Like a Scar: How to Fix & Prevent SkyMarks on Golf Clubs

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Hitting bad shots is part of golf but certain shots are so bad they can leave a mark… literally.

These are called sky marks. These marks can not only hurt your ego but also your golf club.

Sky marks can be caused by a downswing that is too steep. This is a pop up shot in which the ball travels only a fraction the distance. This can happen at any time the ball is teed up, but it is most common with driver and fairway woodens.

If you’re struggling with the mechanics of a popup, we suggest reading how to stop popping up your driver now. You can also read this article if your golf clubs are already damaged and you want to make them shine.

We’ll teach you the best ways to fix sky marks, scuffs, and keep your golf clubs looking brand-new.

Sky Marks in Golf

Before getting into how to repair golf clubs, let’s first discuss what a sky mark is in golf.

A sky mark, also known as sky marks, skymark, or skymark, is a scratch on the top of your driver (or fairway woods), or hybrid. These scratches and scuffs are a sign that you hit the ball closer to the top of the club than the face. Aka, you missed by a good margin the sweet spot.

A poor swing can lead to a more vertical shot than usual, which is often the case with driver swings. The golf ball will fly higher than normal and loses a lot of distance.

The Golf Gods are going to punish you for missing the sweet spot. A shot that misses the top of a club will not only be less accurate, but it could also cause serious damage to your golf clubs. Which might be the most frustrating part of it all as the shot might keep haunting you well after it’s over.


Luckily, there are some solutions to help you remove sky marks so you don’t have to stare at them every time you pull that club out of the bag. Which is something we highly recommend doing as there’s nothing worse than seeing a sky mark at address. It’s easy to remind yourself of that bad swing that created it and doesn’t give you a ton of confidence.

Not to mention, when you want to sell your golf clubs, they’re much more valuable when they’re in good condition. 

Fixing Sky Marks 

Now that you understand more about these frustrating golf shots, let’s get into the repairs. Chances are you’ve asked yourself, “How do I fix sky marks on my driver or other club head?”

Before I begin, I want to say that you should not use old-fashioned bristle brushes on your clubheads. While they’re okay for cleaning the grooves of your irons, they can damage the paint on your woods and hybrids unintentionally.

Avoid using these brushes as they can cause sky marks to get worse. You should use a soft towel or microfiber cloth to clean your clubs.

Here are our top strategies to fix sky marks and scuffs.

1. Magic Eraser Method

Golfers can fix sky marks by following a simple and inexpensive procedure. First, clean your golf clubs with a microfiber towel and dry them. 

Next, wet the Magic Eraser pad (or a knockoff version) with water. Next, rub the skymark gently with a Magic Eraser pad. Add more water to the pad until it dries out and begins to deteriorate.

This method worked extremely well for me when I used it to create a light skymark. This method will work best for light sky marks where the paint isn’t removed from the clubhead. This will provide instant relief if you miss this shot during the round.

2. Toothpaste

Toothpaste could give you even better results than Magic eraser. If you have a scuff that hasn’t damaged the paint, grab some toothpaste (or buy some generic stuff at the dollar store).

Apply a small amount toothpaste to the head, then press down a bit. You can also add water if necessary. Gently press the clubhead with your finger or an old toothbrush until it is clean.

3. Car wax 

These two methods are the best for cleaning the crown of your hybrids and woods. But sometimes, those cleaning pads just aren’t strong enough to get the job done. You can use car wax or another similar rubbing compound to get rid of more visible sky marks.

But don’t just use any type of car wax as not all are the same strength. Instead, make sure you choose the light version so you don’t damage your clubs even more. 

First, clean your clubs. Next, apply a small amount wax to a towel or cloth. Use a circular motion to rub the wax or another compound onto the skymark. You can also use this wax on an old toothbrush to lightly scrub.

As with the first method, dont apply too much pressure while you scrub. This compound or wax can hopefully get rid more heavy-duty skymarks so your clubs look amazing. 

4. Touch Up Paint 

The first three methods will help with sky marks that are less severe and haven’t damaged the paint. If you’ve hit some bad pop-up shots over the years and never tried to remove, this will likely be the method you need. 

To save time, try the first two strategies before you go to this one. If you’ve tested out wax and the Magic Eraser and it’s still not working, it’s time to use paint. 

Before you begin, make sure that you have the correct color clubhead paint. Next, wipe your golf club clean with a towel and allow it to dry. 

Next, tape everything except the area you intend to paint so you don’t accidentally paint a portion of the club in good shape. Use a small brush or if you have one, paint over the skymark.

After you have finished painting, allow it to dry for several hours. If you don’t see any areas of the paint that are raised off the clubhead, you are all set. However, if you do find that some paint is raised from the clubhead, you can use fine sandpaper and sand it down.

What is the purpose of a skymark?

A sky mark basically happens when you hit a pop up or a “sky shot”. This shot is instantly known.

Sky marks can be attributed to the following:

  • Ball too high
  • Too narrow a stance
  • Incorrect shoulder tilt
  • Too steep of an upswing

How can you remove scratches on a golf drivers face?

Because of paint damage, scrubbing is not as simple as removing normal sky marks. Sky marks (or sky scratches, if you prefer) are usually easy to remove using a Magic Eraser pad or car wax. However, scratches require more work. You will need to clean the club and fix the skymark. Then, you can paint the club with touch-up paint. 

Can you polish scratches on golf clubs 

Simple sky marks can be much more straightforward than scuffs or scratches. You’ll likely need to use a buffing compound from an auto parts store to clean the club face. Use a toothbrush to apply some metal polish to the clubs face.

Can I use a magic emerald to erase my golf clubs?

Yes, a white magic emery eraser is great for removing club head scuff marks. They’re one of the best ways to clean a golf club that has sky marks and won’t damage the club. Make sure to clean the top edge with a microfiber cloth before you clean.

Magic erasers will help with fine scratches but won’t do much for large scuff marks. This happens when you accidentally drop the golf club.

Should you polish your golf clubs?

You can and should apply metal polish to your golf clubs. It’s a great way to keep them looking good for years to come. Heres how you can polish your golf clubs quickly:

  • Fill a bucket full of warm water and dish soap
  • You can dunk the club 5-10 times, then scrub the heads with a brush. Make sure it’s not harsh and won’t damage the clubs.
  • Next, wash the clubs in cold water and dry them by wiping them dry or letting them air dry.
  • Finally, apply chrome polish or metal polish on the club and rub it with a dry towel. After you are done, let it dry before you take them to the course.

Can you paint golf clubs?

You can make clubs or select clubs (many players like to do this using wedges). Golf club paint. This is a great way to personalize and touch up your irons. Each bottle of this 4-pack from G-Paint includes a small plastic applicator.

Clean each club with a damp cloth. Dry the clubs. Then, put the clubs on a workbench with a towel underneath and add paint as needed as it’s simple to apply. After 30 minutes, let the paint dry completely and you are ready to take your clubs to the fairway after six hours.

Final Thoughts on Removing the Sky Marks from a Golf Club

It is important to remove sky marks in order to increase your confidence and resale values.

There’s nothing worse than having to see a sky mark at address position. It won’t help your confidence and can negatively affect your golf game. It can also affect your resale value, particularly if you want to sell your drivers.

These are great tips, but make sure you do all you can to improve your swing so you dont get into these situations again. Here are some easy ways to avoid making sky marks:

  • Tee it up at a proper height
  • Adopting a more assertive stance in the address position
  • To hit the ball, you can play the golf ball off your frontfoot.
  • Learn how to lower the club to achieve an inside-out swing.

These strategies can be used to repair scratches on your golf clubs. Or, did you try something else?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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