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Ranking The 7 Best Golf Shafts for Irons [2023 Edition]

Ranking The 7 Best Golf Shafts for Irons [2023 Edition]

Best Golf Shafts for Irons Because they are often overlooked in the game improvement conversation due to the importance of the clubhead or face, shafts are often forgotten. We will be discussing the best golf shafts that can be used with irons in this post. I will discuss how they affect your launch, ball speed and shot dispersion as well as your swing speed.

After putting them through the paces and looking over the data, they were our six best iron shafts of 2023. I have covered all bases. There are options for slow, medium, and fast swing speeds. Plus, you have the best ladies’ and junior’s shafts to look forward to.

This article will help you achieve faster swing speeds. Learn all about stiff vs extra stiff shafts.

What to Look For in an Iron Shaft


Modern golf shafts are made from two main materials: graphite composite and steel. Steel shafts typically contain extra weight compared to graphite, and you’ll notice that they are more affordable.

Graphite is the best material for hybrids, fairway woodens and driver shafts. They prevent excess mass. Graphite shafts are lighter in weight, which allows for faster swing speeds and a more powerful strike.

You’ll find that slower swing speed golfers and I enjoy graphite irons shafts because they make it easy to frequently launch your golf ball.


Your iron shafts’ flex can impact the spring, resulting in impact. A ladies’ flex is the least stiff option and provides maximum whip into the ball at contact. You’ll notice this provides consistent ball speed and a high launch. These shafts are ideal for golfers who play a 6-iron at less than 65 mph.

You’ll see that the next flexible option is a seniors flex, built for older golfers and slow-swinging high handicappers. Most amateurs will fall into the moderate speed category and perform well with a regular flexible shaft.

Low handicappers and tour professionals are more likely to register super fast speeds. This sets them up for success when using a stiff shaft. Below is a table to help you determine which shaft flex will work best for you.

Low handicappers and tour professionals are more likely to register super fast speeds. This sets them up for success when using a stiff shaft. Below is a table that will help you determine which shaft flex is best for your swing.

Shaft Flex vs Swing Speed

Tour Professional Low Handicapper Mid Handicappers Senior/ High Handicappers Ladies
Swing Speed
>92 mph 84 – 91 mph 75 – 83 mph 65 – 75 mph <65 mph
Shaft Flex X Stiff Stiff Regular Senior Ladies


The more weight of your shaft, the more difficult it is to optimize your downswing speed. However, extra mass can cause some players to activate their muscles to increase power when you move from the top to the bottom of your swing to impact.

Heavy golf shafts are more stable for powerful golfers who have faster swing speeds. This allows them to launch the ball with greater control. Slower golfers may not transfer enough energy to their ball at impact, which can lead to a weak launch and minimal distance.

You’ll find that most heavy shafts carry stiff or extra stiff flex, making it ideal for higher swing speeds. To aid slow-swinging swingers, lightweight shafts offer more flexibility.


The amount of torque your shafts have influences how fast your swing twists. This has the largest impact on shot dispersion. A shaft with a lower torque degree twists less and helps golfers keep their clubface square at contact. However, too much torque can cause the clubface opening at impact which can result in a slice.

The tests were conducted by the TPT GolfThey found that right-handers who shoot with higher torque shafts were more likely to hit the target than shots with lower torque shafts. Lower torque iron shafts produced a dispersion to left of the target.

If your ball hits your target more often, you might consider a lower torque shaft.

Kick Point

The kick point on a shaft that impacts the elevation of your launch is the final factor to be considered. To promote optimal launch, flight, or carry distance, a shaft provides one of three kick points.

Your shaft’s kick point is determined by the area that causes the most strain during your swing. A high kick point is located near the grip. It produces a low launch shot and is welcomed by higher swing speeds.

The shaft’s mid-kick point is located in the middle of it. It is designed to propel a neutral launch that suits average swing speeds. A low kick point is located near the clubhead and bends into impact to generate a tall launch for slower swing speeds.

If you are concerned about your ball being launched too low you might consider shafts with a lower kick point. A high to mid-design is a better option for players who are afraid of ballooning shots.

