to organizing fashion shows, the brothers collective vision led them to an innovative market niche: custom golf headcovers. What ignited as a mere hobby soon catapulted into a thriving business converging the worlds of golf, fashion, and creative craftsmanship. Embark with us as we unfold the twists and turns that shaped the Dormie Workshop into a premium global golf brand. Through this story, we hope to inspire, enlighten, and fuel your passion for the spirited and ever-evolving world of golf.

Meaning Behind the Name: An Insight into Dormie Workshop

Before diving deeper into understanding what the Dormie Workshop truly represents, it’s essential to grasp the meaning behind this intriguing company name. The etymology of the name doesnt just bring added depth to the brands identity, but it also packs a compelling story that resonates with golf enthusiasts.

What Does Dormie Mean in Golf?

Dormie, in the golfing world, refers to a situation in match play where one player is leading by the same number of holes remaining, hence practically sealing their victory. In other words, the leading player is assured at least a draw since the opponent cannot do better than equalizing in the remaining holes. This term represents the Dormie Workshops commitment to leading in their respective niche – golf accessory crafting by staying ahead of the competition. It symbolically conveys the brand’s intent to revolutionize the golf accessories market akin to how a game-changing swing would change a golf matchs outcome. You can more about the term dormie in golf here.

Why Use the Term Workshop?

The term workshop is commonly used in various industries, representing a space where things are created, often using tools and machinery. By incorporating workshop in their name, Dormie aims to express their dedication to craftsmanship – handcrafting each product with a keen eye for detail. It unambiguously states that each Dormie product is a piece of craftsmanship brought to life by skilled artisans practising their craft. It emphasizes the manual aspect of their work, diametrically opposite to mass-produced goods that often lack a personal touch and character. The workshop indicates a place where creativity, imagination, and technical expertise amalgamate to produce a unique object. Check out this blog to understand the value and importance of craftsmanship in the modern world.

Meaning Behind the Name: An Insight into Dormie Workshop

Combining the significance of both these names, Dormie Workshop stands as a leader in handcrafted golf accessory design, bringing the passion and skill of seasoned artisans to the forefront. The name reflects both – an edge in the competitive golf landscape and a devotion to handcrafted authenticity. Its not just a name; it represents a philosophy, a way of doing things, and ultimately – a way of life.

Having understood the meaningful etymology of Dormie Workshop, lets venture into the brands early days and how it has evolved over time – unfolding the tale of an unconventional journey that intersects golf, fashion, and craftsmanship.

The Early Days of Dormie Workshop

In its initial days, Dormie Workshop was an ambitious endeavor sparked by the shared vision of two brothers, Todd and Jeff Bishop. The journey started with a humble basement setup and a passion for the game of golf.

The Background of the Dormie Brothers

Raised in a small coastal town, Nova Scotia, the brothers Bishop had a strong familial bond that fueled their shared passion for the game of golf. Both Todd and Jeff received golf scholarships and represented their respective colleges in numerous championships. After leaving college, their paths diverged. Despite the different career paths, their love for golf never faded. Todd became a respected mixologist, while Jeff pursued his career as a golf professional. However, it was the game of golf that eventually brought them back together and led to the inception of Dormie Workshop.

From Cocktail Mixing to Custom Headcover Making

In a twist of fate, the Bishop brothers decided to mix their professional skills. They applied Todds innovative spirit as a mixologist and Jeffs extensive knowledge of golf, bringing a unique perspective to the table. They wanted to create a company that channeled their shared expertise, passion, and creativity, which became Dormie Workshop. The Dormie Workshop was started in the basement of their family home, where they combined their professionalism, creativity, and eye for detail, to create a line of carefully curated, handcrafted golf headcovers. Their unique start and the journey to success became a major selling point in their branding, highlighting their individuality in the market. From the beginning, their commitment to quality, durability, and the originality of design was unwavering, a philosophy they continue to adhere to till this day.

The Evolution of Dormie: Redefining the Golf Landscape

The journey of Dormie Workshop in the golf industry is redefining the golf landscape. Its evolution has seen a shift from traditional golf equipment to unique, custom-made golf accessories that effectively straddle the fields of sports, fashion, and art. The innovative approach of Dormie Workshop has transformed golfs perceived image, instigating a new era for golfers worldwide.

