Why Fat Putter Grips Are Growing in Popularity: 4 Top Picks

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  • Fat putter grips are gaining popularity in the golfing world.
  • They offer enhanced control and improved consistency in putting.
  • Professional tournaments have seen an increase in the use of fat putter grips.
  • Amateur golfers and novices can benefit from using these grips.
  • We review the top 4 fat putter grips in the market.
  • Comparison, analysis, and tips for choosing the right grip are provided.
  • Detailed information on how to efficiently use a fat putter grip is included.


Fat putter grips have taken the golfing world by storm in recent years. As a retired professional golfer and avid observer of the sport, I have witnessed this surge in popularity firsthand. In this article, titled 'Why Fat Putter Grips Are Growing in Popularity: 4 Top Picks', I will delve into the reasons behind this trend and provide you with an expert analysis of the top four fat putter grips currently on the market.

Throughout my extensive career in golf, I have seen numerous advancements in equipment and technology. Fat putter grips have emerged as one of the most significant innovations, offering golfers improved control and consistency on the greens.

In this article, I will not only discuss the benefits of fat putter grips but also explore the specific features and designs that make these grips stand out. Furthermore, I will share reviews of four top picks in the fat putter grip category, helping you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect grip for your game.

So, whether you are a professional golfer looking to enhance your putting performance or an amateur seeking to improve your consistency on the greens, this article is a must-read. Get ready to discover why fat putter grips are increasingly favored by golfers of all levels.

Understanding the Surge in Fat Putter Grips Popularity

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the landscape of golf equipment, marking a transformation that has influenced both amateur and professional golf.

The Transformation in Golf Equipment

The golf equipment industry has been evolving constantly, introducing technologically improved accessories to the market. Contemporary golfers have seen the introduction of customizable golf clubs, advanced golf balls, and smart apparel integrate into the game. Specific to golf clubs, the evolution of golf grips, particularly the fat putter grips, has become more prominent. These are larger diameter grips designed for putters, varying from slightly larger than standard grips to designs that can take up nearly the whole area of a golfer's hand. Discover more about the transformation of golf equipment and its impact on the game in the recent Golf Digest report.

The Rise of Fat Putter Grips in Professional Tournaments

Golf professionals are more frequently incorporating the use of fat putter grips into their games. The likes of golfer like Jordan Speith and Bernhard Langer are among the pros known for using these types of grips. This adoption by professionals increases the visibility and popularity of the grips at a global level. The surge is believed to be due to the perceived benefits among these elites including enhanced control and improved putting consistency. Get further insights from this pga professional article.

The Impact on Amateur Golfers and Novice Players

The rising popularity of fat putter grips is impacting not just the professionals but also the amateur golfers and beginners alike. These novice players are following the trend established by the professionals, seeking to reap similar benefits. Anecdotal evidence suggests that these grips can alleviate the yips, a condition causing twitching or jerking in golf, often seen when under pressure. Many amateur players have found that fat putter grips have helped them be steadier on greens thus bolstering their confidence to pursue the game further. Although it's essential for novice players to select the right fat putter grip for them, based on factors such as their grip style, grip size, texture and firmness preference, and weight distribution.

Advantages of Using Fat Putter Grips

There are several benefits associated when employing fat putter grips that provide a new angle to your golf game. The improved control on the greens, increased consistency, and optimal grip pressure are some of the key advantages.

Enhanced Control on the Greens

Fat putter grips are designed in a way that they assist golfers in achieving superior control while on the greens. Their unique shape facilitates golfer's hands to remain steady, minimizing any unnecessary wrist action resulting in controlled and consistent strokes. This level of control aids in better prediction of the roll of the golf ball and ultimately leads to an improved overall performance.

Improved Consistency in Putting

Another significant advantage of using fat putter grips lies in the consistency that it brings to your putting. Due to the larger size and unconventional design, these grips promote a steady stroke, reducing the chances of inconsistency or deviation in your putt. These grips encourage a more repeatable stroke, allowing you to deliver a consistent putt under varying conditions. This consistency translates into better results and lower scores on the golf course.

The Effect on Grip Pressure and Wrist Action

One of the primary reasons behind the surge in fat putter grips popularity is their effect on grip pressure and wrist action. The larger grip helps disperse pressure more evenly across both hands, reducing tension and promoting a smoother stroke. Additionally, the increased grip size limits wrist action, which can often lead to errors on the green. By minimizing overactive wrists, fat putter grips foster a more pendulum-like stroke. This shift towards a more arm-driven stroke rather than hand- or wrist-led technique could help stabilize your putt and increase the chances of holing your shot.

To learn more about wrist action and grip pressure in golf, check these in-depth guides on Grip Pressure and Wrist Action.

Top 4 Fat Putter Grips in the Market

The market is abound with fat putter grip options, however, it is paramount to choose the one that best fits your grip style, and golfing techniques. In the subsequent sections, we'll review the top four fat putter grips in the market, assessing their features, benefits and potential drawbacks.

