Best Fast Greens in Golf: How to Stop Being Afraid

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– Understanding the fear of fast greens in golf is crucial to overcoming it.
– The psychology of fear in golf and the impact of fast greens on performance should be considered.
– Techniques like putting practice, chipping, and perfecting your swing on fast greens can help conquer the fear.
– Choosing the right equipment, including golf balls and putters, is essential for success on fast greens.
– Notable golf courses with fast greens include Augusta National, St Andrews, and Pebble Beach Pro-Am.
– Successful players like Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson have mastered fast greens.
– Cultivating the right mindset and incorporating fast greens into your game will help turn fear into finesse.

## Introduction:

If the phrase Best Fast Greens in Golf fills you with a sense of dread, then this is the blog post for you. For many golfers, professional and amateur alike, fast greens can be a daunting terror, turning a confident strut to the hole into a tentative tiptoe. As a retired professional golfer, Ive played them all, from the wind-whipped surfaces of St Andrews to the slick greens of Augusta National. Ill share from my wealth of experience in the game, equip you with the best golf products, and guide you through understanding, conquering, and ultimately loving fast greens. Lets dive into this thrilling facet of golf and transform fear into finesse. Welcome to a new way of viewing fast greens. Buckle up; Its going to be a smooth ride!

## Understanding the Fear of Fast Greens

Whether youre a seasoned golfer or a novice to the game, encountering fast greens on a golf course can be a challenging experience. For many, it sets the heart racing and can make even the most confident player apprehensive. Understanding the fear associated with quick greens, its impact on performance, and possessing knowledge of the worlds renowned fast greens can prepare you better for the game, reducing anxiety and improving your performance.

### The Psychology of Fear in Golf

The anxiety that arises while playing on fast greens often has its roots in the psychology of the player. The fear of making mistakes, losing control over the ball, and a feeling of being overwhelmed due to the pace of the greens can all contribute to this reaction. Fear is a powerful emotion, and when it takes control, it can significantly impair a players ability to make effective decisions and perform with precision. Many sports psychologists argue that addressing the psychological aspects can enhance the overall golfing experience, and suggest techniques such as mindfulness, visualization, and focus exercises to overcome these fears. You can delve deeper into the psychology of fear in sports [here](

### The Impact of Fast Greens on Performance

Fast greens can substantially impact a golfers performance, mostly when the player is unprepared or lacks experience with such play conditions. It can affect the distance control, precision of the line, and the outcome of the putt. A golf ball on a fast green requires a much gentler stroke, and failure to adapt to this can send the ball rolling way past the hole. Even professional players are known to dread fast greens because of the accuracy and skill they demand.

### Overview of Top Fast Greens in the World

While anxiety-inducing, fast greens also tend to be some of the worlds most famous and challenging golf courses. Theyre known for testing the mettle of players, offering experiences that push your boundaries and compel you to grow. Greens like those at Augusta National in the US and the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland are spectacular examples of impeccable turf management and design. These fast greens are revered in the golfing world, and offer tremendous learning opportunities for aspirational players. A comprehensive list of the worlds toughest greens can be found [here](

## Techniques to Conquer Fast Greens

Dealing with fast greens can be daunting. However, with proper techniques, it can turn into a thrilling challenge that propels your game to higher levels.

### Importance of Putting Practice

Consistent putting practice is vital to mastering fast greens. Spending quality time on your stroke mechanics, distance control, and reading greens can make a significant difference. A popular method is the [Pendulum Drill](, which helps in establishing a fluid, consistent stroke. The more familiar you are with your putting stroke, the easier it is to adjust to the speed of different greens.

### The Role of Chipping

Chipping, a vital aspect of the short game, becomes increasingly critical on fast greens. Successful chipping depends on your ability to control the balls landing spot and predict its roll upon hitting the ground. A spot-on chip shot can mean the difference between a birdie and a bogey. You can improve your chipping skills with some specific [chipping drills](, such as the 5-10-15 Drill, which tests your precision and versatility.

### Perfecting Your Swing on Fast Greens

A carefully calibrated swing is crucial when playing on fast greens. You must strike the balance between driving the ball with enough force to reach the green but not so much that it speeds past the hole. To achieve a flawless swing, focus on your stance, grip, and follow-through. Monitoring these aspects and making necessary adjustments would help you develop a smooth, rhythmic swing suited for fast greens. Consider using online resources like [Golf Digests swing sequence series]( to refine your technique.

## Equipment Suitable for Fast Greens

Fast greens can be particularly challenging, but using the correct equipment could make the game more manageable. This involves selecting the right type of golf balls, choosing an appropriate putter and using other instruments that are designed specifically for fast greens play. The apt selection of these tools can give you an edge while playing on greens that are quicker than the usual.

### The Right Golf Balls for Fast Greens

When it comes to fast greens, the type of golf ball used makes a significant difference. Balls with a lower spin rate are recommended for faster greens because they tend to roll straighter and further. Soft-feel balls, like the [Titleist Pro V1]( or Callaway Chrome Soft, are also a great choice as they provide better control and allow for soft landing on the greens.

