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Best The Secret to Hitting your Driver Better

how to hit a driver straight

Are you able to lastly discover ways to hit a driver and begin enjoying your finest golf but?

Let’s get actual, for many beginner golfers, hitting an enormous drive is the equal of dropping a nuke in your opponent. Regardless that there are such a lot of different parts in golf that translate to decrease scores, few are as satisfying as outdriving your enjoying companions. 

Hitting a driver straight is one thing not sufficient folks can do constantly properly. So in case you’re often called a “good driver” golf turns into quite a bit simpler.

However hitting it lengthy doesn’t imply you’ll mechanically break 80. There are many lengthy drive guys who couldn’t shoot within the 70s if their life trusted it. For each 300-yard bomb, there are dozens of skulled pictures, worm-burners, pop-ups, and tops.

However in case you can bomb drivers deep, you’ll make the sport quite a bit simpler, particularly with at the moment’s powerful golf programs. Just like the outdated 90s Nike business stated, “Chicks dig the lengthy ball!” Whether or not it’s hitting a house run in baseball or nuking a 300-yard drive, nothing feels higher than crushing one from the tee field.

To not point out, hitting drivers is probably the most enjoyable to apply. So in case you’re prepared to start out taking pictures decrease scores by setting your self up with simpler strategy pictures, that is the article for you. You’ll discover ways to hit driver correctly, suggestions so as to add distance, and the most effective methods to maintain it straight.

Why Hitting a Driver is Completely different From Your Irons

You is likely to be considering, 9 steps, is that actually essential to hit pure drives?

The quick reply… sure.

Your driver is a a lot totally different beast than your fairway woods, irons, and wedges. However quite a lot of golfers don’t hit drivers very far or straight as a result of they don’t contemplate the variations. When you perceive why you must make these changes, it makes it simpler to get on board.

I do know I’m not an teacher on the Golf Channel however I do know a factor or two about hitting bombs. And I do know that in case you’re like most golfers, you wish to out drive your buddies and have extra wedges into greens.

Listed below are 3 ways your driver is quite a bit totally different from some other membership within the bag.

Your Driver is A lot Longer

For starters, your driver is the longest membership in your bag. The usual driver is often 45 inches lengthy with some producers making driver shafts even longer. Examine that to a typical 5-iron which is simply over 38 inches.

These seven inches make a distinction as an extended swing and distance between you and the ball will alter your assault angle and impression place. To not point out, the longer swing, much less loft, and extra velocity means greater misses. With all issues being equal, you could have a better margin for error when utilizing your irons vs. your driver.

As famend sports activities psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella stated in his e-book Golf is Not a Recreation of Good, “The driving force is the hardest membership to hit constantly. It mercilessly exposes swing flaws and considering flaws.”

For this reason it’s a lot simpler to hit a 3 wooden or 5 wooden quite a bit straighter than your driver. The shorter the membership, the less actions within the swing which suggests extra consistency.

You Hit Driver Off a Tee

One other big distinction is that the ball teed up while you hit driver. Whilst you can hit it off the deck, I don’t advocate it for many beginner gamers. A driver off the turf is a shot that few execs even try so keep on with it being teed up.

So why does hitting off a tee matter a lot?

As a result of your impression place is completely totally different. With irons, wedges, and woods you wish to hit down on the ball making a divot. However as you already know, a divot together with your driver is the kiss of loss of life and clearly your swing mechanics are off.

As a substitute, together with your driver, you wish to hit the ball on the upswing. The very facet of having the ability to tee your drive up permits for the membership to strategy the ball in an upwards sweeping movement. That is vital because it considerably impacts the “angle of assault” in your tee pictures.

Understanding Assault Angle

The angle of assault might sound like a time period from the online game Name of Obligation, nevertheless it merely is a measurement of your membership head alignment at impression in relation to the horizon. A shot by which the membership head strikes the ball completely perpendicular to the horizon can be 0 levels.

Then again, pictures with the membership head dealing with barely towards the bottom have a adverse angle of assault. Lastly, pictures with the membership head barely dealing with skyward have a constructive angle of assault, like your huge stick.

For this reason you get these bacon-like divots with irons and wedges and virtually no divot with fairway woods. Your assault angle determines how properly you hit each shot. However with a driver, your tee shot has a constructive angle of assault to assist launch the ball off the tee and into the air.

