The 8 Best Putters for Mid Handicappers 2024 Edition

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  • Understanding Mid Handicap Golfing: Mid handicappers are golfers with a handicap between 10 and 20, who require specific putters to improve their game.
  • Putter Technologies: Putter head designs, grip and shaft technologies, and material and weight distribution are crucial factors to consider for mid handicappers.
  • Top 8 Putters for Mid Handicappers: We review the leading putter models for 2024, analyzing their performance, affordability, and value.
  • Putter Fitting Advice: Professional putter fitting is vital to enhance your performance, and we outline the steps and benefits of a proper fitting process.
  • User Reviews and Testimonials: Real user experiences with the top putters are shared, along with pros and cons based on their feedback.
  • Making the Final Decision: Factors to consider before purchasing a putter, its impact on your overall golf game, and tips on where and how to buy your ideal putter.
  • Training Tips for Better Putting: Best practices for training with your new putter, overcoming common putting mistakes, and enhancing your putting strategy.


Welcome, fellow golf enthusiasts, to the 2024 edition of our highly anticipated blog series: "The 8 Best Putters for Mid Handicappers." As a retired professional golfer with a passion for sharing insights and advice, I am thrilled to bring you the most up-to-date information on this essential piece of equipment.

When it comes to the world of golf, the right putter can mean the difference between an average game and one that leaves you feeling like a true champion. But finding that perfect putter can be daunting, especially for those of us with a mid handicap who are on the quest for improvement.

Fear not, my golfing comrades. In this article, we will explore eight of the most exceptional putters crafted specifically for mid handicappers, carefully handpicked after extensive research and personal experience. I will delve into the key features, cutting-edge technologies, and user reviews to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your next trusty club.

So, join me as we embark on an exciting journey through the world of golf putters and discover the top contenders for mid handicappers in 2024. Let's take our game to new heights and sink those putts with confidence and finesse!

Understanding Mid Handicap Golfing and Putting Needs

Mid handicap golfers occupy a unique position in the vast landscape of golf playing abilities. Understanding their specific needs, especially when it comes to putting, is essential for achieving better gameplay.

Defining Mid Handicappers

A mid handicapper typically has a handicap that falls between 11 and 20. These golfers have a fair understanding of the game and display a blend of skill and sporadic errors. They can occasionally score in the 80s and are often looking for ways to improve their game's consistency. To provide further insights into the world of mid handicappers, Golf Digest has a comprehensive breakdown of handicap distributions.

Putting Challenges for Mid Handicappers

A common issue faced by mid handicappers is erratic putting. They tend to struggle with long-distance putts, lack consistency in their stroke, and face difficulty in reading greens. Misalignment is often an issue, and so is the control of distance, especially on faster greens. These putting challenges could significantly affect game scores, making it necessary for mid handicappers to invest in a high-quality, aptly suited putter.

Key Characteristics of a Good Putter for Mid Handicapers

A good putter should accommodate the golfer's style and help them overcome their weaknesses. For mid handicappers, the putter should have a high moment of inertia, which assists in maintaining a straight course, even with miss-hits. Additionally, alignment aids and a suitable weight distribution can provide better control and increase stroke consistency. Deciding on a putter design often depends on personal preference, but mallet putters with their larger heads tend to be more forgiving for mid handicappers. has an excellent guide that discusses the key characteristics a mid handicapper should look for in a putter.

Understanding the unique needs and challenges of mid handicap golf and putting forms the first step towards improvement. Recognizing the defining characteristics of an optimal putter for mid handicappers and choosing accordingly can elevate their gameplay, pushing them closer to being low handicap players.

Unlocking Putter Technologies

In the constantly evolving world of golf, innovative technological advancements in putter design and construction greatly influence performance on the greens. If you're looking to improve your mid-handicap golf game, unlocking the secrets behind these advancements can often hold the key to lowering your scores.

Importance of Putter Head Designs

Putter head designs come in many shapes and sizes, each catering to a specific stroke style. Traditional blade putters, with their simple, thin clubhead design, often suit golfers with an arcing stroke path considerable amount of movement. In contrast, mallet putters, with their larger, heavier clubhead, are ideal for golfers who prefer a straight-back, straight-through stroke. The larger size of a mallet putter offers greater forgiveness for off-center hits and tends to provide better alignment aids. The Callaway Golf's Odyssey series(source) is one such example of innovative putter head designs.

Grip and Shaft Technologies

Modern grips and shafts technologies influence the weight distribution and swing path of the putter. There are thick, thin, long, short, pistol, paddle-style grips and many more. Each provides a unique feel and can influence the path of your stroke. Similarly, shaft length and flex matter too. A shorter shaft length can help with control, while a longer one is better suited for taller players or those preferring a more upright stance. True Temper's multi-material shafts(source) are gaining popularity among golfers for delivering superior consistency and feel.

Assessing Material and Weight Distribution

Modern putter materials play a vital role in the performance of a putter. Materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or copper produce different feel and sounds at impact while helping to control the overall weight of the putter. Similarly, weight distribution in a putter can influence the stroke path and the overall stability of the putter during the swing. Taylormade's Spider series(source) putters come with redistributed weight design enhancing stability and control. Assessing these factors can help you make a knowledgeable choice in your quest to perfect your putting game.

