Single vs Double Bend Putter Shaft: What is the Difference?

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  • Single bend putter shafts have a shaft that bends once towards the club head, while double bend putter shafts have two bends.
  • Single bend putter shafts offer a straighter back-and-through swing path, promoting consistency and stability.
  • Double bend putter shafts encourage an arc-like putting stroke and can help players with a slight arc in their stroke.
  • Single bend putter shafts are generally more popular among professional golfers, while double bend shafts are favored by amateurs.
  • Choosing between single bend and double bend putter shafts depends on your swing style, preference, and comfort level.
  • It is important to consider your golfing technique, individual factors, and seek professional advice when selecting a putter shaft.


Single vs Double Bend Putter Shaft Difference, a topic you might have come across but never deeply explored. As a seasoned golfer and now an advisor, my goal is to equip you with the critical understanding and insights, thus enabling you to make informed decisions on golfing equipment. The subtleties and nuances between a single and double bend putter shaft can significantly impact your game, and as such, this article aims to pierce the veil of uncertainty. Herein, we delve into the world of putter shafts, examining the structural and functional disparities, pros and cons, and the influence these variants can have on your golfing technique and performance. Don't let the technical jargon cloud your understanding. Stay with me, and together we'll explore these intricate details to enhance your golfing journey. So, are you ready to swing into action? Let’s dive in!

Understanding Single Bend Putter Shafts

What is a Single Bend Putter Shaft?

A single bend putter shaft is a type of golf club that features a single bend in its design. This bend is typically located halfway up the shaft and helps to position the hands above the golf ball during a putt. Single bend putters are commonly used in “face-balanced” putters which are perfect for players who use a straight back, straight through (SBST) putting stroke.

Characteristics of Single Bend Putter Shafts

Single bend putter shafts have a number of unique characteristics that set them apart from other types of putter shafts. Firstly, they feature a singular bend in their shaft design, often leading to a larger and more central sweet spot. This can make them more forgiving for off-centre hits. They're also typically ‘face balanced’, meaning the face of the putter remains parallel to the ground when balanced on your finger. This characteristic is known to help golfers with a tendency to open the putter face at impact.

How a Single Bend Putter Shaft Influences Your Shots

The structure of a single bend putter shaft can significantly influence the shots you make. The singular bend in the shaft helps to keep your hands positioned correctly during your stroke, this in turn helps to ensure a square face at impact which can lead to more accurate putts. However, it's worth noting that the single bend putter shafts are generally more suitable for golfers who have a straight back, straight through stroke as categorized by the Putting Stroke Teacher. Therefore, their impact on your shots will also depend upon your style of play. On the other hand, shallow angle of attack may also result in less effective forward roll, leading to inconsistency in distance control. For better understanding, Golf Distillery provides in-depth explanation on how different putter shafts affect the putting.

In conclusion, single bend putter shafts can greatly influence your shots given their unique design and specifications. But remember that results may vary depending on your personal style and technique. Also understanding your swing path will determine if a single bend putter shaft is advantageous for your game.

Unraveling Double Bend Putter Shafts

Delving deeper into the world of golfing advancements, we find ourselves face-to-face with double bend putter shafts. These putter shaft types bring a unique twist to the traditional golfing experience, revolutionizing the way we perceive and play the sport.

What is a Double Bend Putter Shaft?

A double bend putter shaft, as the name suggests, is a putting shaft that has two bends in it. These bends are strategically placed in the shaft to enable certain enhanced features and functionality that directly influence your golfing performance. More commonly found in mallet putters, these double bends are not random but systematically positioned to affect the overall swing and shot quality.

Key Features of Double Bend Putter Shafts

A key feature of double bend putter shafts lies within their design. The primary bend near the hosel enables the putter's “face balanced” design, which means that the putter faces upwards when balanced on your finger. This is in stark contrast to more traditional “toe balanced” designs seen in single bend and straight shafts. The second bend is nearer to the grip and allows for a smoother, more natural grip while putting. Owing to these design aspects, golfers find it easier to aim at their target while utilizing a smoother and more controlled stroke. An excellent guide about the technicalities and benefits of a double bend putter shaft can be found on Golf Club Guru.

Effect of Double Bend Putter Shafts on Your Swing

Double bend putter shafts, by virtue of their design, significantly influence your swing mechanics. The face-balanced design promotes a straight back and straight through (SBST) stroke, which is inherently different from the arc stroke that other putters foster. Additionally, the extra bend near the grip offers enhanced control over the stroke, ensuring a more controlled and targeted execution. A study mentioned on USGolfTV suggests that golfers using double bend putter shafts tend to have more consistent putting strokes than those using other types of putters. So, the double bend putter shaft doesn't just change your swing; it also has the potential to make it better.

Comparing Single Bend vs Double Bend Putter Shafts

When choosing a new putter, it's important to understand the structural differences and impact these can have on your game. Single bend and double bend putter shafts each have their own unique characteristics that can greatly affect your swing and the style of golf you are best suited for.

