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How Far Do Most People Hit a 2 Iron? How About The Pros?

How Far Do Most People Hit a 2 Iron? How About The Pros?

A 2 iron isn’t something many golfers carry in their bag. Due to the 2 iron’s low loft and narrow profile, it is important to swing accurately to hit one.

This 2 iron has been somewhat revived with the release some driving irons and utility-type clubs.

If you’re thinking of putting a 2 iron in the bag or have one currently and want to do a better job with it, here are some of the most important things to understand.


How Long Should You Hit a 2-Inch Iron?

Your swing speed will determine how far you can hit your 2 Iron. A 2 iron can travel approximately 195 yards at an average swing speed. Higher swing speeds can hit a 2 iron for over 200 yards.

Slower swing speed players can often get 170 yards from their 2 iron.

If you’re currently hitting a 7 iron about 140 yards, you can do the math to figure out how far you should hit your 2 iron. Each club should allow you to go about 10 more yards. Your 7 iron should go 140, and your 6 iron should go 150. Start working your way up to 2 iron and you’ll see distances in 190.

This information is useful because it will help you determine if you should have a 2-iron in your bag.

I know that with my golf swing after I get to the 4 iron, I don’t see a major difference in the distances that I can hit the ball. The loft of the 2 iron is the same as the 4 and it goes just as far. I notice a big difference in distance if I use a fairway or hybrid wood.

All of this is dependent on your swing speed and clubhead.


How Far have PGA Players Hit a 2-Inch Iron?

PGA players are able to hit more accurate shots and swing faster than other golfers. The distances they see are much longer. Some PGA Tour players don’t choose to hit a 2-iron because they have other clubs.

A 2 iron is a club that is used by golfers who play it. It can be hit from about 240 yards. They will likely need to hit the 2 club 240 yards in order to keep it in their bag, given the distances they can hit other clubs.

PGA players will typically use a utility or hybrid iron or fairway wood instead of a 2 or 3 iron. Professional golfers usually carry a 3 iron in their bag. However, when the iron goes to the 2 or 3 iron, it will often switch to another type of golf club.

The 2 iron may be kept in the bag by some great ball strikers. To increase swing speed and distance, you can also put a graphite shaft inside the 2 iron.


Tips to Improve Your 2 Iron.

These are my top tips for hitting your 2 Iron further if you currently have a 2iron in your golf bag.

Speed is your priority

A bit more clubhead speed is the best way to hit a solid 2 iron. A higher clubhead speed allows for a better strike and maximizes distance. The 2 iron has a very low launch speed so you’ll notice a decrease in ball flight.

The good news? You can increase your clubhead speed.

A speed training aid is a great way to achieve this. A speed training aid allows you to increase the distance you hit the ball with and how fast your swing speeds up. This is the most popular type of club for most players.

You can also work on your physical strength, which will increase the distance you can hit your 2 Iron. Although it takes effort to improve speed, it will make a difference in more than just your 2 iron.

Check the Ball Position

The ball position for the 2 Iron must be slightly forward of center. It is much more difficult to hit this club if your setup is incorrect with the 2 iron.

The 2 iron is longer than the other clubs in your bag so you need to be a little further away. The distance from the ball is longer and the clubface has a lower loft, so it is important to consider the ball position and setup.

If you feel that you are not maximizing your distance, try changing the ball position to see what happens.

Consider a Graphite Shaft

The 2 iron is longer than any other golf irons in your bag so it is heavier and more difficult to swing. Many players use a graphite shaft to improve their 2 iron. Graphite shafts allow golfers to increase their clubhead speed with minimal effort.

Your 2 iron can be changed to a graphite shaft to improve ball flight and forgiveness.

Sometimes graphite with 2 iron shafts will have higher dispersion rates that steel with 2 iron shafts. If accuracy and distance are your primary concerns, you might stick with steel.

I was able to increase my distances by switching to a 2 iron with graphite. This club took a little customization time, but it’s certainly an option.

Be realistic about yardage

I think it’s essential when trying to hit your 2 iron further to be realistic about what the 2 iron is there for.

Let’s say you normally hit your 4 iron 200 yards. The maximum distance you can hit the 2 iron is 210 yards. These tips can help you improve your clubhead speed, or customize the club to suit your needs.

At some point, however, you might realize that your swing is at its peak and the loft of your 2 Iron golf club is too low for you. This is what happens to average golfers, beginners, and high handicappers.

Don’t Push It

Low-handicap golfers will tell you that you can’t push a golf club to work. If it takes every effort in you to be able to hit the 2 iron well, chances are it’s a club that should not be in the bag. You should be able take an aggressive swing with the 2 iron and get results.

If you feel like your swing is not centered enough to hit the ball accurately, you will not get the best results. Each golf club in your bag should have a high percentage of going somewhere near the target, don’t push it if you don’t want to see issues with forgiveness and consistency.


Which is more: A 2 Iron or a 3 Wood?

The loft of the 2 iron and 3 wood is similar. Long hitters can often see similar distances between the two clubs. The 3 wood is almost always more powerful than the 2 Iron, according to my experience.

The club head of the 3 wood features additional distance technology. Amateur golfers will notice an immediate increase in ball speed when the golf ball leaves their clubface. The 3 wood is also slightly longer and has graphite shafts.

The club’s graphite shaft and length are two of its best features. They allow for greater distances and more roll when it touches the ground. I recommend the 3 Wood if you are a distance-seeking golfer.


What Degree Hybrid replaces a 2 Iron?

It is not always easy to replace the iron loft with a hybrid or an iron loft. Most golfers will find that an 18-degree hybrid is better than a 2 iron. Most hybrids are 18 degrees or higher.

A fairway wood is a better choice than a hybrid for players looking to replace a 2 iron. A fairway wood has a wider sweet spot and slightly higher loft, which can help even short hitters improve their overall ball speed and distance.

The hybrid golf club is a great replacement for the 3-4 and 5 iron. Some golfers even carry them in their bag for the 6 and 7 iron. The 2 iron hybrid is not a very popular choice, so you won’t find many companies that make it.