Review of Top 8 Putters for Mid Handicappers

In this section, we are going to delve into the specifics of the top-rated putters for mid handicappers. By focusing on key factors like the model overview, their performance, and of course, cost efficiency. Also, going through online retail giants like Amazon and eBay will provide us with verified user reviews and a broader context for our analysis.

2024's Leading Putter Model Overview

As we move ahead in 2024, the competition between top brands in regards to putters for mid-handicappers is more intense than ever. The top 8 models on our list include offerings from renowned manufacturers like TaylorMade, Ping, Odyssey, and Cleveland. Each brand brings forth their unique technology and designs that focus on improving alignment, stability, and speed control.

Analysis of Putter Performance

Performance is a prime consideration when it comes to choosing a putter. In this analysis, we will concentrate on key performance aspects such as control, balance, consistency and feel of each model. A stand-out in these aspects is the TaylorMade Spider X with its True Path Alignment System and optically engineered sightline to improve putting accuracy.

Cost Comparisons, Affordability and Value

We understand that affordability is a crucial factor for most mid handicappers. That is why we have compared the costs of the top putters from these leading brands. It is interesting to note that more expensive doesn't always equate to better. A more affordable option like Cleveland's Huntington Beach Putter performs excellently on greens and gives its pricier counterparts a run for their money. For value seekers, eBay often has some great deals on these top-rated putters.

On the whole, the right choice of a putter is crucial for mid handicappers since it can significantly upgrade your putting performance. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision.

Putter Fitting Advice

Choosing the right putter can significantly enhance your mid-handicap golfing game. And one of the key steps to finding that perfect putter is through professional putter fitting. In this section, we're going to delve into the importance of a professional putter fitting, explore the steps involved in the fitting process, and highlight how fitting your putter can enhance your overall golf performance.

Importance of a Professional Putter Fitting

Professional putter fitting is crucial in improving your game. Many golfers tend to overlook the need for this service, but it can make an enormous difference to your scorecard. Tailoring your putter to fit your style and requirements can provide a distinct advantage on the greens, helping you to eliminate needless errors and boost your confidence. Golf Digest offers a detailed discussion on why you need to get your putter tailored.

Steps in a Putter Fitting Process

The putter fitting process involves a series of steps designed to ensure the club fits your style, stroke, and stance. These steps can include assessing your current putter, capturing details about your stroke dynamics, checking the length, loft, and lie of your putter, and evaluating your visual aim and speed control. The fitting process ensures that your putter is specifically designed to compliment your game. To understand this process in more detail, consider reading this guide from Plugged In Golf, which thoroughly explains the putter fitting process.

How Putter Fitting Enhances your Performance

Tailoring your putter to match your unique stroke can profoundly impact your performance. A custom-fitted putter can increase accuracy, give a better feel, improve consistency, and foster confidence in your game. By eliminating distracting factors such as discomfort and awkwardness, you can focus solely on perfecting your putt. A study on the National Library of Medicine supports these claims, proving that a fitted putter can indeed improve a golfer's performance.

User Reviews and Testimonials

To make the best decision on choosing a putter that suits your handicap level and needs, unbiased user reviews and testimonials can be of great help. These usually come from golfers who have already purchased and used the putters you are considering. Their experiences and insights can give you a clear picture of the putter's performance in real-world conditions and help you better understand its pros and cons.

Real User Experiences with the Top Putters

If you are looking for first-hand experiences of golfers, several online platforms provide user reviews on the latest golf putters. Websites like Golf Digest and GolfWRX offer insights from real users, discussing everything from the weight of the putter to how it improved (or perhaps didn't improve) their game. Going through these experiences will not only help you confirm the manufacturer's claims but also understand how a particular putter resonates with your specific golfing style and needs.

Pros and Cons Based on User Reviews

Carving out pros and cons from the experiences shared by real users can be a significant step towards making your final decision. Look for trends and recurrences in people's experiences with a putter. If many users found a certain putter difficult to handle due to its weight, it might be something worth considering. On the flip side, a putter unanimously praised for its balanced weight and smooth strokes shows it's likely a great choice. Take into account how these pros and cons align with your skills and putting needs to make the best choice.


The realm of mid handicap golfing has diverse needs and challenges, particularly in the area of putting. Selecting the right putter is crucial, with aspects like head designs, grip and shaft technologies, material, and weight distribution playing significant roles. The year 2024 offers an array of putters optimized for mid handicappers that balance cost, performance, and value. Opting for a professional putter fitting can greatly enhance your performance, tailoring putt precision to your play style. User reviews and testimonials serve as invaluable resources for real experiences and insights. Making the final decision requires careful consideration of the impact on your overall golf game and reliable purchasing channels. With your ideal putter in hand, adopting the right training practices and strategies can help you overcome common putting mistakes, giving you the edge on the green. We hope this comprehensive review serves as a beacon guiding your quest for the best putters for mid handicappers in 2024. Keep returning for the latest, expert-curated content that navigates you through the vibrant terrain of golf.

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