7 Best Irons Golf Shafts

UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ESX – Best For Moderate Swing Speed

UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ESX F3 Graphite Iron Shafts

UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ESX F3 Graphite Iron Shafts

It is designed to provide maximum control and distance for all players. Recoil Technology creates a spring effect in the shaft walls that allows for greater energy transfer to the ball, which results in increased velocity and distance.

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The UST Mamiya RecoilThese shafts are ideal for amateur golfers who have a moderate swing speed of between 80 and 95 mph. Engineers designed the 460 ESX shaft using regular flex to increase energy transfer at impact.

Recoil Technology is my favorite feature on the shaft. It encourages increased spring in its walls. This improved energy transfer from clubface to golf ball at contact. This resulted in increased ball speed for maximum distance.

You’ll find that the rapid velocity and controlled spin prompts a moderate to high launch for consistent carry distance with your iron golf clubs. UST Mamiya also suggests that the 460 ESX has 4.7 degrees torque. This can lead to more flexible swings, which can result in unpredictable results.


  • Promotes fast ball speed
  • Greater spring in the walls and shaft
  • Suits average swing speeds
  • High ball flight promoted
  • Encourages maximum carry distance


  • Expensive
  • It doesn’t suit faster swing speeds

KBS TGI Tour – Best For Seniors

KBS TGI Tour 60 Graphite Iron Senior Flex Golf Shaft

KBS TGI Tour 60 Graphite Iron Senior Flex Golf Shaft

Weight designates flex: 60 Gram Amateur / Senior Flex. With a 6-iron, swing speed is 65-70 mph.

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The KBS TGI Tour Shafts with a senior profile are graphite constructions that give older golfers greater control on the course. Engineers tried to reduce spin and launch for greater distance with your mid and long irons.

The 60-gram weight was light enough to increase club head speed and the mid-to-low kick point provided sufficient height on my shots. The play is similar to a steel iron shaft, which gives you superior control over other graphite designs.

Furthermore, you’ll find that the KBS TGI Tour features a mid to low kick point, which prompts ample height for improved distance consistency. These shafts are only recommended for golfers with a 6-iron swing speed.


  • Launch from mid to high
  • Encourages faster club head speeds
  • Produces consistent distance
  • Specially designed for seniors
  • Moderately affordable


  • Expensive
  • It’s too flexible for moderate swing speeds

True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT S300 – Best For Fast Swing Speeds

TRUE TEMPER Dynamic Gold AMT 3-PW Iron Shaft Set S300

TRUE TEMPER Dynamic AMT 3-PW iron shaft set S300

Steel shafts that have a limited flex and high kickpoint for a low launch.

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Amateurs who can swing a 6-iron at speeds between 84 and 90 mph are considered faster and best suited to stiff shafts. The True Temper New Dynamic gold S300 Steel shafts with limited flex and high kick points for low launch are available.

The shaft’s reduced flexibility improves the stability of your clubhead during impact. This results in a low spin and a trajectory that is piercing. You’ll find that this encourages optimal roll once your golf ball touches down.

True Temper concludes that the Dynamic AMT S300 is a good choice for experienced players with a moderate speed.


  • Promotes a low trajectory
  • Lower spin
  • Boosts ball speed
  • Suits for fast swingers with a moderate speed
  • Affordable


  • Some players may experience low trajectory due to stiff flex
  • Your swing speed may be affected by your increased mass

True Temper Project X Rifle 6.0 .355 – Best For Low Handicappers and Professionals

Project X Flighted Steel Tapered

Project X Flighted Steel Tapered

Shaft weight: 120 grams. For individual wedges or irons, the shaft is measured at a specific length.

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Professionals with higher swing speeds and low handicappers will appreciate its extra stiff construction. True Temper Project X Rifle 6.0 .355 shaft. True Temper designed these for players who achieve over 92 mph clubhead speed with a 6-iron.

Because it ensured optimal energy transfer at every contact, the Stepless Design Technology (SDT), was my highlight. This produced maximum velocity and optimal length. I also found that the technology gave me a solid feel as the clubface touched the golf ball.

Furthermore, you’ll see that shots with these high kick point iron shafts encourage a flat, penetrating ball flight for improved control and increased roll. These shafts also control spin for optimal flight, length and roll.