Launching the First Line of Custom Golf Headcovers

Dormie Workshop changed the game with the launch of their first line of custom golf headcovers. Traditionally, golf headcovers served a very practical purpose – shielding golf clubs from weather and wear. However, the introduction of custom, hand-stitched headcovers spun this narrative and turned a functional accessory into a fashion statement. Golf Digest, a prestigious golf publication, has featured several of Dormies designs, lauding the blend of style, sophistication, and durability that they bring to the greens.

Bridging the Gap Between Golf, Fashion and Art

Dormie has not just transformed headcovers but the sphere of golf as a whole. Emphasizing quality craftsmanship and unique designs, Dormie Workshop ventured into somewhat uncharted territory, merging golf with fashion and art. The brand has effectively bridged the gap between these previously unrelated fields, turning golfing accessories into works of wearable art. Their belief that golf gear can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing has sparked a trend in the golf industry, with numerous other brands following suit. This phenomenon was highlighted by Forbes, which noted Dormies role in redefining the market for customizable golf accessories.

Dormie Workshop’s Unique Selling Proposition: Customization

What sets Dormie Workshop apart in a competitive market is its emphasis on customization, reinforcing the brands commitment to celebrating individual style and personal preferences all while delivering a product of the highest quality.

Embracing Individual Style and Personal Preferences

At the heart of Dormie Workshops business ethos is a respect for personal style. Recognizing that golf is not just a game but a reflection of individuality, Dormie creates custom golf headcovers that allow players to express their unique preferences on the greens. Using a custom design tool, customers can let their imagination run wild, choosing from a bounty of style, color, material, and pattern options. This commitment to customization highlights the brands consumer-driven approach, fostering a strong connection between the customer and the final product.

Handmade Quality as the Hallmark of Dormie Products

Dormie Workshop distinguishes itself from mass-market brands by promising quality that comes from meticulous handcraftsmanship. Each headcover is handmade in their Canadian-based workshop, where highly skilled craftsmen ensure every stitch is flawlessly executed. The brand uses premium materials like real leather to deliver products that are as durable as they are eye-catching. This focus on quality extends to every aspect of the Dormie experience, from the moment a customer starts designing their product to when they finally receive it. This commitment is evident in the scores of positive customer reviews that highlight the high-quality materials and craftsmanship of Dormie products.

By emphasizing customization and handcrafted quality, Dormie Workshop creates a truly unique value proposition in the golf accessory market, ensuring that every customer receives a product tailor-made to their tastes and built to last.

Dormie Workshop in Global Golf Arena

Dormie Workshop, since its inception, has always strived to bring a fresh perspective to golfers experience across the globe. Raju Hayre, the founder, envisioned Dormie Workshop to pave a new path in the global golf accessory market. Over the years, Dormie workshop didnt just limit themselves to their homeland Canada but expanded their footprint across the globe.

Expanding Customer Base and Market Reach

Dormie Workshop didnt hesitate to spread its wings globally right from the beginning. Their unique, stylish, and customized golf accessories instantly appealed to the international market. Understanding that golf culture varies from region to region, Dormie dug deep into understanding golfing cultures and stylization preferences of various countries. This global analysis helped them craft accessories that catered to the unique flavors of golf lovers from different parts of the world. Their continuous efforts to understand and serve various golf cultures have resulted in a diversified and expanding customer base across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Reactions and Reviews from Global Golf Enthusiasts

This international expansion and exposure have resulted in resounding applause from golf lovers worldwide. Global golf reviews and blogs like Golf Digest and MyGolfSpy have featured Dormie Workshop products, with rave reviews for their unique, artistic renditions of golfing accessories. Genuine customer testimonials on their website and other online platforms further prove their global approval. Theyre continuously praised for their one-of-a-kind designs, superior craftsmanship, and excellent attention to quality. The global golf communitys response to Dormie Workshop has not only broadened their customer base but also solidified their reputation as a premier provider of exquisite, customized golf accessories.


The Dormie Workshop story truly is an inspiring tale of innovation, tenacity, and entrepreneurial spirit. From a humble beginning, born out of the passion and talent of three Canadian brothers, the Dormie Workshop has transformed the golf landscape with its pioneering line of handcrafted, custom headcovers. By bridging golf with fashion and art, theyve created a strong unique selling proposition, setting them apart in the global golf arena. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to maintaining their competitive edge, the future of Dormie Workshop looks bright. This captivating journey, filled with entrepreneurial lessons and insights, reaffirms the power of authenticity, passion, and hard work in the world of business. Stay tuned as we continue to explore and unravel more facets of the Dormie Workshop story.

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