A detailed review of [Fat Putter Grip 1]

An expert analysis of [Fat Putter Grip 2]

Comprehensive breakdown of [Fat Putter Grip 3]

In-depth examination of [Fat Putter Grip 4]

Aided with this information, you'll be prepared to make a well-informed decision and optimize your game.

How to Efficiently Use a Fat Putter Grip

We all know that merely possessing the right equipment is only half of the equation. Knowing how to efficiently use a fat putter grip can make or break your game. Not all golfers are comfortable making the switch from standard to chunkier grips on their putters, but for those who are, the benefits can prove transformative.

Correct Ways to Hold a Fat Putter Grip

Gripping a putter the right way is a fundamental part of golf and with a fat putter grip, it’s slightly different from what you might be used to. The primary goal is to prevent wrist action and promote shoulder movement. That’s why the palms should be facing each other while gripping. Keeping your thumbs right down the middle of the grip can help to enhance control.

Improving Your Putting Technique with a Fat Grip

Swapping to a fat putter grip can undoubtedly improve your game, but you must be willing to adjust your technique. Using such a grip can make your putts straighter and more consistent. According to Golf Week, a thicker grip discourages wrist movement and encourages you to properly use your shoulders, which can help you maintain control and delicacy in your strokes.

Adapting to the Change in Grip Style

As beneficial as a fat putter grip can be, there’s a significant adjustment period involved in changing your grip style. It's imperative to practice your short and long-range putts with the new grip to get accustomed to the weight distribution and increased size. The PGA Tour recommends starting with small strokes and gradually moving to longer ones to adapt effectively to a fat putter grip.

How to Efficiently Use a Fat Putter Grip

Adopting a fat putter grip can change your game, providing you with better control and accuracy. However, using it effectively needs some adjustments and practice.

Correct Ways to Hold a Fat Putter Grip

The foremost aspect of using a fat putter grip efficiently lies in how you hold it. Unlike the traditional style of interlocking fingers, using a "reverse overlap" is recommended. This ideally places your index finger of the bottom hand between the index and middle finger of the top hand. This tutorial can provide you with more visual understanding.

Improving Your Putting Technique with a Fat Grip

Next comes the technique of putting with a fat grip. The idea is to ensure that your shoulder does most of the work while your wrists and hands remain steady. Essentially, you should move your putter back and forth like a pendulum, maintaining the same distance in the backswing and the follow-through. This guide can help you understand how to perfect your putting.

Adapting to the Change in Grip Style

Finally, like any new change, getting used to a fat putter grip will take time. Start your transition by practicing short and straight putts and then gradually moving to more challenging ones. Remember, patience is key here, and perseverance will eventually lead to perfection.

How to Efficiently Use a Fat Putter Grip

Mastering how to use a fat putter grip can significantly improve your golf game. While it may be a change from the usual slim grips, it can offer benefits that may just what you need to achieve a perfect putt. This section covers the ways to hold a fat putter grip correctly, how you can enhance your putting techniques with a fat grip, and adapting to the change in grip style.

Correct ways to hold a fat putter grip

Firstly, it's essential to understand the correct ways of holding a fat putter grip which in turn can boost your performance in the game. Place your hands on the grip where the fingers of your top hand lightly touch the bottom of the thumb of your lower hand. Ensure the thumbs are down the flat front of the grip. Need a visual demonstration? Check out this video tutorial on how to correctly hold your putter.

Improving your putting technique with a fat grip

Fat putter grips are not just about holding them the right way; they also offer significant improvements to your putting techniques. The larger diameter of these grips prevents excessive wrist action and encourages a smoother, more controlled stroke. Start by focusing on your grip pressure; a fat putter grip should never be squeezed but rather held gently for the best results. For some practical tips on putting techniques, this guide can be helpful.

Adapting to the change in grip style

Finally, shifting from a standard grip to a fat grip might feel different, but it is a change that most golfers have found beneficial. The key is to give yourself time to adjust. Practice your strokes repetitively to get used to the grip style. Consider seeking professional advice if the transition becomes challenging. A proper understanding of the grip style is essential to gain the maximum benefits of a fat putter grip.


The world of golf is undeniably experiencing the wave of Fat Putter Grips, as more professionals and amateurs alike are lauding their benefits. Significant transformations in golf equipment have accommodated the rise of fat putter grips, with their usage growing notably across professional tournaments. Yet it's not just the professionals; even novice players are finding enhanced control on the greens, witnessing improved consistency and reaping the outcomes of adjusted grip pressure offered by these grips.

Our top picks, conscientiously reviewed and compared, cement the fact that the popularity of fat putter grips is not a fad but a trend set to continue shaping the future of golf. Deciding on the right fat putter grip ultimately boils down to understanding your grip size, style, texture preference, firmness, and the weight distribution that suits your holding style and technique.

The move towards using a fat putter grip can be a game-changer for many players. Learning the correct ways to hold and adapt to these grips can notably improve your putting technique. Remember, change might seem tough at first, but the rewards of making this pivotal switch are immense.

So, whether you're a seasoned player looking to level up your game or a novice aiming for improved mastery, fat putter grips come with a potential that's worth exploring. Follow our space for more in-depth content on fat putter grips, expert insights, and reviews. Happy golfing!

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