  • Moderately affordable
  • Penetrating ball flying
  • Impact: Very limited flexibility
  • Rolls increased
  • Low spin


  • Slower swingers can have inconsistent results from a low launch.
  • Clubhead speed is affected by a heavier design.

Mitsubishi MMT 50 – Best Golf Shaft For Ladies

Mitsubishi MMT 50 Iron Golf Shaft

Mitsubishi MMT 50 Iron Golf Shaft

These shafts have a technology that increases the density and stability of the shafts despite having 5.9-degrees torque. This results in increased twisting during your swing.

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The Mitsubishi MMT 50 Our top ladies shaft flex is the flex. It features a lightweight design that encourages quick swing speed and consistent results. You’ll find that Mitsubishi developed this shaft for those players who swing a 6-iron below 65 mph.

The MMT 50 was made from metal mesh material, which I was amazed to discover. Metal Mesh Technology was also added by the engineers. The technology increases the density and stability of the shaft despite its 5.9-degrees in torque. This results in increased twisting during your swing.

The mid-to high kick point resulted in a mid to high launch. This made it easy to launch shots and ensured plenty of carry distance. It’s a suitable shaft for slower swing speeds.


  • Easy to swing, light weight
  • This prompts a mid-to high launch
  • You will feel more relaxed
  • Amplifies acoustics
  • Optimal spring into action for increased ball speed


  • Steel shafts are more expensive than theirs.
  • Some players can balloon shots by using a lighter design.

KBS 560 – Best For Juniors

KBS 560 Junior Steel Iron Golf Shaft

KBS 560 Junior Steel Iron Golf Shaft

These shafts were made for children in the development phase.

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We have covered every type except for the little guys or girls. The KBS 500 This shaft is ideal for youngster to achieve consistent distance and accuracy when using the irons. These shafts were designed for children in the early stages of their golf careers.

Engineers designed the KBS 560 to accommodate all types of junior swing types. You’ll notice that these shafts are moderately heavier than standard junior shafts, as they are built to operate with adult clubheads.

Additionally, children can learn to swing an adult golf club by being taught how to use the increased mass. The KBS 560 shaft promotes controlled flight to avoid losing yards and ballooning shots. These models also promote speedy ball speed for maximum yardage.


  • They assist juniors in their transition to adult clubs
  • Delivers controlled launch
  • Accelerated ball velocity is a result
  • Encourages maximum distance
  • They can be used in conjunction with adult clubheads


  • Juniors may not be able to launch due to the shaft’s stiffness.
  • Low launch could cause slower swinging juniors lose carry distance.

Fujikura Pro Series 95i – Best Graphite Iron Shafts

Fujikura New PRO Series 95i Graphite Iron Shafts (Set of 5 Shafts)

Fujikura NEW PRO Series 95i Graphite Iron Shafts (5 Sets)

These shafts can be ordered in three different flex options: regular stiff, extra stiff, and stiff stiff. They also have medium spin and launch.

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The Fujikura Pro Series 95i The Pro Series 95i is my top choice for the best graphite-iron shafts due to its wide range of flex profiles, durability and glare resistance. Fujikura offers the Pro Series 95i with three flex options: regular (stiff), extra stiff (stiff), which makes them suitable for moderate to fast swing speeds.

These shafts can be customized with flex options and are designed to deliver medium spin as well as launch. They deliver controlled ball flight upon approach.

Engineers created them to allow either a hard step or a soft one. A hard step would be placing a 7-iron iron shaft inside a 6-iron clubhead. In contrast, a soft step involves placing a 6-iron shaft inside a 7 iron clubhead.

The use of High-Density Composite Core (HDCC) enhances the shaft’s durability, and it lightens the mass to promote rapid club speed. Combine a large clubhead and a medium launch to produce a controlled shot that produces optimal distance and spin.

The HDCC material is great for feedback because it eliminates vibrations that can run up the shaft from off-center strikes. This material protects your hands, giving you a pleasant, smooth feeling.


  • Soft Feel
  • Light construction encourages faster clubhead speed
  • It is possible to customize for a soft or hard step procedure
  • Affordable per unit graphite shafts
  • For moderate to fast swing speed


  • The shafts don’t work well with slower swing speeds
  • They are still more costly than steel shafts.