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Stiff vs Extra Stiff Iron Shafts: The Pros/Cons of Each

Stiff vs Extra Stiff Iron Shafts: The Pros/Cons of Each

Based on True Spec Golf, gamers with quick swing speeds are constructed to swing golf equipment with a stiff flex shaft. A golfer producing a slower swing velocity ought to contemplate a senior or women’ design; when the common swingers carry out the perfect with an everyday flex shaft.

On this put up, I assess stiff vs additional stiff iron shafts. I’ll consider the professionals and cons of every design to see which development fits your recreation.

As well as, I’ve supplied a rundown of the efficiency options of every shaft. This helps you establish which possibility is best aligned together with your desired launch, spin, and distance objectives.


A Fast Overview of Iron Shaft Stiffness and Why They Matter

Shaft flex performs a task within the end result of each strike. The correct shaft flex is important in attaining your required launch, shot form, distance and spin.

If you’re a slower swinger and play with additional stiff shafts it’s possible you’ll be struggling to generate the required clubhead velocity for an enhanced coefficient of restitution (COR). Because of this, you don’t produce the mandatory ball velocity to attain a excessive launching, lengthy shot. Subsequently, your golf ball flies low, and also you lose distance.

Along with the gap loss, a stiff design challenges your accuracy. A stiff flex shaft raises the problem of squaring your face up by way of impression. The stiffer, heavier shaft delivers much less torque. Subsequently, it produces much less whip from the membership in your downswing to carry it into place.

Due to this, the common golfer tends to go away the membership face open by way of contact and slice their ball. Meaning your dispersion will mirror photographs constantly to the correct of your goal.


Professionals of Stiff Shafts

Low Spin

The primary benefit {that a} stiff shaft produces is low spin. That is supreme for longer iron photographs, because it delivers a piercing flight to encourage most distance.

The stiffer a golf membership shaft is, the much less spring it offers the clubface by way of impression. This causes you to strike the ball with much less loft, resulting in a decrease launch with much less spin. Subsequently, you take pleasure in elevated ahead roll upon touchdown for added distance in your lengthy recreation.

Low Launch

I discussed {that a} stiff shaft produces decrease spin because of a sturdy lofted membership face at contact. That causes a low launch and reduces the apex of your ball flight, which is welcomed in windy situations.

As well as, the low launching nature of those photographs prevents sooner swinging golfers from ballooning their photographs. This ensures elevated management on method photographs for optimum distance management by way of the bag.

When quick swinging golfers play a lighter shaft, the added spin and excessive launch trigger them to lose, carry, and whole distance.

Constructed For Quick Swing Speeds

Stiff shafts are greatest suited to golfers with quick swing speeds. Golfers becoming into this class sometimes swing a 6-iron between 84 to 91 mph. Stiff iron shafts assist fast-swinging golfers produce their desired launch, ball velocity, and spin ranges for passable outcomes.

Low handicap gamers sometimes fall into this class. Whereas the remainder of the beginner golf fraternity produces sluggish or common swing speeds.


Cons of Stiff Shafts

Lowered Spin

The diminished spin is a blessing for quick swing velocity golfers searching for a constant launch for optimum distance management. However, the state of affairs is completely different for slower swinging amateurs.

The shortage of spin causes the ball to fly low, and if you don’t produce ample ball velocity, it is going to hit the bottom earlier than supposed and result in a lack of distance. Though spin is the enemy within the wind and hampers your yardage, you want some to get off the ball airborne.

Moreover, the dearth of spin may cause your ball to roll off the inexperienced on method. Because of this, you have to a exact quick recreation to constantly rise up and down.

Lack of Carry Distance

A stiffer shaft development restricts the bend of the clubhead into the ball at impression. Subsequently, your clubface strikes the ball with a sturdy lofted face and sends your golf ball alongside a low trajectory.

Failure to generate ample ball velocity will trigger the ionomer to drop out of the sky earlier than deliberate, inflicting a lack of carry distance. This messes together with your distance management and is harmful when making an attempt to clear a water hazard or a bunker.