### Importance of Choosing an Appropriate Putter

Equally important as selecting the right golf ball, is the decision on the putter to use. Technological advancements have led to the creation of different putters designed to cater to individual styles of play. On fast greens, a putter with heavier weight helps to control the speed of the putt and offers more stability. Scotty Cameron and Odyssey specialize in these kinds of putters, so take time to research the best putter that matches your style to increase chances of success in your game.

### Other Helpful Tools for Fast Greens Play

Apart from golf balls and putters, there are other tools designed to make the game on fast greens easier. Consider a golf rangefinder, like the [Garmin Approach Z80](, for obtaining accurate yardages and assessing the greens speed. Training aids such as putting mats can simulate the fast green conditions, enabling you to practice and get an accurate feel of fast greens ahead of time. So its wise to invest in these tools, enhancing your play on the high-speed putting surfaces.

## Notable Golf Courses with Fast Greens

Fast greens characterize some of the most renowned golf courses across the globe. These greens are an embodiment of the strategic challenge that golf presents, demanding accuracy, skill, and control. This section will walk you through some of those legendary fast greens; those that stand out as notorious testing grounds even to the most elite golf professionals.

### Fast Greens at the Masters – Augusta National

If theres one course thats synonymous with fast greens, its Augusta National. [This revered course]( is the home of The Masters, one of golfs most prestigious tournaments. The greens here are famous (or infamous) for their speed – which can run up to 15 on the Stimpmeter. The vast undulations, slopes, and tricky pin positions further amplify the challenge they present. Legend has it that the greens at Augusta are so fast, theyre faster than the stimp reading itself!

### St Andrews – The Home of Golf

St Andrews, also known as [The Home of Golf](, is another venue known for its speedy greens. The Old Course presents a fantastic blend of history, tradition, and a true test of golf. These greens are large, double greens that accommodate two holes each. Incredible features you would say! Its culmination of wind, undulation, and size, make them a challenge to master. And when theyre running fast, even the best golfers in the world can face stern tests.

### Pebble Beach Pro-Am – Greens that Stun

Lastly, the Pebble Beach Pro-Am allows golfers to witness firsthand the splendors of playing on sound fast greens. These legendary [Pebble Beach greens]( have seen some of the most dramatic golf in history. Famous for their petite size and immaculate conditioning, these greens, when fast, require a golfer to have precise control over the ball and ability for strategic planning.

## Successful Players on Fast Greens

Fast greens arguably separate world-class golfers from the ordinary, and it is no surprise that the past and current top golfers have showcased sheer talent and timing on these slick surfaces to create history. These champion golfers include the likes of Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson, all of whom have achieved significant victories on fast greens, displaying skill and determination in equal measure.

### Jordan Spieth’s Dominance on Fast Greens

Jordan Spieth has often been praised for his exceptional control and technique on fast greens. This includes his memorable victory at the [2015 Masters Tournament](, where he showcased his proficiency in putting on Augusta Nationals notoriously quick and slick greens. His dominance on fast greens isn’t just talent – it is a result of intense practice, focus and relentless pursuit of perfection.

### Tiger Woods and His Masterful Control

Renowned for his remarkable power and precision, [Tiger Woods]( has a record that speaks volumes about his command on fast greens. Woods success can be attributed to his incredible ability to read the greens and adapt his play accordingly. Hes also known for his firm grip and powerful swing that allow him to navigate the fast greens seamlessly. His numerous wins, including The Masters and the U.S. Open, are testament to his incredible skill on fast courses.

### Phil Mickelson – The Reigning King of Fast Greens

Phil Mickelson is rightfully acclaimed as the reigning king of fast greens. His unique flop shot has dazzled spectators and golfers alike. Mickelsons record on fast greens, including his win at [The Open Championship]( in 2013, reaffirms his status as one of the most talented and strategic players in the modern era. His game is a combination of deft touch, ingenious shot-making and guile, making him a nightmare for competitors when the green speeds increase.


To enhance your golf game, especially on fast greens, first understand your fear and its roots. Fear can significantly impact your performance, and engaging with a mindset of finesse rather than fear can result in a substantial improvement. Mastering the techniques such as putting practice, chipping, and perfecting your swing on fast greens are critical steps. Choosing the right equipment including golf balls and putters can also make a big difference.

Learning from successful players like Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson who have shown extraordinary skills on fast greens, can be incredibly beneficial. Remember, its not just about conquering famous golf courses like Augusta National, St Andrews, and Pebble Beach, but also about incorporating the learnings into your overall game strategy. Stand on the shoulders of these golf giants, cultivate the right mindset, practice relentlessly, equip yourself wisely, and watch yourself conquer the fear and master the art of playing on fast greens. Return here on the regular and continue to learn from the Best Fast Greens in Golf.

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