TrackMan know-how, which is utilized by virtually all skilled golfers at the moment, additionally discovered the identical factor in a research they performed with beginner golfers. Within the research, Trackman analyzed beginner golfers driving the ball and located a direct correlation between handicap and assault angle.

So what did they discover?

They discovered that scratch golfers had been close to zero on drives from the tee, whereas bogey golfers had a minus 2.1 diploma angle of assault on tee pictures. Principally, less-skilled gamers had been hitting down on the ball whereas golfers who shoot within the 70s hit up on the ball.

(Go right here to discover ways to use a launch monitor to seek out out your Angle of assault).

Bear in mind, the purpose is to hit the motive force on the upswing as it is going to end in most ball flight and translate into extra distance and carry.

Driver Swing vs. Iron Swing

Earlier than you overthink this, know that hitting driver vs. an iron isn’t a brand-new swing. The truth is, all you really want to do is alter issues at setup to account for the size and ball being teed up. We’ll cowl all that and extra in the remainder of this weblog submit.

Learn how to Hit a Driver: Step-by-Step Information for Freshmen

In terms of bombing drives, the large stick is not like some other membership within the bag. Because it’s a lot longer and has a lot much less loft than different golf equipment, it requires quite a lot of adjustments, principally at setup.

Right here’s a fast overview of the setup that’s required to hit it lengthy and straight.

  1. Tee it excessive
  2. Widen your stance
  3. Get the ball place off your entrance foot
  4. Set your arms again at tackle
  5. Tilt your shoulders to vary assault angle
  6. Grip it simple to take away pressure in your arms
  7. Don’t take the membership previous parallel
  8. Hold your tempo the identical
  9. Hit bombs

Tee it Excessive

One of many greatest errors, so many beginner golfers make is that they don’t tee it excessive sufficient. Bear in mind, to hit a driver pure and deep, you should hit up on it. Nevertheless it’s quite a bit more durable to hit up on it when the ball is teed low.

Bear in mind, teeing it excessive won’t end in sky balls. Hitting down on the ball is what leaves these nasty sky marks. Set your self up for achievement by teeing it excessive and letting it fly!

Be sure you have the precise tees to tee it excessive. Listed below are a few of the finest golf tees that permit you to tee it excessive.

Widen Your Stance

Because the membership is a lot longer, you do want a wider stance to remain balanced all through your swing. Don’t overdo it, you solely have to barely widen your stance in order that your toes are wider than your shoulders.

Additionally, I like to recommend positioning each of your toes barely open. This may permit you to get extra turns and activate your decrease physique greater than in case your toes had been sq. at tackle. Simply watch Tiger’s newest swing to see what I’m speaking about.

A wider stance may even make it simpler to get into the Reverse Okay place and get loads of weight shift. To not point out, it is going to assist with accuracy as you received’t have to swing longer to try to hit it farther.

Change The Ball Place

Now that you simply perceive why it’s essential to hit up on the ball, you want the ball place in the precise place. If in case you have the ball in the course of your stance you’re going to most definitely hit down on the ball. This may end result within the dreaded pop-up.

As a substitute, make sure that the ball is within the entrance of your stance off your left heel. Your driver ought to by no means be anyplace close to your again foot!

One other method to think about it’s instantly under your left ear (in case you’re a right-handed participant). By having the ball up in your swing, you may hit up on it and get far more distance.

Set Your Palms Again At Deal with

In terms of hitting wedges and irons you wish to have a slight ahead press at tackle. Doing so will permit you to compress the ball and make crisp contact.

However with a driver, you truly need your arms barely again. This may assist preserve loft all through the swing and never create backspin which can cut back ahead spin. Don’t neglect, much less ahead spin means shorter drives!

Tilt Your Shoulders To Regulate Assault Angle

Your shoulders play an enormous function in creating a strong driver swing. Your left shoulder must be larger than your again shoulder at tackle, making a backbone tilt.

It is advisable to do that so that you simply hit up on the ball because it’s teed up. With pictures off the turf you wish to preserve your shoulders stage, in any other case, you’d hit properly behind the ball and chunk it.

Moreover, make sure that your lead shoulder is sq. to the goal line. A bent with a right-handed golfer is to have the shoulders open at tackle, which limits shoulder flip and creates an excessive transfer.

