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11 Must Know Golf Tips for Women That Actually Work

11 Must Know Golf Tips for Women That Actually Work

As a woman golfer, you will know that I have heard both good as well as bad advice throughout the years.

Because of their lack of swing speed, many women golfers are viewed as completely different players. The good news is that this is not true. There are many ways that women golfers could improve and compete against any player.

These are 11 of our top tips for women golfers. These tips will actually work!


1. Takeaway: Low and slow

The key to a successful golf swing is slow and low.

Many women golfers push this to make it faster in order to increase their clubhead speed. Trust me on this one. A nice slow, low takeaway will not cause your clubhead speed to drop.

You can speed up by being strong and being in a good position at impact. It’s important to keep it low and slow to allow the hips to turn back, and the wrist hinge to occur at the right time.


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Aggressive

Many women golfers have a remarkable tempo and rhythm that can greatly help with consistency.

There is nothing wrong with being aggressive. Don’t be afraid to go after the ball when the situation allows. You can confidently swing and face your target, keeping your hands up.

This is especially important when you are trying to hit bunker shots. This is why so many women slow down when taking these shots. The result will be a golf club that is still in the bunker. Of course, you will need to learn the mechanics of the bunker shot, but once you have that down, don’t be afraid to swing with full confidence.


3. Consistency Is Key

You can either swing out of your shoes and get five more yards, or you can swing with consistency and hit it five feet short but down the middle. Choose consistency.

Women golfers get a bit of a break by getting to play from the ladies’ tees; your goal is to become a consistent and accurate player from here, don’t worry about driving the green.

You should also ensure that your putting stroke is consistent. You will have problems with confidence and your ability make putts if you are inconsistent in your putting stroke. Instead, focus on making consistent strokes each time and improving the overall rolling of your putts.


female golfer

4. A wider outlook is not always better

Many women golfers are encouraged to take a more open stance by their fellow golfers or family members who are trying to help.

Women golfers must have the right posture. If you are too wide, it can be difficult to get your weight off the back and generate enough club head speed.

I used to ask women golfers how they stood with their feet together to hit shots. The results were amazing; many had better success than you might think.


5. To increase your clubhead speed, use weights

If you want the ball to go further and be stronger, then do it!

The equation for hitting longer golf shots is simple. It’s easy to swing the golf club faster, but you might need more strength.

Start by learning the basics of golf swing and getting them down. Then, you can start swinging with a heavier club to make it a little easier. Weighted clubs can make a big difference in the distances of female golfers.


6. Women’s Golf Equipment Isn’t Always Better

Women’s golf equipment is not always the right choice for all women golfers.

If you are a faster swing speed player or a taller woman golfer, senior golf clubs and even men’s golf clubs can be a good fit. Don’t get stuck on the idea that you need women’s golf clubs.

This also applies to women’s golf balls. There are not many premium golf balls for women. Most offer soft feel or distance, but few offer high spin.

Don’t worry about the woman’s version of the ball; simply switch to something you can get the performance you need.


7. High Ball Flight

Some women golfers are not aware of the importance of ball flight and how it affects their swing.

A higher ball flight is necessary to achieve greater distance. That fairway wood that you’ve had all these years that is a bit heavy and won’t allow you to get the ball up in the air too high has got to go!

Look for golf clubs that allow the ball soar high in the air. These can be used to increase distance and total carry.


8. Course Management Is Key

The key to playing great golf is good course management. If you are not sure the best place to hit your next golf shot, don’t even swing!

Women golfers need to plan every hole and be strategic about where they are playing their shots. Sometimes this means that you need to aim away from a bunker, or lay up before a waterhazard on a par 5.

Women golfers need to be aware of their ball flight and how it will impact the course management decisions. If you are prone to having a miss or a little slice, aim your drive on the left side of fairway.


9. Find a great instructor

It’s great to work on your game and get better through lots of drills and self-driven practice but finding a great instructor makes this entire process so much more fun. A great instructor will make it easy to have something you can count on and enjoy working alongside.

You can also share your wins with them, which can make the entire process more enjoyable. Golf tips from other beginners, your spouse, or friends are sometimes not all that helpful, and it’s crucial to get great information from those that know the game well.

Don’t feel the need to take weekly lessons if it is not your preference, but going to a lesson from time to time is a great way to improve your overall game and check in on your progress.


10. These short game shots are not all the same

All pitches and chips are different. The more you can design shots around the green, then the better your chances of scoring. Most women golfers don’t have enough wedges.

Many women players only have a pitching and sand wedge. Professionals have a pitching, gap, sand, and lob wedge. They can hit a variety shots with each of these clubs.

This means that experienced players can hit shots that are low, high and quick stopping. You will be much more competitive if you can hit a variety shots around the greens. There are many chips!


11. Get involved in tournaments of golf

If you don’t like competitive golf as an individual sport, try to find a friend to play some partner events with. Golfing with friends is great fun and will teach you so many things about the game.

Women’s golf events are sometimes just scrambles or team better ball events. You might not feel the pressure you think, and sometimes our games work really well with this extra pressure.

Participating in tournaments is a great way to practice for your game and prepare. It is essential to have a goal, and getting involved in tournaments can help you achieve that goal quickly and easily.