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How Often Should You Really Get a New Set of Golf Clubs?

How Often Should You Really Get a New Set of Golf Clubs?

How Often Should You Really Buy a New Set Of Golf Clubs?

Did you know that pro golfers typically get a new driver every one-to-two years? A recent study found thatBetween 2020 and 2021, 58% changed their drivers. This statistic might leave you wondering about how often you should change your driver or other golf clubs.

Are amateur golfers allowed to buy new golf clubs as often or less frequently than professionals? We’ll answer this question and do a deep dive into how long each golf club in your bag should last.


How long a driver should last

You may have noticed the new drivers that all major golf manufacturers like TaylorMade (Cobra), TaylorMade (Ping), TaylorMade, TaylorMade, TaylorMade, TaylorMade, TaylorMade, TaylorMade, TaylorMade and TaylorMade) release every year. That doesn’t mean that golfers need to upgrade their drivers every time a new one becomes available.

A new driver should last the majority of amateur golfers for five years. This assumes that the golfer plays 30-40 rounds per year. This rule of thumb can be adjusted based on how many rounds you play each year.

Common Signs It’s Time to Invest in a New Driver

1. You’ve Had Your Current Driver 5 or More Years

Golf manufacturers spend a lot of time researching and developing their clubs, including their drivers. This is because the driver generates the most revenue for most brands.

Most of these companies make great strides in their club-making technology after a five year period. These technological advances can help you get a little more distance off the tee, which may make it worth investing in a new driver.

2. You will notice a significant drop in distance

A drastic loss in distance from the tee is a sign that you need a new driver. If you suddenly see that you’re getting 10-20% less yardage from your drives, it may be time for a new driver.

What causes this sudden loss? Most often, the driver’s face is cracked. This small defect can make your driver obsolete.

3. There’s Damage to the Shaft

Your driver’s shaft gets a lot of abuse. This is especially true if your swing speed is high. The impact of just making contact with the ball can cause damage to the shaft.

If you notice any small cracks or cuts in your driver’s shaft, it might be time to get a new one. Although you could have a new shaft installed, it is quite expensive. It is usually a good idea to just invest in a new driver.

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How long your woods should last

Fairway woods typically last 150 to 200 rounds. These clubs should last approximately five years if you play an average of 30-40 rounds per season.

However, it all depends on your usage. You may use your 3-wood a lot, but you rarely take off the cover from your 5-wood. Because of this, your 5-wood could last longer than five years.

Common Signs It’s Time to Invest in New Woods

1. You’re Having Trouble Getting the Ball in the Air

High handicappers may find the fairway wood one of their most difficult clubs to hit. This is because even with the large club face, your margin for error is smaller because the ball usually isn’t on a tee when you’re using a fairway wood.

If you’re constantly struggling to the ball in the air, you may need some new fairway woods with more loft. A simple change in the angle of your three wood can make a big difference in your success.

2. The Club Head has suffered damage

Fairway woods, like drivers, have to absorb quite some impact. Fairway woods can take a more severe beating than drivers in some cases because they are in direct contact with ground more often.

You should consider buying new fairway woodens if you find any dents or serious scratches in your club heads. It’ll make those long par 5 holes much more fun.


How long your irons should last

There’s nothing better than a good set of irons. If you purchase a new set of clubs, you’ll typically get seven irons (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW). Although a new set of irons is expensive, they should last at most ten years.

Common Signs It’s Time to Invest in New Irons

1. The distance and trajectory of your shots change

Are your approach shots traveling farther and higher than they used? The grooves in your irons could be worn out. This will lead to a decrease in accuracy, less forgiveness, and less spin when you don’t strike the ball perfectly.

That being said, don’t just rush out and buy new clubs. The grooves will eventually get dirt and need to be scrubbed. If the iron grooves show signs of wear, it might be time to replace them.

2. Your Iron Shots Don’t Sound the Same

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a crisp, pure iron shot. Even a casual golfer knows when they’ve struck the ball well because of the distinct sound. It may be time to get new irons if your irons sound hollow.


How long your wedges should last

Wedges are just shorter versions than irons so they should last around ten years. However, as we’ve said before, it all depends on how often you use each club.

For example, I use my pitching tool quite often on the course for chip shots, approach shots, and pitch shots. Because I rarely use my gap wedge, it can last up to 15 years.

Common Signs It’s Time to Invest in New Wedges

1. The Shafts Look Rough

Wedge-based shafts are more durable than standard irons. Because the clubs are shorter than standard golf irons, there is less chance for damage. However, if you notice any scratches or nicks on the shafts, it may be time to replace your wedges.

2. After Wedge Shots, you feel lots of vibratory

Golfers will feel more vibration after hitting the ball if their wedges go bad. While a little bit of vibration is common after a shot that is hit too fat, this shouldn’t occur at all on shots that are hit well.

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How long your putter should last

A well-built putter can live for 15 to 20 years. This is more than any other golf club. Putters don’t have to deal with high torque or swing speed. Your putter’s grip will often become brittle before the club.

Common Signs It’s Time to Invest in a New Putter

1. There is damage to the face

Although it can take some time, the club face of a putter can become worn or damaged. This can lead to many inaccurate putts, even at short distances.

2. You’ve Changed Your Putting Stroke

Many golfers like to change their putting stroke if they’re in the midst of a slump on the greens. Your current putter might not be the right fit for you if you make swing changes. A PGA professional can fit you for a new putter based upon your new stroke.

3. You want to explore some new technology

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a change. If you’re not putting well even after lots of practice time, you may just need a new putter with a better feel. The technology is constantly improving golf club manufacturing, so a new putter could be the best option.

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