Lighten Your Grip Strain

The ultimate adjustment is to lighten your grip strain at tackle. As a result of in case you’re like most golfers, you hear the time period “grip it and rip it” and wish to kill it.

In actuality, in case you have a loss of life grip in your driver, you’re including pressure in your forearms. When you could have pressure, it’s simple to get off tempo and never be totally relaxed all through the swing.

So as an alternative of attempting to carry the grip for expensive life, apply on the driving vary with as mild of grip strain as you may. Whereas it would really feel bizarre at first, I do know that it’ll assist your recreation.

Hold the Membership In need of Parallel

If you wish to hit it lengthy and straight, you should preserve your backswing at parallel and even shorter. I see so many amateurs attempt to kill it and find yourself with a John Daly backswing. For 99% of gamers isn’t crucial

As a substitute, preserve your backswing managed and deal with accelerating by way of impression. Right here’s a superb article on the best way to shorten your backswing.

Grasp Your Tempo

With a superb tempo, you’ll hit it constantly farther and straighter. Don’t try to kill it, simply swing inside your self and let the membership do the work.

Tempo shouldn’t change together with your driver (even if you wish to hit it 300+ yards). Whereas your velocity can enhance (extra on that arising), your tempo ought to nonetheless stay the identical.

A very good tempo is 3:1; which means your backswing is 3X so long as your downswing. Click on right here to learn our full information on tempo.

Hit Bombs

The ultimate step is to hit bombs- which we’ll cowl in-depth under.

Learn how to Hit Your Driver Additional

Now that we have now our setup able to go, it’s time to get swinging. When you enhance your setup, hitting it longer turns into a lot simpler. For this reason it’s important to study the basics so you may set your self up for achievement.

Listed below are a few of the best methods to hit the motive force additional and nonetheless preserve it within the quick grass.

Regulate Your Loft

Earlier than even fascinated with your swing, first examine your golf membership. Whereas your golf swing is vital, not having the precise gear setup will make issues a lot more durable.

In case your driver has to low of loft, you received’t get the ball airborne. For many golfers, you wish to have no less than 9.5 levels of loft (or extra). This may make it easier to carry it farther within the air which is very vital throughout winter golf season orenjoying within the rain.

Many of the finest golf drivers available on the market are adjustable, so make sure that to tinker together with your loft settings on the vary to see the way it impacts accuracy as properly.

Hit Up on the Ball

I do know I’ve talked about it a number of instances however I can’t stress this level sufficient. When you’re hitting down on the ball with a adverse angle of assault you’re shedding 20-30 yards.

A technique to do that is to just be sure you have a shallow angle of assault. When you’re excessive and beginning your downswing together with your shoulders, you’re possible hitting down on it.

Ensure that to take a look at our submit about shallowing the membership to get the membership in the precise place towards impression. Altering your driver swing to hit up could make an enormous distinction!

Hit Your Driver Larger

A part of hitting up on the ball implies that you’ll launch it larger. Listed below are a couple of methods to make sure you’re launching it on the proper angle:

  • Get loads of rotation: You wish to be sure to really feel loaded on the high of your swing with loads of shoulder flip. When you’re a lefty, make sure that your proper shoulder turns below your chin. This gives you loads of energy and permit you to hit up and launch the ball excessive.
  • Switch your weight: When you load up in your path foot, make sure that your first transfer within the transition is getting that weight again to your lead foot. Don’t attempt to carry the ball up. The loft of the membership will do this mechanically so deal with getting your decrease physique lively and main your swing on the way in which down.

Speed up on the Proper Level

Whereas hitting up on the ball is essential, just be sure you’re accelerating on the proper level. I see so many golfers take the membership again so quick that it makes it unimaginable to speed up by way of impression. If you wish to hit bombs, you should make sure that the membership is shifting the quickest round impression.

When you use all your momentum early within the swing, you’ll throw off your tempo, lose distance, and doubtless accuracy as properly. Work on the 3:1 tempo like each different membership so as to add distance to your recreation.

Enhance Your Swing Velocity

If you wish to hit your driver additional, work on rising your swing velocity. This is likely one of the greatest components in the case of rising distance with the large stick.

