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Bag Boy Backbone Review

Bag Boy Backbone Review

Golfers who travel with golf clubs may experience some anxiety. Bag Boy Backbone travel cover support is here to help ease some of this anxiety and ensure you golf clubs arrive safely.

Because let’s face it, is there anything scarier than going on a golf trip only to find your clubs broken or severely damaged? After seeing enough TSA videos on social media and YouTube, it’s safe to say not all of them love golf quite like we do.

Bag Boy is a new gadget designed to make flying with golf clubs easier. In this article we’ll review the handy golf accessory and also share some best tips to travel with golf clubs.

Bag Boy Backbone Travel Cover Support Review

Key Takeaways

  • Golf clubs can be a hassle to travel with, but they are not a problem. Bag Boy Backbone can help.
  • If you travel with golf clubs in a soft case, you will need a backbone to provide additional support.
  • Airlines aren’t great when it comes to replacing or covering costs with golf clubs so it’s a good idea to protect them as much as possible.

Keep reading to learn why we think this is a no-brainer gadget if you’re flying with golf clubs.

Maximum Golf Club Protection

There are two options when it comes time to bring your golf clubs onto an airplane. A hard shell case or a soft cover. Both cases have their pros and con, but soft shell cases fit more comfortably into a car trunk or can be rolled around the airport. But sadly, they’re a little more flimsy in terms of structure and don’t have quite the support of a hard shell case.

What’s the solution?

You can also find out more about the A-Team here. Bag Boy Backbone Travel cover Support system.

This collapsible, 100% aluminum pole protects your golf clubs while you travel. The rod fits in your golf bag and extends up to 54 inches (about 8–9 inches longer than a standard driver) to give your soft case structure.

Now, your driver, fairway woods, and hybrids aren’t nearly as exposed at the top of your bag where there is the least amount of protection. This small device has an oversized top cap with a durable finish that rests above your clubs for maximum protection.

Lightweight Design

Not to mention, it’s very lightweight and easy to store. Bag Boy said: “Three telescoping sections easily collapse and expand for preferred protection length, adjust up to 54” and collapse to 23.5” for easy storage.”

This is great because it won’t take up too much space and won’t weigh your bag down. Since most airlines have a 40-50 pound weight limit, the last thing you want is a device that takes up 5–10 pounds. Instead, the lightweight shaft of aluminum barely adds weight to your travel bag.

Bag Boy BackBone Travel Cover , Silver/Black

Easy to Use

The ease of use is another benefit. Bag Boy said it best: “A simple push button allows you to adjust the length, while an oversized cap provides maximum club protection, making this support system perfect for use with a variety of different travel covers.”

Once you’ve packed your golf bag and put it in the travel case, simply insert the Backbone Travel Cover near your driver, hit the button and you’re all set. The umbrella-shaped telescopic aluminum pole fits in any golf bag. You can easily lower or raise it to fit the bag.

When you aren’t using and need to store in your garage or closet, simply push it down to the smallest 23.5 inch size. This makes it easy to store almost anywhere and doesn’t take up much space.

Bag Boy Backbone Review

Other Golf Travel Tips

Here are some other tips for traveling with golf clubs, besides using the protective shield.

  • If possible, fly direct.
  • Take pictures or videos of your clubs as you pack them.
  • Check the weight limit with your airline in advance.
  • If your bag gets lost, make sure you have your contact information on the bag or on the bag itself.
  • Pack extra towels between clubs to prevent scratching or any other damage.
  • Don’t store any valuables in your golf travel bags and put them in carry-on baggage instead.
  • Buy an Apple AirTag so you can track your bags from anywhere using “Find my iPhone.” This makes it easier to find them if God forbid they get lost.
  • OptionalIf you have an extra driver shaft, pack it. It is usually the hardest shaft to change. Not to forget the most important club in the bag.

Here are some other items that will make flying with your golf clubs easier.

Apple AirTag

Purchase an extra peace of mind by purchasing an Apple AirTagTracking device for your golf clubs. Using the app you can always check their location and you’ll forget it’s in your bag since it’s so small. The best money you can invest for maximum peace-of-mind.

TSA Approved Lock

Want to protect your clubs even further? Want even more protection for your golf clubs? TSA approved lockIt is a small fee that can ensure your gear has additional protection. But it’s TSA approved so they can easily unlock it.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider with Bag Boy Backbone

My Thoughts

Traveling with golf clubs is always scary as we’ve all read/heard too many horror stories from other golfers. If you have a good bag, like this Bag Boy Backbone and follow the above travel tips, you should be fine. This device is worth the money and will last for many years.

FAQs about Golf Travel

Do you still have questions about playing golf while traveling? Continue reading to find out more.

How can I protect my driver when it is in a travel bag or suitcase?

Your driver is the most expensive and used the most during a round. You can protect it in a couple of ways:

  • Buy a Bag Boy Backbone.
  • Leave your headcovers off wood/hybrids.
  • Add extra towels between the woods and the driver to protect them.
  • Remove the driver head and pack it in your golf bag (make sure to wrap it in a towel and don’t forget a wrench).

Not to mention I’ve even seen golfers also bubble wrap their clubs too. These tips can help you protect your driver.

Does this fit into any golf bag?

This rod is so tiny that it should fit in any cart, stand or hybrid bag. The only bag it wouldn’t likely fit in is a Sunday bag since they only allow 7-8 golf clubs.

Bag Boy Backbone Review

Do airlines check golf bags?

Yes, but a golf bag is always recommended. Otherwise, they can be damaged. Airlines treat them like normal luggage, despite their large size. Weight limits do apply so always confirm the limit of the airline you’re flying ahead of time to avoid extra baggage fees.

Bag Boy BackBone Travel Cover , Silver/Black

Final Thoughts about Golf Travel

Bag Boy Backbones is a great investment for traveling with clubs. The small, affordable device gives your bag structure even if it is a soft-shell case.

The travel cover fits in your bag with ease, provides tons of support, and won’t weigh your bag down. Plus, it’s easy to store when not in use making it a great idea for avid travelers. If you use the tips above, your clubs will arrive at your destination safely and in one piece.

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