A Golf Club’s Sweet Spot: Find it and Hit it More Often

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Is there anything more satisfying in golf than hitting the sweet spot?

Its as rewarding to hit a pure wood or iron directly in the middle, as it is to drain a long putt for birdie. As an amateur golfer there’s nothing more rewarding than hitting it in the middle of the face… as they used to say, “Hit it on the screws.”

While there aren’t screws in your woods anymore (which I can’t imagine trying to hit) the sweet spot is what we’re all after. Every golfer strives to find the sweet spot every round to keep them coming back. 

But golf is a game of misses and you’re more likely to hit it high, low, left, or right of the center more often than not. Professional golfers tend to find it like a clockwork every round.

Continue reading to find out more about the sought-after sweet spot in golf, and how to get it more often! 

Golf Club Sweet Spot 101 

Before we dive into how to hit it better, let’s first define this common term.

The center of the clubface is where the sweet spot is. 

The size of this spot changes based on the golf clubs you’re using and the type of clubs as well. Sweet spots are larger for longer clubs like drivers than for shorter clubs like wedges.

But you’re also swinging longer clubs at higher speeds, they have less loft, and they have much longer shafts as well. This makes it more difficult to hit the sweet spot often (which is why many amateur golfers fear their drivers).

The ball travels further and faster if it is hit in the middle. It’s the signal of a perfect golf shot and even sounds different from mishits.

Make sure you stop at the driving range if you attend a PGA Tour event. It is quite different from the normal sound that regular golfers make when they hit a ball. It’s the sound of pure bliss and one that everyone in the sport strives for.

It not only sounds good, but it also feels great. It is possible to feel the perfect shot differently when it vibrates through your hands. This is a vastly different feeling than a thin shot in cold temperatures that stings because you hit it low on your club face. 

Sweet Spots Have Changed (Larger sweet spot)

Everyday golfers don’t realize how good we have it in terms of technology. Golf clubs are easier to hit and bigger than ever. The wedges, driver and other equipment make it easier to play. If you look at the clubs from 30 to 100 years ago, it’s hard to fathom even attempting.

Golf clubs were once small and stiff. They were difficult to swing consistently. Today, golf clubs can be oversized, have tons of flexibility options, are lightweight, and are easy to swing. 

The debate over blades and cavity back irons comes down to the sweet spot. Some golfers prefer to use blades and compact designs, but most golfers know that cavity back irons make it easier to hit the ball and will choose the easiest irons. Even though they are the best ball strikers around, LIV Golf and the PGA Tour have hybrids, graphite shafts and more forgiving clubs. 

What Happens if You Miss a Sweet Spot?

Missing the sweet spot Used to mean big problems.

Your shot could have been drastically different if you missed in the center with smaller clubs. But now technology has changed the game and your misses aren’t nearly as bad as they once were.

Here’s what happens when you don’t make solid contact with the center of the club:

  • Low on the forehead: When you hit a ball slightly low on the face the ball doesn’t go as high as normal. However, it can still travel the maximum distance. This is why so many golfers say this. “thin to win.”
  • High on the face: When you hit a shot high on the face, you’ll hit it fat with irons or a pop-up with drivers/woods. These are incredibly frustrating shots that don’t go anywhere and can damage your golf clubs.
  • Toe miss: If you miss off the toe, you’ll tend to hit it left of your target.
  • Heel miss: If you miss off the heel, you’ll tend to hit it right of your target.

You can also have different types misses due swing path and club face.

For example, if you hit it low on the face and off the toe, it’ll go lower and to the left. This is why it’s important to learn the ball flight laws of golf and understand the bottom point in the swing. 


How to Hit the Sweet Spot more Often 

If you’re like most beginner golfers, I’m sure you’ve asked, “How do you hit the sweet spot on a golf club?” It’s a good question because when you do, your ball goes longer and straighter than ever. 

Step 1: Purchase Spray or Impact Tape

If you want to become a better ball striker, you first need to learn where you’re making contact on the face. Golf impact tape, which goes on your clubface, is the best way to do this. Then you hit balls with different clubs and can see if you’re hitting it high, low, off the toe, or off the heel. 

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of tape you can always use spray as well. We suggest using Strike Spray as it won’t damage your club and is easy to keep in your bag. Click here to see our full review.

After trying different clubs, you should be able find a pattern. Most golfers make the same mistakes, whether they hit it low on their face (aka thin shots), or off their heels (aka slice ball flight). Once you have a better understanding about your impact position, you can then work backwards to find a solution.

Step 2: Analyze your Swing 

Once you can learn from your tape or spray, it’s time to analyze more in-depth. Golf is a funny sport, as one bad move or alignment can cause all kinds of swing changes. It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of your miss.

If you don’t love to learn about swing theory it’s best to get a golf coach, whether it’s in-person or online. But if you like geeking out on all things golf, click here to learn how to analyze your swing.

Four things are important when analysing:

  • Grip
  • Alignment 
  • Takeaway 
  • Good posture

These four areas are often the cause of mishits and poor contact. Overall, improving your golf swing can lead to better contact.

Step 3: Add More Practice Sessions

It is important to practice the drills in order to get that great feeling of hitting that sweet spot more often. While you don’t need to spend hours a day on the driving range, you can’t skip work and expect to get better. To hit the ball straighter and more often, you need a golf swing that you can rely on.

Check out these top-rated practice articles: 

  • Best Golf Practice Drills
  • How to Use a Launch Monitor

FAQs on Finding the Sweet Spot

Are you looking for more information about hitting the sweet spot and improving your shot? Continue reading to find out more.

What is the sweet spot in a golf clubs green? 

It’s in the middle of the golf club; The sweet spot is smaller the smaller the clubhead.

If you look at older golf clubs it’s easy to see why they’re so difficult to hit… the sweet spot was almost non-existent! Compared to today where drivers are 460CC, it’s night and day thanks to modern technology. 

Why does golf clubs have a sweet place?

To give you something to aim at – but seriously, most golfers try to hit it and rarely do. Golf is a game of misses. You can miss the sweet spot on most shots, but still manage to score a good score. Because of new technology, mishits are now straighter and more long.

Its possible to do anything if your short game, course management, mental game are all good. While it’s important to groove a consistent swing, don’t forget that scoring from inside 100 yards is what matters most. 

What is the sweet spot of a golf clubs green? 

That’s a great question since it’s not marked on the club. The typical irons sweet spot is approximately the size of a pinhead. It’s typically larger in fairway woods and biggest in your driver. Drivers for beginners have a larger sweet spot.

Final Thoughts about Hitting the Sweet Spot

While the goal on every golf swing or putt is to hit the sweet spot, it doesn’t happen often for most golfers. There are some shots that will keep you coming back to the course, even on difficult days. 

The good news is that you don’t need to find the sweet spot with every golf swing. Because of the amazing technology, even shots from the heel or toe can be made pretty straight. Even if you miss it, they still have enough ball speed to improve your golf game.

Golf technology has made the game so much more enjoyable than the old days when you had to use a heavy shaft made of steel and small persimmon trees. Even the best golfers in the world can still find it challenging, however.

You can find the sweet spot more often if you study your swing and make any necessary adjustments. Without enough practice you can learn how to “swing your swing” and navigate the golf course with ease.

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