You are able to do this in a variety of other ways however one software we advocate is the Superspeed golf coaching system. Over a couple of weeks you may simply enhance 5mph or extra. This alone will end in 10+ yards!

Use the Proper Golf Ball

In case your primary purpose is to hit the ball farther, particularly together with your driver, be sure to are enjoying the precise golf ball. Some balls are made for distance, others for spin, and a few are a hybrid of the 2.

Just remember to’re enjoying a golf ball that matches your ability stage and targets. Don’t play a ball simply because your favourite PGA Tour professional does; all the time play the precise one to your recreation.

Hitting Driver FAQs

Do you could have extra inquiries to try to enhance your driving? We received you lined…

How does a newbie hit a driver?

Studying the best way to hit a driver is one among our favourite golf suggestions for inexperienced persons. When you’re simply getting began, I like to recommend focusing your efforts on setup. If in case you have the precise fundamentals earlier than even swinging, you may be forward of most golfers. Give attention to getting your toes, hips, backbone, and shoulders arrange appropriately at tackle.

And opposite to what it’s possible you’ll imagine, don’t exit and purchase an costly driver if you’re simply beginning. There are many inexpensive choices on the market which are a lot higher drivers for inexperienced persons.

How do I drive the golf ball straight?

First off, do you should hit it straight? Right here’s the factor, in case your irons and wedges are stable, deal with distance greater than hitting it straight.

Simply take a look at Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson over the previous 20 years. Between the 2 they’ve a few of the worst driving accuracy on the PGA Tour however a few of the longest distance and most wins. Whereas I’m not saying it is best to hit the motive force on each gap, I might focus extra on size than accuracy until you’re enjoying a brilliant tight course with tough tough.

So, why is it so onerous to hit a driver straight on the golf course?

As a result of the motive force is the bottom lofted membership in your bag and creates probably the most ball velocity. To not point out, it’s the longest membership, which suggests it’s the toughest to manage.

That mixture is why it’s tough for the common golfer to maintain tee pictures within the fairway. Pictures hit with the motive force, by nature, are likely to stray off to a better diploma than pictures hit with decrease speeds with lofted irons.

In terms of hitting the ball straight, all it comes right down to is what the membership face appears like at impression. If it’s open, you’ll slice it and if it’s closed, you’ll hit a hook.

In line with the new ball flight legal guidelines, consultants suppose it accounts for 75-to-85 % of a ball flight’s beginning course and, in case your drives are likely to have a slower ball velocity then the face angle accounts for nearly one hundred pc of your ball course.

The extra that your clubface is open or closed to the swing path, the extra your shot will curve proper or left of your supposed goal. When you can acquire an understanding of your pure face-to-path ratio, then you may alter your tee pictures to remain on line and even start to consider using a deliberate fade or draw to enhance your tee pictures.

How High To Tee A Golf Ball

How do I hit a driver constantly?

First off, what’s constant?

It’s vital to have the precise expectations for what’s doable to your recreation. Don’t neglect, even the most effective gamers on the planet solely hit about 60% of the fairways so be sure to’re being real looking from the beginning.

When you hit half of the fairways together with your driver, you’re fairly near PGA Tour gamers.

I like to recommend utilizing the entire suggestions above and practising together with your favourite membership regularly. When you might solely apply with three golf equipment I might select your driver, sand wedge, and putter. These are probably the most generally used golf equipment throughout the course of any given spherical.

On the vary, deal with a 40 yard space – let’s say it’s between two flag sticks. Most fairways are about 40 yards large (some extra, some much less), and deal with hitting a driver between them. The extra you hone your golf swing on the vary, the boldness you should have on the course.

Ought to I hit a number of kinds of pictures with my driver?

You must have a inventory shot that you simply play 90% of the time. Whereas it’s enjoyable to do Tiger’s 9-shot drill on the vary, you want one go to shot while you hit the motive force on the course.

Whether or not your golf swing produces a low minimize or excessive draw, have one foremost shot when hitting the motive force. This gives you confidence on the primary tee field and never overwhelm your self with a couple of swing thought.

Why do I hit my driver too excessive?

With out seeing your swing it is dependent upon however right here are some things to guage. First off is your assault angle. Bear in mind, in case you hit down on it, you’ll hit it larger and typically even pop it up in case your weight isn’t transferred correctly. This may be mounted by adjusting your setup place and getting your entrance shoulder larger than your again shoulder.

