Eye Dominance in Golf: A Piece of the Golf Puzzle

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  • Eye dominance is a key factor in golf performance, affecting both swing mechanics and putting accuracy.
  • Simple tests can help determine your dominant eye and understand the implications.
  • Dominant vs non-dominate eye can lead to differences in swings, requiring adjustments for optimal performance.
  • Eye dominance also impacts depth perception on the green, with tips for improving putting accuracy.
  • Choosing the right golf equipment based on eye dominance can enhance performance.
  • Training exercises and avoiding common pitfalls can maximize potential using eye dominance.
  • Success stories and insights from professional golfers highlight the transformational impact of eye dominance knowledge.


Eye dominance in golf is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of the game. Understanding which eye is dominant can greatly impact a player's performance and overall success on the course. As a retired professional golfer with years of experience under my belt, I've witnessed firsthand the difference eye dominance can make in a player's swing and accuracy. In this article, titled 'Eye Dominance in Golf: A Piece of the Golf Puzzle,' we'll explore the significance of eye dominance, how to determine your dominant eye, and how it affects your game. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your skills, this article will provide you with invaluable insights to help you on your golf journey. So let's dive in and unravel this intriguing piece of the golf puzzle.

Understanding Eye Dominance: An Overview

Eye dominance, commonly referred to as ocular dominance, denotes the preference in use of one eye over the other. It's the phenomenon where the brain receives clearer signals from one eye, leading to a situation where one eye directs the positioning and other movements better than the other.

What is Eye Dominance?

Eye dominance refers to the tendency to prefer visual input from one eye to the other. It's not about how well we see, but about which eye sends the most dominant visual message to the brain. The preferred eye, often referred to as the dominant eye, is the one your brain favors when processing visual information. Understanding eye dominance is crucial in numerous activities, ranging from photography, binocular vision research, to sports, including golf. Learn more about eye dominance from this research by Kidport.

Why is Eye Dominance Important in Golf?

In golf, eye dominance plays a crucial role due to the sport’s required pinpoint accuracy. The dominant eye aids in aligning the shot and determining distances, angles, and how the ball should be hit. A right-eye dominant golfer will have a slightly different setup and swing compared to a left-eye dominant player. This importance of eye dominance discussed here by Golf Distillery will help players adjust their game for improved accuracy and performance. Understanding your dominant eye could contribute to improvements in your golf game, especially in targeting, addressing the ball, and even in the swing.

Determining Your Dominant Eye

Gaining insight into your dominant eye can be a game-changer in enhancing your golfing performance as it helps you perceive the ball and the target clearly. Recognizing your dominant eye, which contributes largely to your visual perception, can help you refine your alignment and apply corrective measures to your swing.

Simple Tests to Identify Your Dominant Eye

To identify your dominant eye, there are some simple tests that you can carry out at home. The "Miles Test" is a universally accepted test that defines eye dominance efficiently. You can perform this test by extending your arms and creating a small triangle between your thumbs and forefingers. Now, focus on a distant object through this triangle. Close your left eye, then right, and the eye that keeps the object central is your dominant eye.

Another straightforward method is the "Porta Test". Extend your arm and point towards an object with both eyes open. Now, alternately close your eyes. If your finger seems to jump sideways, it means the closed eye is the dominant one.

Understanding the Results

Understanding the results of the above tests can be of immense value to your golf game. With the knowledge of your dominant eye, you can adjust your stance, focus, and swing trajectory. For instance, right-eye dominant players with a right-handed swing often miss to the right of the target due to the natural inclination of the right eye to pull right. Awareness of this tendency allows you to adjust and aim slightly left to compensate.

Eye dominance plays a crucial role in precision sports like golf, aiming where to hit the ball requires depth perception, which is controlled by binocular vision, heavily influenced by eye dominance. Left-eye dominant golfers like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Rory Mcllroy have played exceptional golf using their dominance to their advantage.

You can learn more about "Miles test" and "Porta test" here and how eye dominance plays a significant role in sports here.

The Impact of Eye Dominance on Golf Swing

Recognizing the influence of eye dominance on your golf swing can significantly enhance your playing abilities. Eye Dominance in golf swing refers to whether the right or left eye provides the primary input to the brain while swinging the club. Among many factors that can improve your golf swing, understanding and adjusting to your dominant eye can provide some significant benefits.

Difference in Swings: Dominant Eye vs Non-dominant Eye

Interestingly, your dominant eye can largely determine the accuracy and effectiveness of your golf swing. For example, a right-handed player with right eye dominance usually has a natural tendency to swing in from their right side, leading the swing path with their dominant eye. On the contrary, non-dominant or left eye leading could result in an "over the top" swing or outside to inside swing path. According to Golf Influence, a reliable platform for golf instructions, understanding which eye is dominant could explain many common swing flaws and help in correcting them.