Structural Differences Between Single Bend and Double Bend Putter Shafts

There are recognizable differences between single bend and double bend putter shafts. Single bend putter shafts have just one bend near the clubhead, usually angled towards the putter's hee. This design tends to encourage a more "face balanced" style, which allows the putter face to remain square to its path during the swing. Conversely, double bend putter shafts have two bends – one in the heel and another in the middle of the shaft. They typically suit putters that are center-shafted and promote a more "toe hang" style, where the toe of the putter points towards the ground.Learn more here

Effects on Swing Mechanics

Depending on the type of golfer you are – more specifically, your stroke type – your swing mechanics can be affected differently by the type of shaft bend in your putter. A golfer with a straight swing can hugely benefit from a single bend putter shaft because it allows for the putter face to stay square to the path longer for straight-back, straight-through strokes. On the other hand, a double bend putter shaft can help golfers who have a natural arc in their putting stroke because it better complements the 'in-to-in' motion. It is instrumental in providing a smooth stroke and consistency in the ball's roll. Understanding swing mechanics.

Suitability for Different Styles of Golfing

Single bend and double bend putter shafts accommodate different styles of play. If you have a straight path stroke, then you'll feel more comfortable with a single bend putter shaft that allows the putter face to remain square to the putting line. This is considered more stable on short and mid-range putts. Conversely, if your stroke has a natural arc to it (also known as an 'inside to inside' stroke), then the double bend putter shaft would better suit your style of play. The decision between a single bend and a double bend putter shaft is all about matching the equipment to your unique swing style and putting stroke, so understanding your game is paramount.

How to Choose Between Single Bend and Double Bend Putter Shafts

Selecting between a single bend and double bend putter shafts can be a tricky decision. The appropriateness of either depends on various factors including your golfing technique, the circumstances under which you usually play, and how able you are to adjust your style to accommodate for the different putter shafts. The goal is to ensure efficient swings that are comfortable and effective in getting the ball into the hole.

Understanding Your Golfing Technique

The first step in choosing the right type of putter shaft is understanding your golfing technique. This includes determining your stroke type, as different strokes work better with different shafts. Are you a “straight back-straight through” golfer? Or do you rely more on an “inside to inside” arc stroke? Single bend putters are generally more suitable for golfers who rely on the former, while double bend putters fit better with the latter. Golf Channel's Instruction series can help you better identify your stroke type and guide you on the right putter shaft selection.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Putter Shafts

There are several factors to consider when you choose between single bend and double bend putter shafts. One is the head-to-shaft offset. This refers to the clubhead's position in relation to the shaft's leading edge. Single bend shafts allow more offset than double bend shafts. Another factor is the look and feel of the putter. Some golfers prefer a certain type of bend because it 'looks right,' or because the swing 'feels' better. Moreover, one needs to consider the balance point; that is, where the putter balances along the shaft’s length. A helpful guide from Golf Monthly gives a detailed breakdown on the factors to consider while choosing putter shafts.

Adjusting Your Style to Accommodate Different Putter Shafts

Finally, you must determine how able you are to adjust your style to accommodate a different putter shaft. This is especially important if you are a beginner or intermediate golfer still discovering your play style. Trying out different putter shafts at your local golf store or during an open golfing session is an excellent way to figure out which one suits you best. Remember, the key is to find a putter shaft that works well with your natural swing and allows you to play with consistency and precision.

Commonly Asked Questions About Single Bend and Double Bend Putter Shafts

In this section, we will address some of the frequently asked questions concerning single bend and double bend putter shafts. These inquiries range from the comparative advantage of one over the other, the influence of shaft bend on the spin of the ball, to the preferences of professional golfers.

Are Double Bend Putter Shafts Better than Single Bend?

The efficiency of either single or double bend putter shafts is not universally applicable but dependent on an individual's playing style. A single bend shaft may work exceptionally well for golfers with straight-back-straight-through strokes, while those with an arcing stroke may prefer the double bend putter shaft. The ultimate goal should be finding the right equipment that complements and enhances your natural playing style. For a more detailed comparison, you can check out this article by Golf rookie.

What is the Impact of Shaft Bend on the Ball’s Spin?

The bend of a putter shaft can affect the roll and spin of the golf ball. A well-aligned putter shaft introduces a forward roll on the ball, reducing skidding and bouncing to ensure a smoother roll towards the hole. This level of precision is significantly influenced by the putter's loft, which can be adjusted in some putters to suit individual playing techniques. For a more in-depth explanation on how this works, refer to this insightful write-up on Golf week.

Do Professional Golfers Prefer Single or Double Bend Putter Shafts?

Similar to amateur players, professional golfers' preferred choice between single or double bend putter shafts is primarily determined by their swing style. Some professional golfers find that single bend putters offer them more control and consistency, while others appreciate the feel and response of double bend putters. It's a subjective decision that ultimately aligns with the golfer's personal style and comfort.


In the fine-tuned world of golf, understanding even the slightest variation between equipment like the single bend and double bend putter shafts can greatly impact a golfer's performance. We've learned that both types of shafts have their own unique attributes and effects on swing mechanics, suiting different styles of golfing. Your choices should be predicated on your play style, knowledge of your technique, and professional advice where necessary. Always remember that no matter your choice of equipment, consistent practice and sharpening of your technique will be fundamental to success. Ultimately, understanding and adapting to the difference between a single or double bend putter shaft could be your game-changing revelation. Keep exploring such nuances – may your thirst for golfing knowledge never cease. Tune in for more enlightening golf topics and join our community of golf enthusiasts!

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