Sliced Pictures

In case your grip, wrist angles, and angle of assault are on level, however you continue to slice your photographs, your membership shafts could also be at fault. Stiffer golf shafts present little help in your downswing. Because of this, your rotation, rhythm, and tempo should be on level for a clear strike.

Failure to execute a clear transition from the backswing to the downswing can depart your clubface open at impression. This place generates left to proper sidespin, which causes a slice. On this situation, you may contemplate switching to an everyday shaft.


Professionals of Further Stiff Shafts

Lowest Spin

I touched on the great thing about low spin in my evaluation on stiff shafts. Nevertheless, an extra-stiff design takes it to the following degree. You’ll not discover a shaft that produces much less spin rpm than an extra-stiff development.

Golfers who generate extra spin with a stiff shaft ought to ponder an extra-stiff setup. This may increasingly assist restrict spin for a extra managed ball flight.

Lowest Launch

The results of the bottom spinning shaft is the bottom launching shot. This fits golfers in search of piercing flight to attain consistency of their distance and accuracy. Plus, it prevents very quick swingers from ballooning their photographs and dropping yards.

Constructed For Tremendous Quick Swing Speeds

Further stiff shafts are reserved for the quickest swingers in our recreation. These are golfers producing greater than 92 mph of velocity on the downswing. An aspiring skilled and PGA Tour Professionals are the most probably golfers to fill this bracket.

I counsel that these people check metal iron shafts and see how they go. When you launch your photographs too low, take into consideration a graphite shaft with the identical flex.


Cons of Further Stiff Shafts

Restricted Spin

Further stiff shafts supplied restricted spin help. This implies you might be required to do all of the work, and failure to generate ample spin will result in a low-flying golf shot. This reduces your carry distance and, at instances, causes the ball to roll additional than supposed.

Erratic Dispersion

When your shaft is simply too stiff on your swing, it results in erratic dispersion. The shortage of clubface spring by way of impression makes it troublesome to sq. the grooves up by way of contact. This ends in a wayward shot brought on by an open clubface that prompts photographs to the correct of your goal.


How you can Decide Which Kind of Iron Shafts Higher Swimsuit You

Swing Pace

Swing velocity offers a tenet for golfers who do not know methods to discover the perfect iron shaft constructions for his or her recreation. Those that swing a 6-iron between 75 and 83 mph have a mean swing velocity. Subsequently, common flex designs are thought-about greatest on your recreation.

Furthermore, a 6-iron swing velocity beneath 75 mph is ready up for a seniors shaft. A women’ shaft can also be value testing if that’s nonetheless too stiff on your recreation.


The following issue to research is launch. Are you producing your required launch and ball flight to maximise distance management and accuracy in your iron recreation? If you’re launching the ball constantly low, your shaft could also be too stiff on your swing. Subsequently, it’s essential contemplate a extra versatile design.

Conversely, gamers who often balloon their photographs might go for a stiffer flex that takes out a further clubface spring by way of impression.


Spin is critical to get your ball airborne and touchdown softly on the inexperienced. Nevertheless, extreme spin may cause you to sky your shot and lose appreciable carry distance. Conversely, insufficient spin can ship your ball flying low and hitting the bottom sooner than supposed.

In the end take into consideration a lighter and extra versatile shaft when you demand the next launching shot. Nevertheless, decrease ball flight seekers ought to persist with stiffer shaft constructions.


A number of elements can immediate an erratic shot vast of your goal. This begins with a foul grip, adopted by a scarcity of rotation, then by a improper angle of assault. These elements produce an open or closed clubface sending the ball left or proper of the touchdown zone.

In case your coach is happy that your swing mechanics are optimized and your grip is safe, your shafts might show the problem. Usually, additional stiff shafts trigger slower swinging golfers to go away their clubface open at impression, inflicting a slice.

However, a light-weight, versatile golf shaft can immediate a participant to shut its clubface by way of contact and hook their ball.

Subsequently, in case you are constantly slicing your photographs and have your swing and grip so as, ponder a extra versatile shaft. Conversely, golfers often hooking their photographs ought to contemplate a stiff shaft design.


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