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Is Golf Hard? 7 Contributing Factors (+ What to Do About It)

Is Golf Hard? 7 Contributing Factors (+ What to Do About It)

My non-golfing buddies typically joke about our sport not being a sport. Their ignorance makes them imagine there isn’t any athleticism required, however that might not be farther from the ttruth. Golf is tough as a result of it requires a powerful psychological state, hand-eye coordination, and exact swing mechanics.

All of those elements have to gel so that you can produce persistently lengthy and correct pictures. As well as, it’s best to purpose accurately and account for the wind to get your golf ball to the goal. There may be a lot to consider with out inducing nervousness to stay calm throughout your swing.


1. Grip Strain

Bobby Jones as soon as acknowledged that “…an accurate grip is a elementary necessity within the golf swing. It’d even be stated to be the primary necessity.” It sounds apparent, however it’s true. That is one thing that novice golfers typically neglect.

Your grip wants to supply elevated management of your golf golf equipment to generate optimum energy on the downswing and a sq. clubface by means of influence. These 2 parts ship lengthy, straight pictures for optimum distance and accuracy.

You have a tendency to go away the clubface open at contact when your grip is simply too weak. This prompts a fade or slice. Conversely, a agency grip causes your backside hand to shut the face at influence, making a hook or draw-shape.

As a baseball grip man, I can confidently say that the kind of grip you use is irrelevant. These are your 10 fingers, Varner, and interlock grips. What issues is the energy of your grip and the extent of management you get pleasure from over your membership.

Our information, titled correct golf grip, offers you 8 easy steps to enhance your golf membership dealing with. You possibly can learn that for an in depth rundown. Nevertheless, I’ll present the highest tip under on enhance on this space.

Tip on The way to Overcome This Problem:

Fewer Knuckles For A Lighter Grip

Golfers persistently hooking their pictures ought to take into account loosening their grip to allow them to regulate the clubface by means of influence. That is finished, by rising the variety of knuckles seen in your left hand, if you’re right-handed.

Extra Knuckles For A Stronger Grip

Conversely, you might want to see not less than 2 or extra knuckles for a firmer grip. This can assist you shut the clubface to a sq. place earlier than influence, not like a weak grip, which limits your management and prompts the clubface to open by means of influence.


2. Ball Place

My enjoying accomplice is at the moment combating this concern. At one level in his life, he was a 2-handicap, however an accident destroyed his ambition to be knowledgeable golfer.

Regardless, he places his ball too far ahead for iron and fairway pictures and excessively behind his again foot on wedge strikes. This causes him to chunk each shot from the tee field to the inexperienced. It’s a straightforward repair, however the man is cussed and takes recommendation from no one.

When he units up for a protracted iron or fairway wooden shot off the deck, the ball is simply too far ahead in his stance. Because of this, his golf membership sole strikes the golf green or tough on the swing’s lowest level earlier than catching the highest of the golf ball. This results in a foul shot and a few throwing golf equipment across the golf course.

Quite the opposite, his again ball place in his quick sport prompts a steep angle of assault, inflicting the membership to bounce off the turf and into the higher a part of the golf ball. Sadly, that’s the best-case state of affairs. Generally, the membership digs into the soil, and it doesn’t make contact in any respect.

Tip on The way to Overcome This Problem:

Tee Pictures

When your ball is teed up, it ought to sit parallel to the heel of your entrance foot. The purpose is in your swing’s low level to happen earlier than influence in order that your clubface catches the ball in your upswing.

Lengthy Iron, Hybrids and Fairway Woods

Lengthy iron, hybrid, and fairway wooden deck pictures require the ball to be ahead in your stance. However, it ought to sit roughly 2-inches again from the tee shot place. Your mission is to catch the ball on the low level to compress it to supply excessive ball flight for max carry distance.

Mid Irons

Ideally, it’s best to place the golf ball in direction of the middle of your stance for a mid-irons shot. Like a fairway wooden strike off the deck, you have to catch the ball on the low level of your golf swing.


Wedges comprise the shortest shafts in your bag. Meaning you might want to transfer your ball to the center-back place of your stance to allow you to catch the ball cleanly in your downswing to get it up and spinning.


The best way you arrange for putts relies in your desire. Nevertheless, I recommend putting the ball within the heart of your stance to simplify the alignment course of at first.


3. Alignment

Golf is a goal sport, and in addition to worrying about your grip, ball place, and swing mechanics, it’s important to know purpose. There are two components concerned right here, your ft and clubface. Your clubface ought to purpose at your goal whereas your ft run parallel to that mark.

Alignment is usually the wrongdoer when the common golfer will get every part proper of their setup and swing however misses the goal.

Tip on The way to Overcome This Problem:

Alignment Support

We lately compiled an inventory of the ten greatest alignment stick drills you are able to do. It’s a versatile coaching assist that you need to use for a number of aspects of your golf sport. Nevertheless, on this occasion, you utilize it to maintain your clubface on track.

Prime decide

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Coaching Support with 3 Sticks

Three sturdy, 48-inch fiberglass rods for growing constant alignment and correct swing mechanics. Creates a constant alignment routine throughout pre-swing setup. Every rod options 9 rings for exact setup, ball alignment and ball- putting. Versatile coaching software – use for full swing, quick sport, placing and set-up. Rubber security cap on one finish; pointed on the opposite finish to simply stick into the bottom

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Place an alignment highway down, and level to your goal. Subsequent, place your ball 2-inches behind the rod, and tackle the ball. Your clubface goals on the goal, and you’re able to strike the golf ball. The extra you utilize this software, the simpler it turns into to attain a exact purpose.


