An Honest WellPutt Putting Mat Review

An Honest WellPutt Putting Mat Review

Welcome back to my putting-mat review series!

In this article, I’m going to dive into what I like and dislike about the WellPutt putting mat. Before you decide which mat to buy, take a look at my opinions on the PrimePutt and Birdieball putting mats.

There are many putting greens available. The sheer number of options can make choosing the right one difficult.

WellPutt stands out from the rest by offering a putting system and not just a practice mat.


Quick Overview of The WellPutt Putting Golf Course

Have you ever heard the classic coaching saying, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect”? This phrase reminds me of WellPutt’s putting mat. This mat was created by WellPutt for serious golfers looking to improve their putting.

The WellPutt mat is a putting mat that actually trains you. You’ll be able to work on the most crucial aspects of your putting stroke, like speed and alignment.

WellPutt takes putting seriously and offers a comprehensive training manual. The company also offers a mobile app that allows golfers to track their progress and improve their putting performance. At only a little over 4 pounds, it’s easy to bring this mat with you on road trips or golf tournaments that are far away.


wellputt putting system

What I like about the WellPutt Golf Putting Green

The WellPutt mat is quite different from the 2 we reviewed. This is refreshing. It’s nice to see a company take a different approach to practicing putting instead of just following along with the crowd. Here are my top picks for the WellPut putting surface.

  • Easy Installation:Installing the WellPutt practice rug is simple and painless. Simply roll out the mat and then tape it using double-sided carpet adhesive.
  • Includes a Training SystemThe training manual that came with the practice mat was huge! This system will help golfers hit straighter shots with the right speed. The app is also available on mobile devices to help you stay accountable and motivated. How big is the app? There are three levels of training and 54 exercises. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Amazing SizeThere are many sizes available on the WellPutt mat. The 13-foot length of the one I tried was sufficient for me to practice my medium- and short-range putts in my living room.
  • Decent FlatnessThis mat is made out of a carpet material and lays flat right out of its box. You won’t have to deal with any annoying bumps or high spots that can inhibit your putts.
  • You Can Play 18 Holes:You can play an entire 18-hole round as part of the WellPutt system. This is a great feature that comes with its own points system, so you can practice with more purpose. This is a lot more effective than trying to sink putt after putt at different distances.
  • Tons of alignment linesSpeed and alignment are two key factors in putting. The WellPutt’s plethora lines allow golfers to focus on their practice putts and go straight back. It also shows how to aim 12-18 inches beyond the hole when judging how fast to hit your putts.
  • Credibility:Cameron McCormick endorses this putting practice mat. If you’re an avid golf fan, that name may sound familiar because he currently coaches So Yeon Ryu, Daniel Berger, and Jordan Spieth.
  • Great for Ball Speed Training Here’s another cool feature that a lot of folks may not know about. Each direction that you putt in has a different speed. The speed of one direction will help you improve your putting accuracy and the speed of the other will help with distance control.
  • Lifetime Guarantee:WellPutt stands by the quality of all its practice mats. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products, which is something that’s rare in this day and age.
  • Available in 3 SizesThe WellPutt putting rug comes in sizes 10, 13 and 26 feet. This is a great option because the buyer can choose which size will work best in their area. The 26-foot version is the best for outdoor use or in a garage. The other two versions are great for indoor or home use.
  • Award-Winning:My Golf Spy named WellPutt’s practice mat the Best Game Improvement Mat for 2020 and 2021.
  • You can order custom items: Need a putting practice mat that’s a different size, shape, or color? WellPutt can help you design the perfect green for your putting stroke. Contact them at [email protected]



What I Don’t Like About The WellPutt Putting Green

There are many good things about the WellPutt Practice Mat, but I have some concerns. Let’s take a look at some of the features that WellPutt could improve.

  • No Flagsticks or Cups:This is a huge deal for me! This takes the joy out of practicing golf. It is very tiring to putt and have to check if it was good.
  • Surface too smooth: I also wasn’t too thrilled with how slick this practice mat was. The material makes it feel like I’m playing putt-putt golf on some very thin carpet. It is not like putting on a green. WellPutt claims their mats are made this way because it allows for better ball speed training. I respectfully disagree, as no other golf course in the country has greens that fast as this mat!
  • Too many lines: I’m all for working on my alignment, but the sheer number of lines on the WellPutt practice green is simply too overwhelming. The sheer number of lines on the WellPutt practice green could cause some golfers to overthink their putting. This is certainly not a good thing.


Overall Rating and a Few Other Thoughts: 4/10

It was difficult to rate the WellPutt mat. The training system is great, but I miss the simplicity and ease of just trying to hit a few putts in my spare time. I think the WellPutt is a great tool to have on hand for those moments when your alignment is off.

If I’m rating the WellPutt as a putting training system, it’s a 6 out of 10. It’s a great way to practice, as you can play 18 holes with a unique point system. I have to rate this product lower because I don’t have flagsticks or cups.

The WellPutt is a good practice mat. I rate it a 4/10. The surface is very slippery, which makes your putts roll too fast. This makes practice seem unrealistic.

I would rate the WellPutt higher if the surface could be slowed down. If you are a golfer, you might consider laying the mat on carpet rather than a hard surface. This could make it a bit easier to roll.

If your budget allows, I’d buy the PrimePutt as your main practice mat and the WellPutt just for alignment and speed training. This would allow you to have the best of both. We appreciate your interest in this series. I hope these reviews have been helpful in your quest to sink more putsts!

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