The second factor to have a look at is your driver loft. It could possibly be set too excessive and is likely to be 11 or 12 levels. Relying in your swing, this could possibly be method an excessive amount of and also you’re in all probability shedding distance because it’s spinning an excessive amount of.

How do I cease slicing my driver?

Just like the earlier query, it is dependent upon a couple of issues. When you’re slicing your driver you’re coming into impression place with an open face. This implies you’re reducing throughout the ball as an alternative of a sq. clubface.

Many golfers have this ball flight from a weak grip and incorrect swing path.

Whereas we have now quite a lot of posts about quitting your slice, a fast repair is to regulate your driver setting in case you personal an adjustable driver. Make it possible for your membership is adjusted for a draw bias which can make it simpler to sq. the membership at impression.

One other answer is to purchase a draw biased driver, similar to these drivers designed to reduce the slice. However keep in mind, these options are a brief time period repair and we advocate spending the required time to repair this difficulty as it is going to make it easier to shoot decrease scores.

Even the most effective drivers can’t make you a fantastic driver – always remember about swing mechanics so you may hit straight drives.

Drills To Hit Driver Higher

Need some tangible instruction to enhance your recreation, cancel that slice, and hit bombs like Phil Mickelson? Try these two drills will make it easier to hit it significantly better.

The Foot Spray Drill

Do you know {that a} can of foot spray can truly make it easier to enhance your driver (or any membership). Watch this video to discover ways to get began:

When you hit a couple of drivers with the spray on the membership, you may immediately see the place you’re hitting the ball on the face. This gives you prompt suggestions and determine in case you’re hitting it too low, too excessive, off the toe or off the heel. Then, you can also make changes to the membership and make the required swing adjustments.

When you’re not eager on utilizing Foot Spray, strive utilizing Strike Spray which is a good different to Foot Spray.

Takeaway Drill

One other simple however efficient drill is the takeaway drill that can assist you grasp your takeaway. Watch this video to discover ways to be sure to’re in the precise place at parallel on the way in which again.

As you may inform, in case you get the membership too inside too early within the swing, it’s simple to make an excessive transfer to start out. This excessive motion results in the dreaded slice that all of us hate. Be sure you’re taking it barely extra outdoors on the way in which again so you may then shallow out on the way in which down.

Bonus: Learn how to Hit a Draw With Driver

If you wish to hit a draw together with your driver, make these easy changes:

  • Regulate your grip. Ensure that the grip is in your fingers, not your arms at tackle. This may assist you could have extra management and shut the face at impression.
  • Shut your stance. By dropping your proper foot again at tackle, you’re more likely to create a swing path that may make it easier to hit a draw. That is Tiger’s simple tip to hit a draw so if it really works for him, it is going to in all probability give you the results you want too.
  • Regulate your membership settings: This is really easy however it may possibly actually assist. Because of new know-how, you may simply hit a draw by merely adjusting your settings for a draw bias.
  • Transfer the ball up in your stance: With a full swing and to max out driving distance you should hit up on the golf ball. Ensure that the ball is off your left heel (assuming you’re right-handed) so that you enhance your launch angle and create extra energy.

For extra instruction on hitting a draw, go right here.

Golf Driving Suggestions Abstract

You don’t want to vary your backswing or make any loopy weight shifts to start out hitting bombs. To hit a driver straight and constantly lengthy, you should work in your setup greater than the rest, which is smart because it’s the inspiration of your golf swing.

In case you are in the precise spot to start your swing, you’re more likely to make constant contact. By establishing correctly, you’ll hit up on the ball, create extra ahead spin, and get extra distance than ever earlier than. Additionally, don’t neglect to examine your membership settings and make sure you’re enjoying a golf ball that matches your expertise and golf targets.

Lastly, keep centered, have a tee field technique and keep in mind to all the time decide your goal. Even when it’s an enormous fairway, all the time discover a small goal to deal with. Since drivers are longer and have a lot much less loft than different golf equipment, it’s simple for them to get off-line and get you in hassle quick. Lastly, don’t neglect to apply the following pointers on the vary earlier than taking this recommendation to the course.

Use these driving tricks to take your recreation to the following stage and I’m assured you’ll shoot your lowest scores!