4. Swing Mechanics

If you weren’t satisfied that golf is a troublesome sport after the primary 3 factors, put together to be humbled. You search to attain 2 core goals together with your swing. The primary is to optimize your clubhead pace to impart on the ball at influence, resulting in most distance in your lengthy sport.

Secondly, your job is to get the clubface sq. at influence. And none of that is doable if you don’t produce ample hip and shoulder rotation. That reduces your energy and restricts your skill to get the clubface into the specified place for influence.

You possibly can obtain an correct lengthy shot everytime you mix optimum rotation with a clean rhythm and tempo. The orchestra of muscle tissue activating and bones rotating accelerates your swing pace and prompts you to sq. your clubface by means of influence.

In case your tempo and rhythm are off, you’ll be able to produce catastrophic outcomes, equivalent to sending your ball out of bounds.

In addition to tempo and rhythm, you might want to focus in your swing path. Should you swing alongside an out of doors line in your backswing, you usually swing inside on the way in which by means of. This line prompts fade or slice sidespin and causes your clubface to stay open at contact.

Conversely, an inside-out golf swing encourages a closed clubface by means of influence and creates draw or hook sidespin.

Tip on The way to Overcome This Problem:

Quick and Sluggish

I resort to quick and gradual each time my swing mechanics are a multitude. Meaning I shorten my backswing, between ½ and ¾ size, and gradual my clubhead pace down. Positive I lose a few yards with every membership, but it surely improves the consistency of my fairways in regulation file.


5. Appropriate Gear

Winston Churchill famously quipped, “golf is a sport whose purpose is to hit a really small ball into a good smaller gap, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the aim.” Fortuitously, the gear has superior considerably for the reason that late Prime Minister navigated the hyperlinks.

ESPN ranks golf because the 51st hardest sport, which I completely disagree with. However, private opinions apart, the sport is not possible when utilizing inappropriate gear.

In case your golf equipment possess lofts which can be too sturdy in your swing pace or shafts which can be too stiff, you’re on a hiding to nothing. These golf equipment will promote a low-flying golf ball, which prices you carry distance.

Conversely, weak lofted golf equipment with versatile shafts are a nightmare for quicker swingers. This development may cause you to generate extra backspin and sky your pictures. Because of this, you have got much less ahead momentum, flight, and complete distance.

Don’t buy golf equipment for the sake of it. Make sure that they match your wants and can assist you card fewer bogeys and the odd birdie.

Tip on The way to Overcome This Problem:

Get Fitted

Golfers uncertain of their concept specs ought to take into account getting fitted for the proper golf equipment. This helps you perceive what works for you and why making it simpler to search out your gear sooner or later.


6. Course Administration

An space the place most informal golfers fail is course administration. As Kenny Rogers stated, “you gotta know when to carry em, know when to fold em, know when to stroll away, and know when to run.” The identical rings true on the golf course.

Be good and decide your battles. Within the occasion that the opening is tight and leaves no margin for error, it’s best to play it protected. On these holes, you realize to hit a protracted iron from the tees as a substitute of a driver. As well as, you can not assault each par 5 inexperienced in 2. Generally, it’s best to lay as much as keep away from the sand or a water hazard.

Moreover, play for place on doglegs. Decide the aspect of the golf green that provides you the clearest line to your goal. A easy slip as much as the mistaken aspect of the golf green can rule out a inexperienced in regulation.

Lastly, in case your choices are restricted, don’t attempt to pull off a miracle shot. Merely execute a routing chip shot to get again onto the quick grass.

Tip on The way to Overcome This Problem:

Use Frequent Sense

Play good, and decide the correct second to assault the flag. As well as, play to the most secure aspect of the golf green to set your self up for a straightforward strategy shot. Be affected person and earn the correct to card a birdie. When the shot shouldn’t be on, don’t go for it and smash your spherical of golf.


7. No Golf Classes

Far too many informal golfers have by no means had a golf lesson and complain that they battle to play the sport. PGA tour gamers work persistently with their coaches to grasp each side of their sport, from drives to bunker pictures and putts.

An teacher units you on the straight and slender by correcting the fundamentals in your sport. They train you the basics to victoriously navigate from the tee field to the inexperienced. With out classes, you traverse the grassy terrain of a golf course ill-equipped with the data to efficiently play golf.

Provided that your funds allow and you’re critical about enhancing your swing, e-book a weekly lesson together with your teacher. This ensures continuity to persistently scale back your internet rating. These with out the funds ought to e-book not less than 5-lessons in to cowl the fundamentals.

Tip on The way to Overcome This Problem:

Take Classes

The answer to this drawback is straightforward. Name up your native instructing skilled and e-book a lesson with them. This can be a pricey endeavor, however it’s an funding in your golf sport and can repay as you shed strokes out of your sport. In case your funds is tight, begin saving up and observe our in-depth suggestions and drills to decrease your handicap.


Associated Studying: If you’re studying this, you’re doubtless questioning your motivation for taking over the sport. Chill out, and skim our steps that can assist you keep away from asking questions equivalent to why I suck at golf.