Adjusting Your Golf Swing Based on Eye Dominance

There are methods available to help adjust your golf swing according to your eye dominance to optimize your swing mechanics. One such technique is altering your stance, placing the dominant eye at the back during the setup phase to enable it to lead and control the swing path better. For instance, if your right eye is dominant, try placing your head slightly to the left, allowing your right eye to have a clearer view of the ball. This adjustment, according to Practical Golf, can result in a more consistent and controlled swing due to better alignment and focus. Understanding these subtle yet crucial differences can immensely contribute to an excellent golf swing, unlocking your potential to maximize your performance on the course.

Eye Dominance and Putting Accuracy

Eye dominance can play a significant role in improving your putting accuracy on the green. Effectively utilising your dominant eye can help you perceive the green, distance and pin more accurately and improve your overall performance. This section will discuss how eye dominance impacts depth perception on the green and share tips and tricks to leverage eye dominance for better putting accuracy.

How Eye Dominance Impacts Depth Perception on the Green

Eye dominance significantly influences depth perception, which is vital in golf, especially when putting. Your dominant eye typically processes visual signs slightly faster than your non-dominant eye, leading to a more accurate estimation of distance on the green. This is because the dominant eye leads the focus while the non-dominant eye follows, providing a broader and more comprehensive field of vision. Understanding and using this can immensely help improve your golf game. The Royal National Institute of Blind People provides an excellent resource on how vision works and how eye dominance may influence it.

Tips and Tricks for Improving Putting Accuracy

Leveraging your eye dominance can considerably improve putting accuracy. Firstly, you need to find the correct putter length and stance. In the case of right eye dominance, a putter that allows a little more bend in the elbows and a stance where the eyes are directly over the ball can be beneficial. If your dominant eye is your left eye, a stance with the ball slightly forward can help.

Secondly, practicing drills that enhance the function of your dominant eye, like the "Monocular Training Drill" where you putt with one eye closed, can be of great help.

Lastly, spend time visualizing the putt. Picture the line you want the putt to take and visualize it rolling along that line and into the hole. Visualization can engage your dominant eye and enhance your perception and accuracy. For extra tips on improving putting, provides a list of drills you can practice at home.

Fine-tuning putting based on eye dominance might involve small modifications to your usual practice, but over time, these can lead to significant improvements in your putting accuracy. Implementing these tips and tricks empowers players to actively leverage their eye dominance for a precise putting game on the green.

The Role of Golf Equipment in Eye Dominance

Knowing your dominant eye can have a significant impact on many aspects of your golf game, including the choice of your golf equipment. The type of clubs and accessories you use can either enhance or impair your playing ability, especially considering your eye dominance. For instance, certain golf club designs may better suit those with right-eye dominance, while different styles could be more beneficial for those with left-eye dominance.

Choosing the Right Golf Equipment Based on Eye Dominance

When choosing golf equipment, it's critical to consider your eye dominance. For example, right-eye dominant players may find it more comfortable to use clubs designed for a right-handed swing. By contrast, left-eye dominant golfers could benefit from clubs designed for a left-handed swing. Being aware of your eye dominance can guide you to select better fitting and comfortable clubs, improving your swing and overall game Golf Club Fitting Guide. For golf training aids, opt for those that are designed to enhance visual alignment; simple aids like alignment sticks can make a big difference ProVisual Golf Alignment Stick.

Real-life Examples of Golf Pros and Their Eye Dominance

Many professional golfers confer their enhanced playing capacity to understanding their eye dominance. Notably, the legendary Phil Mickelson is right-eye dominant but plays golf left-handed, which he believes gives him a unique advantage Phil Mickelson: Secrets of the Short Game. Similarly, Annika Sorenstam, one of the most successful female golfers in history, is known to be cross-dominant (right-hand golfer with left-eye dominance). Many experts believe that her cross-dominance has greatly contributed to her extraordinary putting ability The impact of Annika Sorenstam's Cross-dominance. These examples show that understanding and leveraging one's eye dominance can make a significant difference in golf performance.


Understanding and harnessing your eye dominance is undeniably a substantial piece of the golf puzzle that can hugely transform your game. From influencing your swing to affecting the depth perception on the green, eye dominance plays a pivotal role. As we've seen, recognising your dominant eye is the first step. It not only guides you in adjusting your swing but also aids in choosing the right equipment. The insights from the real-life examples of golf pros further highlight the exceptional impact eye dominance can have. Lastly, the inclusion of training exercises and expert advice illustrates the practical application of this knowledge. As a golfer, mastering control over this relatively less-known aspect of your game can provide you with a unique competitive edge. Arm yourself with this knowledge, and you might find your performance reaching new heights, whether you're an amateur or a seasoned professional. Lastly, intrigued as you might be, remember that golfing success lies in the harmony of numerous elements, and eye dominance is one such component. Come back for more such insights and elevate your understanding of the beautiful game of golf.

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